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Rhino Bowling Ball – The Reality About It to Have Fun With Family

The Rhino Bowling Ball is a polished ball, designed for low-med oil and a great ball to start and learn with. Rhino has not-super-strong reactive coverstock on heavier oil patterns. It is great for drier conditions to provide more length on dry lanes. Rhino gets down the lane effortlessly, but it’s quite hefty on the back end. If you are going for more speed dominance, it should create a strong medium to the light ball.

If you are looking for more rev dominance, you should deliberate it to be sturdily in the medium category. It is a good all-around classic ball, so it works on most any house pattern no matter how you throw the ball. It also has easy length and plenty of backends and hooks hard in the dry with the pretty good color scheme as well. A new “Rhino” ball will cost you around $150 drilled with thumb slug and supplements. It gives you control drilled, smooth out the angle a little and that looks to work well for you. It sounds like a nice ball with a pearl cover to have in your bag since it’s excellent on dry conditions. Here we will discuss top rated Rhino bowling balls including rhino black pearl, vintage gold rhino pro, rhino blue pearl and rhino pro X copper.

Black Pearl Rhino bowling ball

Rhino Black Pearl is a good beginner ball to learn to hook, but it hasn’t hook too much when the oil gets heavier. The Rhino black pearl can be drilled using the typical drilling methods, developed for symmetric bowling balls.The good thing is to know that it’s a good practice/dry/spare ball for you. Its core shape provides you exceptional ball motion and in action for big scores and strikes.

Vintage gold Pro Rhino bowling ball

Vintage gold rhino pro is Brunswick’s great design with Fortify reactive coverstock and additive chemistry technology to improve the overall performance. The combination of fortifying reactive coverstock and enhance additive technology will provide the fastest lateral traction with great length. It has the high differential core and smooth cylinder design. When you increase the differential, it will give you extra length, enhanced versatility and durable breakpoint in this top volume core shape.The Vintage Gold Rhino Pro slides smoothly through the front, keeping axis revolution for the backend to deliver larger entry angle to the pocket and outstanding pin action due to its royal complex Finish.

Blue Pearl Rhino bowling ball

The Brunswick Rhino bowling balls are the perfect choice for beginner level bowlers or anyone seeking a ball that is not reactive on dry lanes or oil medium, especially rhino blue pearl. Blue Pearl has R-16 reactive coverstock combined with a light bulb core to deliver you balances power and control. The R-16 reactive coverstock creates backend hook motion and reasonable length without high sensitivity to the dry and oily parts of the lane. Its old light bulb core shape brings excellent ball motion and spectacular pin action for more strikes. This unique core shape of ball used for weights from 12 to 16 lbs and it provides bowlers with regular ball reaction features across this weight range.

Pro X (Copper) Rhino bowling ball

Rhino Pro X Copper is also considered one of the best old rhino bowling ball which is released back in 90’s. The original Rhino Pro X Copper features Brunswick’s classic reactive coverstock covered with Rhino Pro light bulb weight block. It has low RG, 2-piece core, polished finish, 0.023 differential and suitable for medium oil lane conditions.

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