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Top 5 Best Urethane Bowling Balls (Nev 2019) – Which One Is The Best

We do comprehensive research on the best Urethane Bowling Balls and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy a Bowling Ball.

The Best Urethane Bowling Balls 2019

Best urethane bowling balls

The bowling appeared from the 19th century. It is starting with game rules, methods and tools now.

It is not just a recreational activity but a sport, which ranks third among noble sports, after Golf and Tennis.

When you begin to practice bowling seriously to win scores and get achievements is when you want a bowling ball of your own.

To pick the right bowling ball, the materials of the coverstock should be in your first considerations.

The following post will encourage you to get out more about the best urethane bowling balls so you can select the “ultimate weapon” for your game.

Urethane Pearl Vs. Urethane Solid – What Are Similarities And Differences?


Bowling ball coverstock makes an important impact on the moving range of the ball on the lanes.

Whether the ball will hook powerful or weak, sooner or later; it depends on 50% of the formation of the ball cover stock.

For beginners, they will usually prefer plastic or polyester bowling balls.

These balls are suitable to a straight ball shot, but unluckily, they are not very excellent for making hook shots.

The benefit of these plastic or polyester balls is that they are much cheaper.

For the professionals and aggressive bowlers, they typically like reactive resin bowling balls.

These balls are great to generate the most strong hook and strike.

However, their prices are higher comparing to one of plastic and polyester balls too.

Luckily, players can find out that the urethane bowling ball is a comfortable medium.

Thanks to its urethane cover stock, the ball becomes an excellent option for starters to throw a hook. Also, the price of the urethane balls is reasonable and affordable.

Urethane is the main material to produce Reactive Resin shells of bowling balls which can make powerful hooks.

The formula of Reactive Resin cover stock is Urethane and some specific additives.

The Urethane cover stock itself is hard, so it easily produces friction with the surface of bowling lanes. Therefore, it is the perfect material for dry oil lanes.


There are two major kinds of urethane balls on the market today: one is pearl urethane bowling ball, and another is a solid urethane bowling ball.

Since they are all urethane bowling balls, they distribute all the commons listed above. However, they still have some following differences.

For the balls with pearl urethane, they can go a tiny further down the lane and have a smaller hook.

In addition to that, the bowling balls with pearl urethane resemble to be much more sensitive to changes in ball speed than the one with solid urethane.

Solid urethane may be powerful than the pearl urethane. Also, when rolling the solid urethane down the lane, its reaction will relatively quicker.

Overall, pearl urethane is a little weaker in comparing solid urethane and pearl urethane.

Top 5 Best Urethane Bowling Ball for 2019

#1. Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball

With Hammer Black Urethane Bowling Ball, generators want to bring back the ball reaction that was well-known in the ’80s and ’90s.

The real black balls always give bowlers, hookers or spinners interesting feelings when throwing it on the lanes and witnessing its superb motion and backend as well as the way it runs in the over/under lane designs.

The urethane cover works great in bone dry lane patterns. Its classic urethane coverstock with a rough 500 Abralon finish helps it get control of these smooth motion on the whole modern lanes.

This urethane ball can make a powerful hook and quite smooth motion or backend.

Comparing to its previous version, this new one is much powerful, and it is not as sensitive to carry down as much.

It’s cover stock is hard urethane. You can find it ideal for smaller patterns and dry lanes.

If you are a newcomer or just the one who wishes to purchase an old smooth ball for your arsenal, this urethane ball is best for you.

The Blue Hammer is an impressive ball opportunity. The Blue Hammer urethane bowling ball is a perfect ball option for advanced players.

It’s a high-performance ball with old-fashioned motion and design style, a re-engineered Vibe core shape and Hammer’s new Performance Urethane cover stock, but its motion and pattern style is decidedly old-school.

Consequently, the Blue Hammer ball work as a kind of a throwback to a past period, but with the additional advantages of the modern ball technologies.

