List of Bowling Accessories Extensively Used in Lanes Bowling

In this article, we will provide you a detailed list of bowling accessories extensively used in all kinds of lanes bowling including tenpin, ninepin, five-pin, candlepin, and duckpin.

Bowling Accessories

These accessories not only enhance the performance of the bowler but also prevent him/her from injuries and pain. They also make the bowler good looking and professional.

Bowling Accessories used in Bowling Alley

Bowling Pin is an integral part of the bowling alley. Without it, Bowler cannot play bowling. wood and coated with plastic material is used to make it. It is used in a set of ten, nine or five. There are three basic types  of it according to size, shape, and

Bowling Pin

Pinsetters are part and parcel of bowling. Pinsetters are machines or persons (often teenage boys or girls) who set pins in their original position.


Bowling Ball Rack is amongst the bowling accessories made up of wood to contain bowling balls. Bowlers pick their balls from here to play bowling.

Bowling Ball Rack

Bowling accessories also contain Bowling Ramp in its list. Manufacturers use metal for its creation. It helps special persons especially wheel chair and feeble bowlers to throw the bowling ball. It is 25″ high.

Bowling Ramp

Bowling Ball Spinner consists of ball cup and ball base. Different companies use metal for its creation. It In the base, there is a motor to spin bowling ball for polish or any other activity.

Bowling Ball Spinner

Bowling Accessories used by the Bowler

Bowling Wrist Brace is one of the important bowling accessories. It supports the bowler to throw ball continually and rightly and prevent the bowler from wrist pain and injury. It is beneficial to regulate the hand while releasing bowling ball.

Bowling Wrist Brace

Bowling Gloves are also important to play bowling. It makes the bowler have a strong grip on the ball. There are many kinds of gloves according to the requirements of the bowler.

Bowling Gloves

Bowling Tape covers thumb and two fingers inserted in the holes of the bowling ball to prevent injuries or pain.

Bowling Tape

Bowling Towels are bowling accessories required to clean and polish bowling ball before playing bowling. Every bowler must use his/her own towel.

Bowling Towel

Bowling Balls are an intrinsic part of the bowling alley. Without it, lanes bowling is incomplete.

Bowling Balls

Bowling Ball Bags are integral part of bowling accessories. Every bowler has to buy bowling bag to hold all the other equipments of bowling.

Bowling Shoes, and Bowling shirts are also important bowling accessories used by the bowler.



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