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Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball | Review of 2023 | Brunswick

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about step-by-step Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball | Review of 2023 | Brunswick.

Sports are a very useful activity to remain fresh. A Bowling ball game is one of them. It is played in many states. A special focus is given to bowling ball that knocks down pins. The more pins you knock down the more chances you have to win.

Here we will be talking about stars and stripes bowling ball Viz A ball has a limited graphics edition. This ball is painted as an American flag that captivates players. In this article, we are going to give you a detailed review of the stars and stripes ball. This ball is stylish and perfect for sports. Let’s move forward.

Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball Review:

Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball Reviews

  • Good for a patriotic bowler
  • Beautiful design
  • Glows under black light
  • Competitive market price
  • A polished and shiny look
  • No prime cons have been found

Viz A ball is the bowling ball and many people have used this ball. This is cute in design and perfect to keep at home and in other places. People have positive reviews about Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball.

Reviews are complimentary for new users so we try to give accurate information about bowling balls to make your decisions easy. Stars and stripe bowling ball is not just a ball but also winning patriotic for bowlers.

It is made with good material and gives you a winning chance. People have used this ball for different purposes. Many people have gifted this bowling ball to their loved ones and they liked it. It could be a perfect gift for bowlers.

A unique thing about this ball is that it glows under black light. Isn’t a cool feature? Of course, it is, people use this ball at their places to keep glowing under black light. Viz A ball has good reviews on the internet and it is used by many so don’t feel hesitate to buy a precious ball.

Key Features

  • Dimensions are 9 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Weight is 9 Pounds
  • Colors are white, blue, and red
  • 6 size available
  • Cover stock is polyester/ plastic
  • High-gloss polished hook potential 25 low
  • Glows under black light

Weak Points Of Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball

Is Star and Stripes bowling ball having weaknesses? You will be thinking this. Well, every company or brand tries its best to position its product in consumers’ favor. The same case is with stars and stripes bowling balls.

The company has tried its best to compete for this product in the market. They positioned this ball to keep consumers in mind and then they launched it in the market.

People have used this ball and shared their reviews. We are overjoyed to inform you that they liked its look and design and until now no weaknesses have been noted yet.

Buyer's Guide

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selecting a Proper Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball

Here is a brief buying guide to purchase your first bowling ball or if you want to replace your old one, you will understand all the factors in an easy way. A good and standard bowling ball can make your points in gaming.

To choose a better bowling ball you need to keep in mind the following important aspects of it: Weight and size, make and material, bowling ball categories, holding the bowling ball, and Hook potential.

Weight and Size

For a novice player, one should focus on the weight and size of a bowling ball. Without thinking about the advanced features one cannot perform well in gaming. So, look for a bowling ball that is more stylish, good in weight and size.

The bowling balls are available in different weights and sizes. You can look at a ball that is made under your age and the weight of the ball should be 10% of your body weight.

The other factor that one should consider when purchasing a bowling ball is its material. Now, if we talk about Brunswick’s Stars and Stripes bowling ball, it is a mixture of advanced technology and high performance.

This ball is made up of Polyester, an affordable and great choice for a beginner user. The bowling ball with the American flag limited edition on it is also called a patriotic ball that could be displayed in a bowling alley, in your office, or home, cool isn’t it?

The Make and Material of the Bowling ball

An Important factor one should consider when purchasing a bowling ball is its material. Now, if we talk about Brunswick’s Stars and Stripes bowling ball, it is a mixture of advanced technology and high performance.

This ball is made up of Polyester, an affordable and great choice for a beginner user. The other materials could be Urethane, Reactive resin, and Particle Bowling balls.

Bowling Ball Categories

There are two main categories of bowling balls to choose from, hooked balls and Straight balls. Straight balls are best for a beginner-level; those are cheap and made up of polyester.

Then the entry-level balls are hooked. If you are interested to learn hooks go for these types of balls. These are also affordable and a level up from spare balls.

How to hold your Bowling Ball?

This is the main and most important point to learn because holding a bowling ball in the right way will let you play more confidently. Two ways are available to grip your bowling ball, one by the standard way and the other is fingertip grip.

Standard Hold: In this style, your thumb will be completely in the ball and the middle and ring finger will be in the second knob.

Fingertip Hold: Fingertip hold will let you put your thumb again completely in the ball and middle and ring finger in the first knob.

Hook Potential

Hook potential is to keeps your ball fast/slow and straight to hit all the pins down. The hook potential of stars and stripes bowling balls is low. It can be best for beginners.

A hook potential controls the speed of the ball. There are two hook potentials: the low hook potential and the high hook potential. You can choose what fits you. Pro players use high hook potential as they have tricks to keep the ball straight on the lane.

Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball Details

This bowling ball has limited 360-degree graphics editions. This bowling ball looks cool if it is displayed in a bowling center, office, or at home. The Viz A ball glows if it is taken under black light.

The cover stock is polyester (plastic) and the finishing is high-gloss polished hook potential is 25 low. The weight of the bowling ball is 6 pounds. A beautiful white, blue, and red American color scheme has been used.

The dimensions of the ball are 9 x 9 x 9 inches (L x W x H). The ball has 6 sizes and all the users: male, female, and children can use this ball.

The condition of the lane is that any ornament can’t go straight. It’s the player who has the techniques to throw it straight on a lane. The bowling ball is used for sports purposes. This ball has a 1-Year warranty.

Final Thoughts Of Stars and Stripes Bowling Ball

To know all about stars and Stripes Bowling Ball now it is easy to make a final decision that how good and cool the star and stripes bowling ball is?

Not only for patriotic people but also for bowlers and best to display at your workplace, home, and coaching center. The high-gloss polished look and hook potential make it more worthy.

While using this ball in sports shows your patriotism and also enhances your personality. The standard qualities comprehend its features while playing.

This ball has got best reviews and no major weakness have been found, means the ball is free of any cheap materials. Also, 360 degrees limited edition of graphics sounds good.

Final Words


You have thoroughly studied and everything about stars and stripes bowling balls. With our deep research, we have tried to make you satisfied and we have figured out the following information given above in the article.

Bowling ball is the most playing game among young and elders too and everyone wants to know techniques to score best, so one of the best techniques includes your bowling ball.

The bowling ball you use to play should be of standard quality that can help you to score well. This is a pro tip you can use and we have tried to help you with stars and stripes bowling balls. You can rely on this ball.


Is a Stars and Stripes bowling ball straight or curved?

Stars and Stripes bowling ball is straight. This ball is used as a spare ball.

How to use the ball safely and properly?

Everyone can use a bowling ball easily. The bowling ball has holes to hold it. It is held with a thumb, finger, and ring finger. Keep your arm away rotate your hand and arm and release the ball on the lane. Do not hurt yourself while releasing the ball on the lane. You will learn the proper way by practicing.

How much does the best bowling ball cost?

The best bowling ball may cost $150 to $250 some branded and standard bowling balls cost even $300. Balls made with plastic are quite cheap and beginners can use these balls for practice and learning purposes.

What are the rules of a bowling ball?

Every game has some rules so bowling ball has also some rules. Each game is few portions long. There are some basic portions given. You have given a task to knock down 10 pins in each portion either one or two tries otherwise it is called shots.

If you knock down all the pins on your first try then it is called strike. And in two shots if all the pins are knocked down then it’s spare. If you don’t knock down all the pins in both shots, then it is called an open.

What is the ideal age to play bowling ball?

This game can be played at any age even kids can also play this game if the kid’s physique is a good and strong mentality. A potential child can start this game at the age of 7 as well as 5 to take an initial step in sports.

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