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Motiv Bowling Balls For Dry Lanes – Their Different Categories

Motiv bowling balls are winner mate; if you’ve ever thrown an older Brunswick ball, then Motiv should feel very familiar. It is one of the strongest and aggressive balls from bowling ball family but super smooth off the spot. It is easy to clean and don’t soak up much oil at all; you barely have any oil come out. Its coverstock is the most durable and long-lasting. Cobra is very smooth skid/snap the ball, and very useful on short or medium volume patterns. Forza SS, motiv venom shock, and United Revolt also look solid. You won’t be disappointed! Here we will discuss all the categories of new Motiv bowling balls including heavy oil, medium oil, light-medium oil, light oil, spare and motiv urethane bowling ball.

Heavy oil Motiv Bowling Balls Chart:

Motiv Jackal Ghost

With all of the patterns being on the longer end you need something that’s going to cut through the oil and roll. The Ghost is supposed to have a stronger cover than the LE. The Motiv Jackal Ghost bowling ball is less expensive than the others bowling ball option on heavy oil and also the best ball that EBI was making, period, which was enough to convince you to play in the league.

Medium-heavy oil Heavy oil Motiv Bowling Balls retired:

Primal Fear:

Primal is a high ball which helps you to get some revs, without a ton of effort. The primal fear is a more angular ball, that would actually complement the ghost nicely, to open up the lane, when conditions start to break down. Primal Fear has shiny asymmetric pearl, more length & backend, probably a good ball down from the Alpha.

Medium Oil Heavy oil Motiv Bowling Balls:

Forza SS:

Forza SS looks quite good with excellent Specification, and it seems quite a bit like the RG Dare Devil Trick. It has sturdy cover at 2000 sanded combined with a low-RG/mid-diff symmetric core. The ball itself is bonkers. The Forza SS is medium oil symmetric ball; the core shape lines up reasonably well Aura Paranormal, which gives you tremendous success. It is an absolute monster. It’s a bit too close to Shock, and when your Shock dies, though, this will very likely be its replacement.

Light-medium oil Heavy oil Motiv Bowling Balls:

Motiv Venom Shock

The venom shock is benchmark ball. Its give you a completely different look than the stuff you currently have. If you’re more interested in the “newer” line of stuff, then the United revolt might be an excellent piece as well. Venom Shock will give you a solid symmetrical which is a hole that could be filled in your arsenal. If you start to leave corner pins, you can switch, and it gives me a different angle into the pocket.

Light oil Heavy oil reviews:


If you bowl sport/short patterns, you would probably go with the Tank Rampage. Urethane might get you to the pocket, but your pin carry wouldn’t be too good.The Rampage is an excellent ball, but it’s a decently big step down from the Shock. It could work, just not what you would think to go to first.

Spare Heavy oil:


Sniper would be the great choice to pick up some spares on occasion though and help you to get more score! Motiv Hyper Sniper is little pricier, but for everything, this ball just goes straight.  The hyper sniper is neon, and you will love it. Sniper as a spare ball is absolutely a viable option but if you’re going to use it as a designated best spare ball.

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