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Top 6 Best Urethane Bowling Balls Reviews (2023 – Updated)

We do comprehensive research on the best Urethane Bowling Balls and came up with our final recommendation to buy a Bowling Ball.

Hi guys! Welcome to our Best Urethane Bowling Ball Review: We must say that you are gonna be surprised to read this whole review. Let’s straight jump into it.

Nowadays, people are more fascinating to involve in recreational activities where they could feel more pleasant and peace of mind. So bowling ball is one of the best indoor healthy activities that help you to find your peace of mind, some people think bowling ball is more than a game.

In the last few years, the Urethane bowling ball has lost its position in the bowling market but now again urethane has started to make its good repute among the bowling players.

Still, many players are out there who just like to have the urethane cover stock because of its excellent performance and new updating features. This is also a perfect bowling ball for right-hand bowlers.

While purchasing your best tool, many pro shops will ask you about the resin bowling ball, particularly about all the latest variations that usually hit the market every day. Therefore, if you have never experienced the urethane bowling ball, after reading this whole review, you would make up your mind to use it.

6 Best Urethane Bowling Balls in Reviews:

#1. Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball

  • It is perfect for mid-oil lanes but can be used for any lane conditions.
  • An ideal choice for hookers.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • Advanced performance.
  • As it has an aggressive backend reaction so a little bit tricky for beginners.
  • Not too good for dry lanes.


  • Coverstock: Urethane Pearl
  • Core/Core Type: Purple Pearl/Symmetrical
  • RG/ Differential: 2.65/0.015(15# ball)
  • Lane Condition: Medium to Light Oil
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Abralon
  • Experience Level: Advanced Performance Ball

Being an advanced performance bowling ball, it is more suited for mid to light oil lane conditions. This Hammer Purple Pearl provides an excellent hook in high oil lane conditions. The coverstock of this ball is the urethane pearl with the Abralon finish.

However, the finish grit of this bowling ball is 500/1000/2000 which means you will get more flexibility to use it for any kind of lane conditions that makes this ball extremely versatile than the other.

With an RG of 2.65, the outer cover has a higher mass. Therefore, it comes with the LED cover design which is coupled with the pearl urethane coverstock as it provides enough control at the short oil lanes.

For many great hookers, this is one of the dream bowling balls. It takes excellent curves with magnificent hooks when moving on the lane surface. Due to its magnificent features and attractive design, it’s been very popular in the bowling market.

#2. Michelin Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

Michelin Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

  • Stylish, attractive, bright, and vibrant colors.
  • It moves smoothly and evenly well.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Suitable for dry lane conditions.
  • Comes at in very affordable price.
  • Deficiency in backend reaction for advanced bowlers.
  • Not too good for heavy oil lanes.


  • Coverstock: U1S Pearl Urethane
  • Core/Core Type: Traditional 3-Piece Core/Symmetric
  • RG/ Differential: 2.69/0.006(15# ball)
  • Lane Condition: Light Oil
  • Finish: 3500-Grit Polished
  • Experience Level: Entry Level Bowling Ball

Being a mix of colorful balls, it looks more stylish and attractive to everyone. However, it is the perfect choice for beginners’ bowlers. The specialty of this Michelin Strom Mix bowling ball is that it can be used as a strike ball for desert-dry conditions.

There are lots of friction increases on the dry lane so it can be smoothly controlled over there. With having the high grit 3500, it hooks very sharp. Therefore, this ball can be smoothly controlled for the oily lane conditions. The ball hooks much later as compared to the dry lanes.

The ball comes with the traditional 3-piece core with symmetrical core. However, it usually offers an undrilled ball that you can drill according to yourself. This undrilled ball has an RG of 2.69 which indicates the mass has more focused on the cover of the ball.

The differential RG of this ball is 0.006 which means there is no enough difference between the maximum and minimum RGs. The durability of this ball is extremely high that makes it more worthy in the bowling market.

#3. Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Urethane Bowling Ball

  • Great consistency 7 predictability.
  • Comes in a very affordable prices range.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Powerful hooks.
  • Not perfect for beginners.
  • Not suitable for dry lanes.


