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Spare Bowling Meaning and Tips to Become Successful in It

Everyone is going after bowling strike to score high but does not care about spare bowling. Even an expert bowler cannot bowl the strike on every throw.

He has to give attention to spare bowling in order to maintain good bowling average. In today’s advanced level bowling world, every bowler must give due importance to the spares.

What is Spare Bowling Definition

When the bowler knocks down most of the bowling pins in the first throw and remaining pins in the second throw of the bowling ball. It is called spare bowling.

Tips for Spare Bowling Alley

Bowling mostly depends on how you approach the lane. The bowler has to bend his knees and gets the push from his legs while releasing the bowling ball. The way of the approach of the bowler effects traveling of the ball.

The bowler must deeply observe the lane to know whether is it oily or dry. Without knowing it, he cannot throw the ball properly. The

The bowling lanes having too much oil are sticky, while the dry lanes are smooth. The ball needs more hook on the oily surface and requires straight throw on the dry surface.

Do not take the pressure of spares in bowling. over-thinking about them may disturb the bowler. Stay Relax and calm and focus completely on the movement of the ball leading towards your target.

The straight throw of the bowling ball is more useful to get spares in bowling, especially for the pins except for 7th and 10th pin which requires a good hook to be knocked down.

Do a lot of practice to have spares in bowling to make yourself familiar with it. Feel the movement of the bowling ball it spare and keep it in mind.

Bowling usually does straight shot. The plastic bowling ball is known as spare bowling ball because it has great ability to be thrown straight.

The easiest way to play bowling is to aim the balls directly at bowling pins in straight line. Your wrist should be relaxed and your arm should flow smoothly in a straight arc forward.

Generally, it is considered as the general rule of thumb to aim at the bowling pin closest to the bowler and strike it against the pin opposite to other pins.

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