Ball Specs

Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil
Coverstock: Urethane
Weight Block: LED Core
Ball Finish: 500 Abralon®
Ball Color: Black
R.G. / Diff.: #14 – 2.68 / .013
#15 – 2.65 / .015
#16 – 2.61 / .030
Ball Reaction: Smooth Arc
Finish: 10
Cover: 2
Core: 4
Hook Rating: 16
  • Exceptional cover stock (perfect for those who interest old style)
  • Excellent to work in the shorter patterns, dry conditions
  • Reasonable price
  • Creating powerful hooks with impressive motion.
  • Might not suit those who love colorful bowling balls.

#2. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

After Hammer Black Urethane bowling ball, Hammer still produces another version of the ball reaction that was famous in the 80s and 90s. It is Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball.

It’s cover stock is pearl urethane with the finish of an Abralon matte surface, so the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball is best for medium to light oil lanes.

The producers note that this ball is best for medium to dry conditions, but actually, it does not work great on the dry lanes because the ball has a strong backend finish.

This bowling ball makes an unbelievable control of the complete short oil lanes due to its LED core design and the pearl urethane cover.

This ball has a wonderful look thanks to its purple pearl urethane cover. You also will get it with a soft curve and unbelievable hook when you throw it down on the lanes.

In comparing Hammer Black Urethane and Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball, when rolling, the Hammer Black Urethane shows just a tiny too much in the front part of the lane while the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane can control it.

If you are looking for a bowling ball that can tame your crazy hook, this ball is excellent for you.

The Storm Mix urethane is one of the most exceptional deals you can get from urethane bowling ball due to its U1S Pearl Urethane cover stock, coupled with a traditional 3-piece core.

It’s cover stock is U1S Pearl Urethane and joined with a traditional 3-piece core it packs quite a stroke.

The various color schemes all look bright and effective, and it can be a great strike ball on drier conditions or a shutdown spare ball.

Its various color patterns will give you an impressive and bright look.

This ball can be a superb strike ball or a spare ball for all types of bowlers.

Ball Specs

Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil
Coverstock: Urethane Pearl
Weight Block: LED Core (15-16 lbs)
Modified LED Core (14 lbs)
Ball Finish: 500/1000/2000 Abralon®
Ball Color: Purple Pearl
R.G. / Diff.: #14 – 2.68 / .013
#15 – 2.65 / .015
#16 – 2.61 / .030
Ball Reaction: Smooth Arc
Finish: 9
Cover: 3.5
Core: 2
Hook Rating: 14.5
  • Having a nice appearance with purple pearl urethane
  • Creating a smooth curve and fantastic hooks when rolling down on the lanes
  • Reasonable cost
  • Making a great control on the entire bowling lane.
  • This ball reads in the front part of lane less than other balls do.
  • Getting a bit out of control when running on the roads with heavy oil.

#3. Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball

For the bowling world, solid black bowling balls are connected to mysterious bullets as they bring incredible confidence and a different style for bowlers on the lane.

With the hookers, the black ball goes in a curve, and it does not provide the viewer to see its a swirl.

However, the viewers can quickly see it curl and smash the pins mysteriously.

For the Spinners, these black balls appear to go straight and rip the ten pins coldly when running in the lane.

If you want to feel the similar ways, Storm Pitch Black bowling ball is an excellent option for you to consider.

It is a perfect option for a dry oil lane. Storm Pitch Black bowling ball also uses a big core with high RG and below differential like some present black bowling balls.

However, the material of ball coverstock, hard urethane, makes it unique.

Spinners would like this bowling ball because its huge core assists the ball sustain its rotation around the vertical axis.

For the hookers, Storm Pitch Black bowling ball encourages them to avoid the “hooker’s nightmare” – early hook on the dry bowling lanes (tiny to no oil).

The producers of Storm Pitch Black bowling ball stated that they had made the ball with solid Urethane material and their technology.

It supports the ball go further, makes the friction with lanes and gets the control of excessive back-end motion of the ball.

Storm Pitch Black bowling ball gets multiple compliments as one of the powerful urethanes from the bowlers worldwide, from professional blowers (PBA) to the Asian bowlers of the world bowling championship.

