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Hammer Scandal Bowling Ball Review Pearl 2023 Latest

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Hammer is known for the manufacturing of the best quality bowling balls with superior hitting power. Hammer is a great manufacturer in the market of bowling balls you will ever find. Hammer scandal bowling ball is another masterpiece you would love to try.

Today in this article I will disclose all the key factors that make the hammer scandal the best bowling ball. We will go through each minor detail to inspect the true quality factors of this bowling ball. We always do honest reviews and will present a clear picture from every angle.

Does hammer feature any undeniable aggressiveness that will beat all of the competitors or just a right ball? How does the hammer scandal act when it comes to varied oiled lane patterns? If you want the answer to all of the above questions then you need to read this thorough review.

Hammer Scandal Bowling Ball Review:

hammer scandal bowling ball review

Hammer has released this second bowling ball that is designed with carbon fiber-infused coverstock. Hammer scandal is featured with added strength and exceptional hitting power.

The fiber-infused coverstock of hammer scandal is durable enough to meet the requirements of heavy oiled lanes for a long period of time. Not only durable but this is one of the most aggressive coverstocks available in the market.

The professional-grade bowlers who are looking for hook potential must have this hammer bowling ball in their bags. It’s everything about hook potential added strength in the mid-lane. It acquires enough strength in the mid of the lane to hit the pins aggressively.

It combines great mid-lane strength, hook potential, and an impressive back-end reaction to make you win the match. It delivers high-end performance on heavy oiled lanes patterns with impressive trajectory.

Hammer is manufacturing bowling balls with hard angular hooks but this hammer scandal can take your bowling experience to a next level. When you are in search of total hook potential and backend reaction hammer should be your top choice. To know this you have to try it for once.

hammer scandal bowling ball review delivers exceptional performance on heavily oiled lane patterns. The more oil on the lane, the more performance by hammer scandal.

This bowling ball is specially engineered to absorb oil, clear fresh fronts, and restore energy for impressive back-end reactions. Its oil-absorbing property allows it to deliver quality performance with angularity and sharp movement.

It delivers a quite impressive down-lane reaction. You would be amazed after knowing the unmatched quality and performance of the hammer scandal bowling ball.

Key specs

  • Color: Blue, Green, Black
  • Core: Scandal (Symmetrical)
  • Coverstock: Semtex Solid CFI Reactive Solid
  • Finish: 500 / 2000 Abralon
  • RG: 2.48
  • Differential: 0.054
  • Flare potential: Moderate to Substantial
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy to Heavy

Key Features

Hammer scandal bowling ball is manufactured with solid CFI reactive solid coverstock. It is an exclusive formation that delivers enhanced performance in the deepest oil conditions.

This coverstock is made to absorb oil and deliver angular motion for impressive shots. Hammer scandal features brand new low RG and differential scandal symmetrical core.

This type of symmetrical core proves to be the counterbalancing weight block for inherent aggressiveness. The combination of oil-absorbing coverstock and symmetrical core makes things on track.

The hammer scandal comes with a rough 500 / 2000 Abralon surface finish. This finish enhances the required traction on the heavily oiled lane patterns.

Construction Material 

Hammer scandal bowling ball promises the insane hitting power and durability you have been looking for. This bowling ball is constructed with carbon fiber-infused Semtex Solid CFI reactive solid cover stock that ensures impressive hitting power. Moreover, its porous material can absorb enough oil to deliver high-end performance on heavy oiled lanes.

Carbon fiber-induced coverstock surrounds the ceramic scandal symmetrical core. This combination is necessary for required strength and impressive pin carry for enhanced lane motion. You know that symmetrical core allows you to create more angular shots and score maximum.

hammer scandal bowling ball review


There are a number of bowling balls known for strong hook potential in the market. But hammer scandal is one of the most exceptional quality bowling balls out there. This hammer scandal is made to deliver extreme quality performance on heavy oiled lanes.

This ball absorbs enough oil while going through down the lane. From beginners to advanced bowlers everyone can handle this bowling ball. No matter what is your style you can throw the ball with exceptional angular motion.

You can explore a number of styles due to the exclusive hook potential of the hammer scandal. You can release shots with multiple styles thanks to the versatility of hammer scandal.

It is equipped with all key factors that are responsible for distinct sharpness at the breakpoint or a continuous sweeping hook with back-end firepower. You can keep hammer scandal as your strike ball. It allows you to release shots with a harder and better hook.

There are a lot of bowling balls out there made for oily lanes but no one can beat the performance of the hammer scandal. It can still deliver exceptional quality performance on medium oiled lanes. But it is the ball designed especially for the deepest and heavy oiled lanes. If you are an advanced bowler who loves to bowl on heavy oil lanes. Then scandal is an ideal choice for you.

Advanced bowlers always look for aggressive bowling balls that could deliver high-end performance on heavy oiled lanes. When you find a bowling ball that claims to deliver expected aggressiveness on heavy oiled lanes it’s no less than a gem.

Hammer scandal proves to be an ideal choice for people with lower rev rate performance. It delivers high amounts of power and strength while going down the lane. Also, the high rev bowlers love its monster power and hook potential.


You cannot find hammer scandal bowling ball effective on medium to dry lanes. Because less the oil on the lane, poor the performance you will achieve.

Therefore you cannot use this ball on dry lanes as it is the ball made for heavy oiled lanes. On dry lanes, the coverstock of scandal doesn’t go down the lane effectively.

Also, the hammer scandal is one of the most aggressive bowling balls out there. Therefore it can be hard for beginners or intermediate bowlers to handle its aggressiveness. A professional and advanced bowler can get the maximum out of this ball on heavily oiled patterns.

Final Words

Final Word 

Hammer scandal is no doubt a perfect choice for professional and advanced bowlers. But before you make a potential purchase narrow down your requirements.

You must check whether the hammer scandal fulfills your requirements or not. This will help you to make a wise decision. Just like hammer scandal is a choice for heavy oil patterns, you cannot use it on medium to dry lanes. Similarly, a bowling ball made for dry lane conditions cannot be used on heavily oiled lane patterns.

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