USBC : United States Bowling Congress – Sanctioning, Averages & Rules

In America, Over 3 million people play ten pin bowling. In order to control this huge crowd, the game is standardized. For this purpose, the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) was formed which is the governing body for bowling sports in the United States of America (USA).

It was started in 2005 and flourished in winter bowling season of 2005-06. It is the amalgam of the organizations operating prior to its inception.

American Bowling Congress (ABC), the Women’s International Bowling Congress (WIBC), the Young American Bowling Alliance (YABA), and USA Bowling were the popular bodies administering this sports before 2005.

The mission statement of The USBC is that it endeavors to preserve the integrity and protect the future of bowling.

It provides programs and services to the bowling industry and enhances the bowling experience. In general, it oversees and continues to improve the overall bowling industry in America.

What is sanctioning of USBC?

USBC sanctions the bowling leagues which is not mandatory but helpful. It is recommended ever4y bowling league should be sanctioned by USBC.

It is a membership in the United States Bowling Congress(USBC) which gives several benefits i.e awards for certain achievements based on your average, an adult and a youth magazine, a membership card, consistent game play, league bowling – providing a certified average for each bowler, bonding protection – league money is protected in sanctioned leagues, tournaments, testing of Bowling Pins, Balls, and Products, and Rulebook and enforcement thereof.

In order to join a league, you need to join the USBC because USBC awards can be presented and averages are listed in your association’s book usually called your book average.

Average bowling score of the unsanctioned league will not be recognized by most tournaments. It is not usual for a league to not be sanctioned.

Every bowler in the league has to pay a fee to the USBC at the start of the year for the sanctioning of the league.

This is called sanctioning fee. It is paid in addition to regular league dues during the first week of bowling. The league secretary is deputed to collect and sent the sanctioning fee to the USBC for sanctioning of the league.

Rules of United States Bowling Congress (USBC)

The United States Bowling Congress has a rulebook to govern and regulate the bowling. It comprised of one hundred and twenty (120) pages.

The rulebook covers each and every thing from the approaches to equipment and scoring to bowler’s etiquette.

It is strongly recommended to review this book prior to starting bowling. Each bowler must be familiar with the necessary rules.

It is necessary to mention here that the rules in the rulebook are not the final words. A league may form its own rules by completely ignoring the rule book.

A league may also override some of the rules in the rulebook by using the book as the default for any rules.

Awards and Trophies

The USBC provides several awards to the bowlers on the basis of current league average and on the score of single bowling game.

For example, the 300, 299, 298, and the 11 in a row awards are all based on the individual game score while 800 and 900 awards are based on actual series of 3 games.

There are several other awards which are given to the bowler for league play but They vary from league to league. To see the full list of the awards, see to the rulebook (Rule 50, Chapter 3).

USBC offers reward bowlers for bowling well to encourage the other people and promote bowling. It makes playing and improving this game more exciting and rewarding to the bowler.

Going to The Tournament

 This is an annual tournament which runs every day from January to June every year.

The venue of the tournament is different every year and usually at a convention center, except when the tournament is held at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada.

The bowling lanes are totally assembled and installed at the site of the USBC tournament.Every year, over ten thousand 10,000 teams participate in it and play bowling in a team set, singles set, and doubles set.

During this tournament, the conduct of the bowlers on the bowling lanes is closely monitored. Smoking and eating are not allowed. They can drink only water and cannot use powder anywhere in the bowling area and apply nothing to your shoes.

They can drink only water and cannot use powder anywhere in the bowling area and apply nothing to your shoes.

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