Hustle Ink Bowling Ball Review

Hustle Ink Bowling Ball Review of 2023 – Roto Grip

Hi guys! Welcome to our Hustle Ink Bowling Ball Review: We must say that you’re about to surprise after reading this whole review.

Here we will let you know everything about the Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball. Nowadays, it is quite familiar in the market with names of Hustle Pow and Hustle Say.


if you had a bad experience with this bowling ball and still you’re expecting to use it then we have very good news for you. Roto Grip has modified this ball that can be suited to every bowling player.

Therefore, if you visit on its official website, you may see lots of positive reviews there that shows the value of its Roto Grip Hustle Ink.

Just have a look at the features of this ball to understand more about it. These reviews will not provide you whole information that is why we are writing this article for you to let you know everything about it.

Do you want to become a top-ranking player? If your answer is “yes” then you should know everything about the tools that you use in the game.

Buying Guide of Hustle Ink Bowling Ball Review

  • It has the perfect controllable backend reaction.
  • It is available in very beautiful solid color.
  • It has the smooth length with clean reaction.
  • It will make your performance more consistences.
  • It is excellent for normal house shots.
  • Magnificent outlook.
  • It is long-lasting and best constructed.
  • Available in different weight ranges.
  • Not suited on dry lane conditions.


Earlier, Hustle POW was designed with the pearl reactive cover and Hustle SAY made with a Hybrid cover. Over the time, vendor thought to make some changes in the ball. After analyzing everything, they have wrapped this ball with a solid cover which is now completely coverstock for all bowlers.

Although, the specialty of this Psyched Solid reactive coverstock is that it has the ability to read the lane surface instantly. During the play, psyched coverstock will boost your performance to remain at a higher rank.

While playing at oily lane surface is quite fine where you could check the coverstock type but Roto Grip is always recommended to use this ball on medium lane condition.

Even many top class bowlers out there have been using it on the heavier lane condition and also satisfied with its result. All these features makes this ball more versatile than the other.

Factory Finish

Most solid coverstocks are available with a high-polished finish or with a sanded polish finish. Roto Grip has lots of studied and came to know that a sanded finish usually absorb the oil from the lane surface. Even they have tried to reduce or cancel out the chance of drying up the lanes.

Inks are applied to the Psyched coverstock by hand and then polished to a 1500-grit for better predictability and performance. A fine cut will be made through the oil. Adding extra skid through the fronts, a predictable reaction in the middle, and going smooth until the end will be a Hustle INK’s trademark.


The Hustle symmetric core is not new for those who have already played with the Hustle POW and Hustle SAY. The Hustle core became very popular over a short time by being featured in those earlier releases of the Hustle line. A medium RG makes this INK bowling ball excellent for top class bowler.

The Hustle Ink Bowling Ball Review comes with most excellent core and covers combination that clears right by the heads and then begins to roll up in mid-lane. The combination of this ball has loved by many bowlers who have been promoted their rank. Through its symmetrical Hustle core, this INK bowling ball maintains smooth and seamless backend motion.


Many bowlers attracted with the color of the ball means color is very important for any ball. Therefore, Roto Grip has more focused on the color of this Hustle bowling ball; he has designed this ball with the beautiful Ink Blue Solid color. A blue is quite unique and rare color in the bowling ball. Whether you’re a bowler or not, this unique blue color will make you happy.

Hook Potential  

Huckle INK balls are an excellent choice for bowlers who are just starting out. Hustle-cored balls need to be drilled firmly to ensure they flare enough to hook down the lane. There are a lot of things that make the Hustle INK different from other Hustle balls, such as its longer length and the ability to observe its flippy backend.

With this ball, you can make your game more consistence then before. However, this ball is suited for medium hook potential. This ball will be most useful for more advanced players in association with the recent promotion from entry-level. When the Hustle Ink ball gives you plenty of length, it’ll display a Stable Reaction Breakpoint shape that’s remarkably smooth.

Overall Performance

As a result of its overall performance, Hustle INK is the best Hustle ball by Roto Grip. Among all the bowling balls, we think this is the earliest, smoothest, and most controlling.

There is a lot of forgiveness with this ball and it reads the lane very well. It will not exaggerate to the lane; however, if you are unable to throw it correctly it may underperform.

Keeping your angles straighter and if that is your comfort zone will make things easier for you. That would allow you to know that you have chosen the right ball for you. Considering this is a performance-level bowling ball, you will have less risk of it going into the gutter as a result of not over hooking.

Final Words


At the end, we must say that Hustle Ink Bowling Ball is the first choice for many beginners. Although, the popularity of this bowling ball is that it has a plenty of amazing features, versatility and quick performance.

It helps to those beginners who want to improve their hook in the bowling ball. When it comes to the prices, it is available at very affordable price range mean every can get it easily.

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