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Widow Spare Bowling Ball Black Review and Buyer’s Guide – Latest

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Sometimes it becomes hard for newbies to perform well when they haven’t practiced much. Newbies and beginners feel uncomfortable when they don’t have suitable and friendly equipment.

Like if you want to play cricket then you will need to start with hardball from day one. You won’t find any ball specially designed for beginners and newbies.

But in bowling balls, you will find a variety of balls designed for different categories of bowlers. Bowling ball manufacturers make different balls suitable for different skill levels.

Like if you are a beginner then you will find plastic and polyester balls for straight shots. For professionals, there are resin reactive and pearl reactive bowling balls in the market.

Today we are here with a top-rated manufacturer of bowling balls. The Hammer produces high-quality and reliable bowling balls for different skill levels. They do not only

The Hammer Widow Spare Bowling Ball Review:

Hammer widow spare bowling ball

  • Respectively high flare potential
  • Attractive aesthetics with a shiny finish
  • Great spare bowling ball for professionals
  • Delivers high-quality performance on dry lanes
  • Expensive spare bowling ball
  • Doesn’t have color variation

The hammer has introduced this high-end spare bowling ball for professionals and straight balls for beginners.

  • COLOR Blue/Orange/Smoke
  • REACTION Straight
  • COVERSTOCK Polyester
  • FACTORY FINISH 800/1000/2000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • CORE Gas Mask
  • CORE TYPE Asymmetric
  • MASS BIAS 0.013

The Hammer widow spare bowling ball is one of the most appreciated spare balls among professional bowlers. Not only professionals but beginners also use it to perform on dry lanes for accurate straight shots.

Want to know more about the Hammer widow spare bowling ball? Keep reading …

Attractive Aesthetics

The Hammer widow spare bowling ball is designed with brilliant aesthetics. The black finish of this ball attracts your eyes. We fell in love with its design when we observed the spider article on the surface.

After trying this ball you will observe that just like the spider the Hammer widow spare bowling ball catches the prey. It hits all the pins on the deck just like a spider and clears the deck. The red color of the spider makes it the most dangerous bloody ball.

Enjoy the Polyester Coverstock

Sometimes it becomes hard for beginners to handle solid or reactive bowling balls. But the Hammer widow spare bowling ball is made with polyester coverstock.

The polyester cover of this ball is amazing when you need to throw straight shots. It goes down the lane straight and hits the pins with great strength. Not only the strength but the plastic coverstock also makes the aesthetics more attractive with a glossy finish.


The polyester coverstock of the Hammer widow spare bowling ball makes it a durable and reliable ball. Not only the beginners and newbies would enjoy the polyester coverstock but even if you are professional and experienced bowlers then you can also get the advantage of this ball.

When you have played all your shots with your favorite reactive ball and now you need a straight shot to clear the deck. Don’t wait anymore and just pull your Hammer widow spare bowling ball out from the bag and let it do the rest.

The plastic/polyester coverstock of the Hammer widow spare bowling ball is easy to clean.

The Gas Mask Core

We are mentioning continuously that this bowling ball works best not only for beginners but for pros also. The reason is its asymmetric gas mask core. Most of the polyester bowling balls feature symmetric cores that don’t hook professionally.

The beginners will enjoy the straight and easy shots on dry lanes with polyester coverstock. While at the same time pros would perform best with ideal hook potential.

The asymmetric core of the Hammer widow spare bowling ball makes it an ideal ball for pros. With this high-end professional core, you can play on some light oil patterns.

The ideal factory finish

The Hammer widow spare bowling ball features 800/1000/2000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. This level of factory finish allows the ball to glide smoothly on dry to light oil patterns. Ideal core with perfect factory finish combines to deliver high-end performance.

Hook potential

Since the Hammer widow spare bowling ball is made with polyester coverstock therefore it is not supposed to offer high hook potential. It helps beginners to throw straight shots when they don’t know how to hook properly.

But when the pros have to play ideal shots then gas mask symmetric core and factory finish combine to assist them. It offers medium hook potential on light oil patterns. Therefore it proves the best spare bowling ball for pros as the name itself shows.

Overall Reaction on the Lane

The Hammer widow spare bowling ball takes the top position among the spare balls in the market. This is because of its exceptional core and hook potential. With a 2.48 RG rating, 0.058 differential, and is 0.01 mass bias difference it performs great on dry lanes.

With straight breakpoint shape it offers impressive motion on dry lane conditions.

RG / differential

The RG/Differential is given below

  • #16 RG (2.50) Diff (.049)
  • #15 RG (2.48) Diff (.058)
  • #14 RG (2.51) Diff (.058)
  • #13 RG (2.63) Diff (.035)
  • #12 RG (2.66) Diff (.036)

Other specs

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 9 x 9 inches; 14 Pounds
  • Department ‏ : ‎ Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 30, 2019
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Hammer Bowling
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07N994MTX
Buyer's Guide

Buying Guide

There are some of the main factors you need to consider while buying a bowling ball.

Coverstock material

The coverstock material plays an important role in the durability and performance of the bowling ball. You can perform perfect shots if you have the right bowling ball with suitable coverstock in your hands.

Different coverstock materials in the market denote the different performance levels.

The plastic or polyester coverstocks are relatively durable and beginner-friendly. The plastic coverstock makes the ball’s surface shiny and effective. It suits beginners because it allows them to play straight shots on dry lanes. Moreover, the plastic cover offers less hook potential that makes the ball a perfect spare ball for pros.

Urethane coverstock is on a higher level than plastic or polyester coverstock. The urethane coverstocks allow the balls to deliver performance on medium to heavy oil patterns. They offer a medium to low hook potential.

Where the resin reactive or pearl reactive coverstocks are best for professional bowlers. These coverstock types offer high hook potential and deliver performance on heavy oiled lanes.

Core shape

Inside the solid coverstock, there is a weight block called core. This weight material’s shape defines your overall performance. If you are a beginner then choose a ball with a symmetric core as it is easy to manage. The symmetric cores offer high-end but controllable motion on the lane.

But if you are a professional bowler then pick a bowling ball with an asymmetric core. That is because an asymmetrical core offers impressive hook potential.

Weight of the ball

You can achieve high-quality results if you have a bowling ball with suitable and manageable weight. You can choose a bowling ball with a weight of 10% of your whole body weight.

Final Words


The Black Widow is planned as a pride-of-place ball in a bowler’s munitions stockpile, giving you the weapons for obliterating completes across a respectable scope of playing conditions. It isn’t, be that as it may, proposed as the lone thing in your stockpile.

Use it for long plays or ones where the oil levels may some way or another demonstrate excessively testing. Use it where you need to save your endurance, permitting the exceptionally active plan to do practically everything for you. Furthermore, deal with it.

If you keep an eye on your Black Widow Legend with the industriousness (and levels of dread) that the name summons, then, at that point you’ll get serious about heavenly execution and an uncommon lifetime of the ball. Evade the pattern—endure a Black Widow in style.


Is this ball just an extra ball?

By no means. It is likewise an incredible starter strike ball for novices or sporting bowlers who toss the ball straight. Just professional bowlers or experienced bowlers use it as an extra ball.

Which oil path condition suits best for this ball?

As it is an extra ball, it is intended for dry paths, particularly. You can utilize it in a short oil design.

Which tone is accessible for this thing?

The accessible shade of this bowling ball is just dark.

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