Ball Specs

Lane Condition: Light Oil
Coverstock: Controll™ Solid Urethane
Weight Block: Capacitor™ Core (12-16 lbs)
Ball Finish: 1000-grit Pad
Ball Color: Pitch Black
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.63 / .021
#13 – 2.61 / .021
#14 – 2.59 / .022
#15 – 2.57 / .022
#16 – 2.56 / .023
Durometer: 72-74 Rex D-scale
Flare: 2” (Medium-Low)
  • Its urethane coverstock brings excellent control of ball movement
  • Smooth and powerful reaction.
  • The rotation of the ball around the vertical axis is quite durable thanks to its big core.
  • It is an ideal choice for hookers and spinners.
  • The price is not cheap compared to one of other urethane bowling balls.

#4. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

When it grows to urethane bowling balls, one of the real urethane bowling balls that bowlers should get is the Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball.

This ball is an excellent choice to play on dry conditions as it is a urethane. Therefore, you also may apply it as your strike ball.

The players will get it comfortable to control, particularly on the desert dry lanes, but they will get a bit out of control when working on the bowling lanes with massive oil.

Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball is an exceptional option for beginners in the bowling world.

The score of Storm Mix Urethane is the popular 3-piece so that it improves predictability. Also, its urethane cover stock gives the stability that you cannot get in other materials.

Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball owns a bright and exciting appearance with various color, as its name.

It is superior to the players who are getting a colorful spare ball.

Ball Specs

Lane Condition: Light Oil
Coverstock: U1S Pearl Urethane
Weight Block: Traditional 3-piece Core
Ball Finish: 3500-grit Polished
Ball Color: Black/Silver
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.72 / .005
#13 – 2.71 / .005
#14 – 2.69 / .006
#15 – 2.69 / .006
#16 – 2.68 / .006
Durometer: 73-75 Rex D-scale
Flare: 1” – 2” (Low)
Recommended Cleaner: Reacta Shine
  • Reasonable cost
  • An attractive, bright and colorful look
  • Working great on nearly dry lanes
  • A great choice for starters
  • Getting a bit out of control when running on the roads with massive oil.

#5. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball-Black/Purple Solid

As almost hard urethanes, Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball also moves best on the dry lanes.

For this cause, multiple bowlers love this ball as their strike balls.

Thanks to its impressive look, Storm Mix Urethane bowling ball will be suitable for those who like a colorful spare bowling ball.

For the new mixed ones, there are two various colors. They spread the Ice line with a modern look.

Like the Polar Ice line, The Mix includes the U1S first generation of Urethane coverstock.

Comparing to the U2S which provides power for the famous natural series, the U1S is stronger and more controllable.

The core of Storm Mix Urethane ball covering traditional three parts strengthens the predictability while the urethane cover guarantees the stability that other materials cannot present.

For the weight, this ball helps with lighter weights.

Besides the standard choices with 10 – 16 pounds, the Storm Mix ball also gives the ones with 6 and 8 pounds.

Ball Specs

Lane Condition: Light Oil
Coverstock: U1S Pearl Urethane
Weight Block: Traditional 3-piece Core
Ball Finish: 3500-grit Polished
Ball Color: Black/Purple
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.72 / .005
#13 – 2.71 / .005
#14 – 2.69 / .006
#15 – 2.69 / .006
#16 – 2.68 / .006
Durometer: 73-75 Rex D-scale
Flare: 1” – 2” (Low)
Recommended Cleaner: Xtra Shine
  • Having an effective and colorful look
  • Offering more weight advantages (with lighter weights) to choose
  • Giving several mixed colors for choosing
  • Having stronger and more controllable coverstock.
  • Working excellent on the desert dry lanes
  • Has a high cost tag.


Comparing to a plastic/polyester bowling ball, a urethane one will give bowlers more action, graceful curves, and incredible hooks.

This ball will provide the players to have a powerful hook.

These five urethane bowling balls work great on the medium or dry conditions. They are also good to work in any oil pattern.

These Urethane bowling balls serve as an outstanding option for bowlers who are finding genuine ones with a powerful hook and reasonable rate.

We believe that you can find the best ball for your level and tailor your “ultimate weapon” to your current status with the knowledge shared in this post.