  • Coverstock: Urethane
  • Core/Core Type: Gas Mask/Asymmetric
  • RG/Differential: 2.50/0.058(15# ball)
  • Lane Condition: Medium oil
  • Finish: 360/500/500 Abralon
  • Experience Level: High Performance

Hammer Black and Hammer Purple two different kinds of Urethane bowling balls on our list but this Hammer Black Widow is very special as the two best technologies have been used in the process of manufacturing the urethane ball. However, this classical black widow bowling ball is one of the highest performing balls which are the perfect tools for professional bowlers.

The coverstock has been wrapped with the carbon fiber core. The characteristic toughness of the carbon of balls makes it more strong and durable than before. The grit value of finish means it gives more friction that usually slows down the speed of the ball.

It allows the ball to start to hook a bit earlier. For those bowlers, who have very high forward speed and quite less revolution rate, this is perfect for them. Although, the lower RG indicates that the ball has more mass focused on the center.

#4. Michelin Storm Pitch Black Urethane Bowling Ball

Michelin Storm Pitch Black Urethane Bowling Ball

  • This is a perfect option for spinners and hookers.
  • Strongest and long-lasting bowling ball because of the control solid urethane coverstock.
  • Extra length adjustability while drilling it.
  • It gives high revolution speed.
  • Not good on high oil lane conditions.


  • Coverstock: Control Solid Urethane
  • Core/Core Type: Capacitor/Symmetric
  • Finish: 1000 Grit
  • RG/Differential: 2.57/0.022(15# ball)
  • Lane Condition: Dry Lanes
  • Experience Level: Mid Performance Ball

Michelin Storm Pitch Black Bowling ball has been tested plenty of times by professional bowlers; it has been familiar with the high-performing bowling ball throughout the market. However, it usually offers control solid urethane coverstock with an asymmetric core that makes it a more strong and durable bowling ball. Having the 1000 grit finish ball, makes

This symmetric core bowling ball comes with a finish of 1000 grit that is excellent for beginners and intermediate bowlers. Being the 2.57 RG, the ball mass has more focused towards the center lane surface. Therefore, the extreme value of differential RG means that the ball is extremely internal versatile so you have more length when drilling it.

This is particularly more suited for those spinners who like to hit the ten-pin in different styles. Although, this is also the perfect choice in the category of these urethane bowling balls is magnificent for the hookers as they can able to hit the pins with the early hook for dry lanes.

#5. Motiv Tank Rampage Bowling Ball

  • Very strong and long-lasting Alchemy urethane coverstock.
  • Perfect for entry-level bowlers.
  • Suitable for many lanes.
  • It’s very easy to customize.
  • Affordable.
  • Not too good on heavy oil lane conditions.


  • Coverstock: Alchemy Urethane
  • Core: Gear V2
  • RG/Differential: 2.55/0.020(15# ball)
  • Lane Condition: Dry
  • Finish: 3000 Grit LSS
  • Experience Level: Entry Level Bowling Ball

Motiv Tank Rampage Bowling Ball has been designed especially for modern bowlers who like to bowl on the tighter track flare. As modern bowlers usually play with many different angles that are only possible with this urethane ball.

With having this Motiv Tank bowling ball, bowlers can smoothly play their natural game with more confidence. Gear V2 and Alchemy Urethane are designed specifically for each other.

Furthermore, this ball has enough ability to give you a big hook with the excellent smooth surface of urethane, so we appreciated the 300 Grit LSS finish provided to the coverstock. However, it has upgraded to its previous version that provides the higher RG to the ball.

Even this ball provides magnificent performance on the mid oil lane that is why it is more suited for the light oil conditions. The specialty of this ball, it moves excellently well in both dry and wet lane conditions. Apart from all these features, this is also the most toughest and durable urethane bowling ball as well.

#6. Michelin Storm Fever Pitch Urethane Bowling Ball


  • Coverstock: PWR+CTRL Pearl Urethane
  • Core/Core Type: Tour Block/Symmetric
  • RG/Differential: 2.61/0.030(15# ball)
  • Lane Condition: Light Oil
  • Finish: 2000 Grit Abralon
  • Experience Level: Mid Performance Ball

Due to the PWR and CTRL Pearl Urethane coverstock, it’s more aggressive than the previous version. This is another improvised Strom Pitch Urethane bowling ball. Being an extremely reactive coverstock, it is so strong and durable than the other brand. It is also known as a mid-performance bowling ball that has great hook potential for the light oil lane surface.

