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Brunswick Quantum Bowling Ball – The Best Choice of Professionals

A Quantum bowling ball is one of the best bowling balls in the market. They’d do superbly in most houses due to the higher volumes of oil.  You can push that ball through pretty much any lane condition and can trust it to produce enough power to fusion strikes.

They do wonders if you want to play straighter angles on THS. The Quantum balls are solid with pearl coverstock giving a more destructive move off the dry and will provide you with a smoother reaction and sooner breakpoint. Here we will discuss super choices from Quantum Pro Performance Brunswick line.


Fire Pearl Quantum Bowling Ball

The Quantum Fire Pearl is a high-performance ball from Pro Performance Brunswick line. This ball has a two-piece design with no filler core material and thinner coverstock. It had high RG Mushroom core, patented core design, and controlled dynamic integrity with box finishes.

This ball uses the PK 2016 Pearl coverstock, completed with 500 air. It achieves easy length with a stable but controlled motion down lane due to its high RG core design.

The blend of this High RG core and cover endorsed all testers to get to the pocket at the box finish on all test patterns, which not often used these days. The Quantum Fire Pearl has conventional drilling procedures developed for symmetric core bowling balls.

Quantum Mushroom core maintains axis rotation for a more significant backend reaction on medium oil, gives this ball natural slide through the front. The Quantum Fire Pearl has been designed with more coverstock which increases the strength and performance endurance with an astonishing pin control.

Midnight Blue Quantum Bowling Ball

Midnight Quantum has a heavy core design that offers more length and great reactions to dry conditions. Its hindered reaction creates more length than any other “highly reactive ball” in the bowling industry while retaining a more charged backend explosion.

Forest Green Solid

The Quantum Forest Green is the reactive compact addition of Brunswick Quantum bowling ball series. It has redesigned Quantum Mushroom core, high-density, and PK 2016 solid reactive thick cover stock. This PK 2016 Solid coverstock was previously used on the Vintage Danger Zone bowling ball.

This cover approaches out of the box polished with 500 and 1000 SiaAir for extreme traction through the oil medium. It produces terrific backend reaction, great length through the front, and tremendous traction in the mid-lane on oily lane conditions.

Classic Black Quantum Bowling Ball

The Quantum Classic Black is the newest addition to the Pro Performance series from Brunswick. The Classic Black has the symmetrical Quantum Mushroom High RG core which surrounded by Brunswick’s new Relativity Flip Solid coverstock.

It has the most robust backend on medium oil lane conditions. It pushes beyond the lane on all oil patterns than the Fire Pearl. This Bowling ball uses a two-piece design that features a thicker coverstock without outer core filler material.

More coverstock boosts the Coefficient of Restitution which is the relation of the variances in velocity between two objects before and after a stroke. The higher the restitution, the swiftly the pins will move after being knocked by the ball, transmitting that amplified kinetic energy to the adjacent pins generating superior pin action!

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