Urethane Bowling Balls – Which One Is The Best

Urethane bowling balls were introduced by AMF in the bowling industry in an attempt to produce more friction and give bowlers enough hook potential than the old-style plastic cover stocks. Later, Hammer introduced the Hammer black urethane ball. Urethane bowling balls are known as entry level balls which deliver very controllable slide distance and a minor degree of hook potential on the back end of the lane. Fortunately, urethane is a happy medium, ideal for someone just beginning to toss a hook because its coverstock produces additional friction with the lane surface permitting it to hook more.

It has bigger angle of entry into the pocket and covers extra boards on a given lane condition. You can keep it around as a spare ball to prefer a straight shot. Bowlers might consider a urethane ball that is trying to learn how to hook a ball or those bowlers who have already settled a hook release but looking for a controllable amount of hook. Here we will discuss top balls from urethane line. This article will go over the high rated urethane balls that you might require considering for your own arsenal.

Hammer Blue Urethane bowling balls

The Blue Hammer urethane bowling ball is a perfect ball option for advanced players. It’s a high-performance ball with old-fashioned motion and design style, a re-engineered air core shape and Urethane coverstock. Consequently, the Blue Hammer ball work as a kind of a throwback to a past period, but with the additional advantages of the modern ball technologies.

Motiv Arctic Sniper Urethane bowling balls

Motiv has taken a great thing and made it even superior With the Arctic Sniper as sniper line has given some significant advancement. It uses DMX Urethane coverstock technology and will moreover help you hook or lock-in and control your spare conditions. This ball is sturdy and works as a first choice for bowlers currently close to the intermediate phases.

Pitch blackUrethane bowling balls

The Pitch Black is the ultimate choice due to its Control Solid Urethane cover stock, great predictability and powerful hook on wood lanes or shorter oil patterns. Its capacitor core supports regulate flare potential and finest predictability. Its Capacitor core with 1000 Grit Pad factory finish will deliver marvelous balls control but flat and consistent back end.

Storm MixUrethane bowling balls

The Storm Mix urethane is one of the most exceptional deals you can get from urethane bowling ball due to its U1S Pearl Urethane cover stock, coupled with a traditional 3-piece core. Its various colors patterns will give you impressive and bright look. This ball can be a superb strike ball or a spare ball for all types of bowlers.

Motiv Rebel TankUrethane bowling balls

Motiv rebel tank ball has a DMX Pearl Urethane coverstock like the Arctic Sniper ball. It is an ultimate choice for you on relatively dry lanes due to its 4000 Grit LSS factory finish cover stock and halogen core which help with pin carry and hook potential.

In conclusion, professionals and competitive league bowlers use a urethane bowling ball which gives them most powerful strike potential and more action than a plastic/polyester one. There’s a lot of variation in price and materials among the options, but if you’re serious about bowling but don’t want to halt the bank and don’t need the particularly aggressive action, then urethane ball will most likely be your best play. Good luck on your expedition and we hope you find the correct ball that makes a high impact on your confidence level and, eventually, average!

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