How To Throw A Bowling Ball Hook

How To Throw A Bowling Ball Hook – With A Finger Tip

Lots of people want to know the perfect techniques, through which they can enhance their bowling skills. When you know how to throw a bowling ball hook, then your skills of bowling will be half complete.

Do you want to score high in bowling? It is known also as a straight shot and you can surely score well with this technique.

Keep in mind that if you are a beginner and want to improve your bowling skills, then you need to work on different techniques one by one.

But when you know how to throw a bowling ball hook in an effective manner, then your half improvement in bowling can get the job done to score higher.

Moreover, throwing a bowling ball hook limits the overall level of pin action. However, it is not an easy task to learn how to throw a bowling ball hook as you need to set up to the lane requirements too.

With that in mind, we give you unique and efficient information through which you can easily know how to throw a bowling ball hook and how you can score higher in bowling. Let’s get into the further details!

Does Keeping Your Hand Under The Bowling Ball Will Help You To Score Higher?

Undoubtedly, innovative technology enhances our life as well as gives us high-performance bowling balls. These modern bowling balls help you to build maximum hook potential, but it will not work if you use a plastic spare bowling ball.

It is necessary to know where you need to hook your bowling ball and how you need to release and how to rotate your fingers while throwing bowling balls. You can’t score well if your entire hand turns very early at the releasing point.

You can also lose pin action and your overall reaction may be back-end on the time of your bowling ball shot. How to keep your hand under the bowling ball? You just simply need to use your ring finger only which leads properly to your forward swing at the time of releasing point.

However, make sure that at your releasing point of a bowling ball, your just middle finger should be at the angle of six o’clock, and also it should need to be rotated fluidly to the angle of three o’clock until you release the bowling ball.

5 Best Steps For How To Effectively Throw A Bowling Ball Hook

The following five steps will give you an idea that how to throw a bowling ball hook without any hard techniques:

1. Position of bowling ball hook

Before you set up the line, the proper position of the bowling ball hook will be necessary. It is the most integral point to your bowling ball success.

Also, make sure to invest in a bowling ball properly and it is necessary that your bowling ball is accurately drilled to fit in your hand.

However, if your finger just doesn’t fit in the finger holes of the bowling ball, then either you going to throw the bowling ball a wonky hook or just no hook completely at your bowling ball.

2. Check Comfortable Lane Approach

You need to make sure that you are using a comfortable and smooth lane approach. Also, you can begin your shot by just only swinging your arm in a straight direction. Keep in mind that you don’t need to snap your wrists with your arm placement.

However, the key to success in bowling ball hook is just simply to rotate your fingers to a good bowling ball hook. Moreover, you don’t need to snap your wrist or arm in any direction.

3. Remove Your Thumb At The Time Of Releasing The Bowling Ball

Make sure to remove your thumb while grabbing your bowling ball at the final approach. Keep in mind that your index and middle finger will be the proper guiding hook of your desired bowling ball.

However, you can’t control the hook of your bowling ball when you fail to get your thumb out from the bowling ball.

4. Choose Direction According To Your Left Or Right Hand

You need to remove your thumb slowly at the lowest point of your desired bowling ball swing. When you do this properly, then all the weight of the bowling ball will be on your other fingers.

Make sure at this point, you need to remove your both ringer finger and middle finger from your bowling ball. Moreover, you need to turn them counterclockwise or clockwise.

This step depends on your bowling position, either you are left or right. Make sure to turn them counterclockwise if you are a righty and can turn clockwise if you are a lefty. 

5. Swing Your Arm In A Perfectly Straight Direction

It is the best thing to keep in mind the idea of the pendulum in your mind because you need to just swing your arm in the forward direction and focus on your target, especially while releasing the bowling ball.

Moreover, it is not easy to learn to throw a bowling ball hook in just one attempt, as it takes a lot of practice from you. But the good thing is that when you completely learn this technique then you will get huge results and can easily higher score.

How To Easily Curve A Bowling Ball With Just Two Fingers?

There is not any hard work you need to do in this technique, you all need to do is just simply curve the bowling ball with your two fingers. But it is hard to control when you use your thumb to curve the bowling ball in a hole just because of improper balance.

The good thing is that if you need to generate a large hook with just two fingers then it will be easy for you. Make sure to twist your ring finger and middle finger up and also to the side of the bowling ball at the time of releasing it.

Moreover, keep in mind that you won’t be able sometimes to use only the straight pendulum shot just like you used on a normal hook for a bowling ball. It is just because you don’t have support from your thumb.

Furthermore, you need to be careful while messing with your multiple swing mechanics because it can lead to a hand or wrist injury if you don’t properly use this technique.

Is There Any Best Weight For A Bowling Ball?

Undoubtedly, there are multiple rules of thumb to only find the right weight for your bowling ball. Make sure to get a bowling ball that is close to 10 percent of your overall body weight. Also, it is not a complete way or the only way of doing things.

The fact is that not any bowling ball weight equation is going to take all your needs as a bowling ball player. But also there is a perfect way to judge the bowling ball weight only depending on your comfort level.

However, throwing a 16-pound bowling ball is going to be tough and it carries the most pin potential and requires the best overall shot power. But there is not any reason to throw only a 16-pound bowling ball when you have less weight bowling ball option with you.

Moreover, using a pound or a two-pound bowling ball weight will surely allow you to throw the bowling ball with better accuracy and more durability, which met your arm strength.

After using a lower-weight bowling ball, you can shift to a higher-weight bowling ball according to your comfort level. All you need to find is just pick the right combination of power and comfort to throw a perfect shot ball.


It is not easy to throw a bowling ball in just one attempt with higher accuracy, as it requires only practice from you. If you are a beginner bowling ball player and want to enhance your throwing bowling ball skills, then you first need to choose a lower-weight bowling ball that met your comfort level.

Moreover, it is also necessary when throwing a bowling ball hook to keep your form in your mind and just focus on your arm or wrist.

If you feel that your arm or wrist hurts, especially when you are learning to hook the bowling ball, then it may be you are doing the technique in incorrectly way.

Furthermore, once you learn to throw a bowling ball hook, then you only need to keep your consistency and focus on the right form.

You will surely be amazed when things go in a planned direction on the lane, especially when you weren’t able to make it before.

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