Lanes Bowling

Lanes Bowling Alley and Its Origin, Cost, Duration and Frames

Lanes Bowling is an indoor bowling game in which the bowler throw bowling ball on the wooden lane to knock down bowling pins.

It is a leisure activity of great fun. Most of the people enjoy it with their families and friends and also arrange birthday and other parties there.

About all the bowling lanes offer food and drink with the facility to play bowling. Bars are integral parts of it.

Despite its popularity, Lanes bowling has not become part of Olympic Games. Presently, the proposal is under consideration to make bowling a part of summer Olympic Games going to be held in Tokyo in 2020.

Lanes Bowling

The people of about hundred countries especially developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc like to play Lanes Bowling to have fun with their family and friends.

bowling has become very popular on media. Its manufacturers created a number of video games. King, Crazy, Disco, Shuffle, Santa, and Zombie are famous video games of bowling.

Origin of Lanes Bowling and Its Regulations

The question of the origin of bowling is not so simple. The advent of bowling is ascribed to America. New York City is considered as its birthplace. Ball, bags, pins, shoe, shirts, gloves, pinsetters, towels and wrist braces are important accessories of bowling.

In the ancient times, these were no entity to regulate lanes bowling. Bowling was simple and these were widespread illegal activities like gambling.

With the passage of time, the game had become complicated and there was a need to regulate it. Now, United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and British Tenpin Bowling Association regulate this sport.

Cost, Duration, and Teams:

Lanes bowling is not too much costly. It is very economical entertainment. Charges of different alleys and centers vary from each other depending upon the facilities provided by them. Normally, Lanes bowling costs about 10 to 20 USD per person to play bowling for two hours.

Lanes bowling is also a short time game. A team of six people can take forty-five minutes to one hour to complete a game. Generally, it is advised to play bowling by 06 to 08 people on a lane.

Bowling League is a tournament carried out throughout a season. Many teams participate in it. Usually, a team is comprised of eight players out of which four players play at a time.

The practice of three or five team players is also rampant. Teams may be of male-only, female-only or mixture of both.


There are ten frames in a game of lanes bowling. Bowler has two opportunities to knock down all the pins by throwing bowling balls. If all the bowling pins are fallen with the first throw of the bowler, it is called a strike.

If some pins remain after the first throw of the ball and players knock them down with the second throw of the bowler, it is known as spare.

Kinds of Lanes Bowling and its Health Benefits

There are different kinds of bowling according to size, shape, and number of pins. These are Tenpin, nine-pin, five-pin, candlepin and duckpin. We will discuss the detail of these types in the individual articles of these games.

Bowling is a good exercise. It burns calories and moves muscles and joints which do not work in routine exercise. Laughter and fun during the course of bowling game are also worthwhile for health.

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