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Hey guys and welcome to a new video today we bring you the top 5 Brunswick balls of 2019. If you like this content, don’t forget to Like and subscribe. Okay, let’s, get right into the video starting off this list.

We have the vintage phantom bronzer continues to bring back the oldies, give us some great nostalgia and upgrade the ball to the modern day game. The low RG and low diff core, with a stronger cover, help.

This ball create a very predictable motion. This ball excels at not only being a great benchmark shape, but controlling the friction it blends out over under conditions with great predictability. This was a great release, but it wasn’t.

The best solid cover ball of the year at number. Four, we have the best solid cover ball made by Brunswick in 2019, the Prizm solid after extensive testing and the development of the brand-new portal core.

We have not only the prison solid but also the prison hybrid. The new portal core has a very low RG and, coupled with the activator and composite cover technology, we now have one of the best heavy oil balls ever made by Brunswick slick lanes are no match for this ball.

Brunswick created a great early shape and roll, while still retaining the back end hit the hook and control of the solid would be a nice addition to anyone. Looking for extra traction on the lane, the next ball in the list is the perfect complement.

Number three is the perfect ball to go to after the prizm. Solid is picking up too much traction or is using too much energy and burning up that ball would be the prizm hybrid. This ball takes the same testing and development from the prison solid but uses the AC T hybrid.

Instead, Brunswick created the perfect one-two punch to start anyone’s back once the solid starts to pick up too early the hybrid comes into play. It clears the front sufficiently blends the lane well in transition and stores energy for a big down lane punch when other balls read too early.

This ball can come and bring the angularity that you need to get through all the traffic on the lane. This was a very welcomed addition to the Brunswick family, but another blue ball just beat it out for the next spot.

The next ball on the list was a pleasant surprise this year and will definitely be a must add in anyone’s back if it’s not already in there. The number two ball of 2019 was a Squatch from radical. This ball brings back the yeti core and wraps it in the AI 39 Pro cover.

This ball delivers great roll, easy length and incredible overall motion the ball overall. Has it all the performance, the beauty in a great logo? This was such a great success. They have already created solid and hybrid versions that make this a complete line, but the original still takes the cake for the best of the three.

The squash combines the best qualities of an asymmetrical ball in the best qualities of a symmetrical ball. This ball helped with winning some titles on the tour this year, but just didn’t quite make it to the number one spot before we get to our number one pick we do have one honorable mention.

The vintage vapor zone was a great release in 2018 and in 2019 Brunswick took it a step farther and made the vapor zone solid. This brought the same shape as the original, but helped gain the traction.

The original couldn’t. This ball did well enough to even inspire another version as a hybrid. Our number one pick is the Brunswick hero. Welcome to the bullying world. In 2020 we’re. Ebi is now part of Brunswick, and one of the longest-serving staffers of Ebony just won a hundred thousand dollars using a Brunswick ball that ball being the hero.

The new conjurer core brings great motion in the midlane and incredible back-end. The strong cover brings the capability of using this ball on the fresh and run everyone over once. The line breaks down, smoothness gets greatly demonstrated in the hero and devastates the rack and every shot.

The consistency makes it a great benchmark ball, but still has a versatility to go down and in or just flat-out hook the whole lane. The cover responds very well to surface adjustments and can be thrown on almost anything.

This was an easy choice for number one. It will definitely be seen more. This was our top five Brunswick balls of 2019. Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below what your favorite ball of 2019 is.

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