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Hammer Bowling Balls – Their True Meaning and How to Choose Them

Hammer bowling balls are probably one of the most and versatile bowling balls for bowlers with the quite intimidating look, strong motion, and solid cover stock. Its logo gives it a look of class and will most probably frighten your rivals. They have the best build quality with Solid Cover stock and which gives it the robustness that it requires. They have also a fine polished texture, which gives it a smooth feel and comfortable to hold.Its asymmetric core is designed to maximize overall hook. Its Asymmetric core is designed to maximize hook and protraction on medium &heavy oil with more angularity. Here we ‘ll discuss various types of hammer bowling balls including high performance, upper mid-performance, mid-performance, lower mid-performance and performance polyester.

High-Performance Hammer bowling balls:


Your rivals will know you mean professional when you lay down the Hammer Gauntlet. It has the extremely strong Semtex CFI coverstock which is probably the strongest cover stock in Hammer’s history. The strong coverstock makes it one of the dangerous and most durable balls in the world.It rolls really well, especially when there is oil. It’s a great benchmark ball with a symmetrical core, low RG, so it rolls well in the midst without over-reacting when it hits dry.

Upper Mid performanceHammer bowling balls:

Hammer Black Widow Gold:

This ball is the best choice due to its good angular cover stock which gives you backend motion where you want to see it in a variety of conditions. It’s extremely smooth through oil and very sudden reaction. This ball hooks the same amount as any hook monster, but the reaction occurs in about 5 fewer feet.

Mid-performance hammer bowling balls:


This is the best ball for league and tournament bowlers who want strong motion at the breakpoint.Diesel offers a strong mid lane read even at box surface (500/2000 Abralon) with stronger backend motion.This ball is a versatile piece with the great continuation on medium and heavy oil.It is hook beast and definitely had a ton of backend continuation, but also a lot of control since it’s a really strong symmetric. It is most aggressive ball than hammer urethane bowling balls. It has strong hybrid covers sanded to a 2000-grit finish, combined with a low-RG and higher differential symmetric core.

Lowe performance Hammer bowling balls

 Blue hammer:

Blue Hammer looks like more aggressive urethane than the Pitch Black and it works great on dry lanes. If you can play a straight line from between second and third arrow into the pocket, then you’ll find success with this ball. In order of hook potential from highest to lowest, Blue Hammer is the best choice for bowlers.It has a very predictable reaction, so if you’re a consistent shot maker and can find a good line, you’ll find lots of success with it.

Performance polyester:

Widow spare

The widow Spare is a plastic ball performance polyester option with a weight block so it will hook a little. Plastic balls from hammer bowling balls like window spare and hammer nail bowling ball will be a dedicated spare ball unless you put a lot of hand in it. It gives you better continuation and carries on really dry patterns. If you are just trying to get spares then pick the plastic ball. If you have a lower rev rate, then the new widow spare would be a better choice.It is pretty much suitable for tough conditions due to its gas mask core.

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