Moreover, it has enough ability to move smoothly on the straight-line surface. Thus, this ball covers a long length but a little bit tricky than its earlier version. Having a symmetrical core, it will give you more confidence for consistently scoring in the game.

As an aggressive coverstock, it has a great lane length and a high predictability bowling ball. The finish of 2000 Grit Abralon, makes it more suitable over the light to mid oil lane surface.

Buyer's Guide

What You Need to Consider Before Choosing The Best Urethane Bowling Balls?

After reading this whole review, you would feel that every urethane bowling balls have some different features and performance that is why all of them are here in our top list of the best bowling ball.

Before going to choose any bowling ball, you need to see the features of each urethane ball that meet your requirement. However, it would be really helpful for you to choose a suitable one. Here are the few things you need to consider before choosing the best urethane bowling balls:


The price is one of the initial things that you need to consider while purchasing the bowling ball. As a beginner bowler, you have to buy a more affordable bowling ball that is suitable for you.

We always recommend to everyone; do not spend more money to finding the additional features in any ball as it won’t help you to improve your performance. Apart from the affordable price, you have to consider the essential features that you need to perform efficiently in the game.


Nobody wants to waste their money on a low-quality bowling ball that is even not much durable. So durability is one of the most important factors that you should consider before buying the ball.

However, if you have a strong and durable urethane bowling ball means you will run it for a long time that may save your money. That is why we advise you do not to compromise on the brand; you should always consider the reliable and trustable brand that already has a good repute in the market.

Plus you have to thoroughly read all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the ball even you should read the customer reviews as well that will give your more clarification.


Each urethane bowling ball comes in different kinds of weights which have range from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. However, it fully depends on you to choose the perfect weight ball, if you choose much heavyweight ball which is not suitable for you it may fatigue your hand that can affect your performance. So you should consider the perfect weight ball according to your skill level.


Three different types of coverstocks are available there which are plastic, urethane, and reactive resin. The performance of all these coverstocks is quite different from each other, some of them are more aggressive and some is more reactive than others.

So you have to choose such kind of coverstock which is suited to your style as well as the level. Apart from the coverstock, the finish Grit is a very important factor to know. The normal grit value is around 500 to 1000 and the higher grit value is 4000 to 5000 which is suitable for dry lane conditions.


A core use to make in bowling ball that creates a huge difference. In general, there are three types of cores as Pancake, Symmetrical, and Asymmetrical cores as well.

A Pancake core is suited for entry-level bowlers. The specialty of these cores is that it helps to maintain the stability and balance during the game which helps you to throw the ball in the straight line. However, it gives the fewer hook potential with these cores.

The symmetrical cores are not much good and stable as the pancake cores but still provide enough balance to every bowler. With these cores, you should have some skill to maintain stability as it is more suited to expert bowlers. Although, it has more hook potential to get some curve as well so the experienced bowler can only control the movement of this ball.

Drilling the Ball

Each urethane bowling ball comes without drilling the holes means you can get drills the ball according to yourself that gives more comfort and more control of the ball while throwing on the lane.

Final Words


Above we have described all the important features; specs and materials of our 6 best Urethane Bowling Ball. So we damn sure, all this information would be extremely helpful for you to an understanding about the different kinds of urethane ball that will make you convince to buy it.

After reading this whole review, you would be able to understand, before purchasing the best urethane bowling ball you need to know the correct information about this sport as well as your skill level. Moreover, you need to know about the types of balls and how they use in different lane conditions.

This buyer guide will let you know the purpose of buying this ball. After that, you could be able to finalize your best one. Not just that it provides enough and a good amount of knowledge about this sport.

However, if you’re seeking a versatile, high-performing, and highly impressive bowling ball then you should go with Urethane bowling balls as this is one of the best and highly trustable brands in the market.