How Long Is a Bowling Lane

How Long Is A Bowling Lane In Feet / Meters [Standard / Regular]

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional player you must be curious about the dimensions of your bowling alley. The bowling alley is designed in a very technical way.

It’s not just a basement having one synthetic lane and some bowling balls. Just like a football ground, the bowling alley has certain specific areas you need to understand.

Every sport has certain rules and bowling is no different. These rules are not just oral but also the dimensions of the alley illustrate them. Therefore if you want to achieve success in this sport you need to understand the dimensions of your bowling lane and alley.

Bowling Lane Measurements:

  • sixty feet in length
  • two feet 10-3/16 pin deck reaching out from the headpin
  • 9-¼ inch right and left of the path
  • Forty-two inches broad

How Long Is A Bowling Lane:

The complete bowling lane length starts from the unfair line to the pinsetter machine. This length measures sixty-five feet and 10 3/16 inches.

We measure the bowling alley starting from the unfair line to the headpin.

The approach dots are situated at some distance from the foul line. The distance of one approach dot measures twelve feet from the foul line and the other is fifteen feet.

The approach flecks help in regulating your foot movements so that you don’t execute a foul.

You will find multiple narrow indicators in the bowling passage. Each indicator is situated 15 feet apart from the unfair line.

Lane Measurements

The measurement of the length between the foul line and the center of the headpin is sixty feet.

The pin deck has an additional length of two feet and 10-3/16 inches from the headpin.

The thirty-nine boards of approximately 1.06 inches in width combine to make a lane that becomes forty-two inches wide.

In this way, we divide the whole lane into three parts.

  • The Front part of the lane is twenty feet long
  • Mid-lane is twenty feet long
  • Back-end also measures twenty feet.

Bowling Alley Boards

The pieces of one-inch wide boards combine to make a bowling alley.

39 boards that are around 1.06 inches wide reach together to construct a bowling alley.

You won’t see much difference in the bowling alley boards.

Bowling Approach Area

There is an approach area in almost all bowling alleys that specifies the regulatory standards.

The width of the approach area is almost the same as the lane. But it extends 15 feet backward of the unfair line.

The dots in the approach area are situated twelve and fifteen feet from the foul line.

The dots in the approach area are equal to boards five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, and thirty-five. These dots also correspond to the boards where the arrows are shown in the alley.

You will see two differences between one bowling approach area to another.

Some bowling alleys have ball retrieval set up nearer to the foul line. Other bowling alleys have ball retrieval set-up positions near the walking area.

Arrows On The Bowling Lane

You see a twelve-foot spot on the foul line. The bowling lane arrows start from this line.

The width of arrows is generally equal to the width of one board which is 1.06 inches. But this width should not be increased from 1.25 inches.

If we talk about the length of arrows, there is no specific requirement or rules. But the length of arrows is always equal to or less than six inches.

Boards five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, and thirty-five have arrows placed on them.

The shape of these arrows is like the letter “v”.

Bowling Lane Measurements Summary

The summary of the measurements of the bowling lane is as follows.

  • The kickback is twenty-four inches
  • The pin spots are 2 ¼ inches in diameter
  • The gutter is 9 ¼ inches wide and 1 ⅞ beneath the lane surface
  • The center of the headpin is sixty feet from the foul line
  • The lane width is Forty-two inches

The distance between the lane length and the pin is sixty-two feet 10 3/16 inches.

Home Bowling Lane

If you want to construct a bowling alley in your house then how much space is required?

A standard home bowling lane should be eleven feet long and six inches broad.

To get a guideline-size bowling path alongside an assistance passageway after the bowling machine, you’ll require eighty-six feet.

An eighty-six feet long bowling alley has the following measurements

  • Sixteen-foot approach
  • Sixty-foot lane
  • Seven-foot hook dick and hole
  • Three-foot service passageway

If you lack enough room in your house you can construct a 55 feet long bowling lane giving it an arcade glimpse.

You are allowed to construct a bowling alley on any type of floor in your home. Just make sure that the floor supports the weight of the bowling ball and machine.

Final Words

Final Word

You might be wondering why I need to understand the entire bowling alley dimensions. If you are searching for the length of a bowling lane then you must learn the dimensions of the entire alley.

The lane length depends on multiple factors including approach area, arrows, and many others. Therefore I have tried to make you understand all those factors that can affect the bowling lane length.

After knowing these rules and regulations you can become a professional player. A league player must have acknowledged these dimensional specifications.

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