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Bowling Ball Weight: How Much Heavy the Ball Should Be

Choosing the right bowling ball weight is not only important for the health of the bowler but also enhances his / her performance.

Too heavy bowling ball may hurt the wrist, arm, shoulder, back of the bowler while too light ball makes it difficult for the bowler to score high. The ball should be neither too heavy nor too light.

Bowling ball weight should match the capacity and skill level of the bowler. It will also be according to the age and gender of the bowler.

Criteria of Right Bowling Ball Weight

There is no fixed limit of the weight of the bowling ball. It varies from bowler to bowler. Neither too heavy ball always hurt not too light ball often score low.

All these rumors often are considered the myth. The lowest weight of the bowling ball is six (06) kg. It increases gradually one kilogram. The maximum weight of the bowling ball is sixteen (16) kg.

A muscular man often prefers to choose sixteen kg bowling ball. However, women always try to choose bowling ball weight from twelve (12) kg to fourteen (14) kg. But kids have the proclivity to choose lightweight bowling ball.

The skill level of the bowler also affects the bowling ball weight. The beginner bowler often prefers to choose lightweight ball. The weight of the ball increases gradually as the skill level of the bowler becomes high.

Performance of the Bowler Vs Bowling Ball Weight

It is a myth that the performance of the bowlers depends upon the bowling ball weight. This is not a reality because it only depends on proper bowling ball delivery.

It is usually considered that heavy bowling ball weight is more inclined to give strikes to the bowler. The veracity of this statement has challenged by many bowlers.

The only these things which affect the performance are the capacity of the bowler to carry weight, his / her skill level, grip over the ball and proper release of the bowling ball.

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