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HAMMER Bowling Balls Redemption Solid | Full uncut ball review

Here we are going to guide you about HAMMER Bowling Balls Redemption Solid which will help you a lot before buying this ball.

I got the redemption solid. We have got holes in it. Finally, and we’re gonna bring it out here, put some shots on it, see what it looks like here out on the line so stay tuned.

All right. I got a Redemption here. We got Mason over here gonna throw some shots with his pretty storm bowling balls. So you guys get to see somebody who throws it really good ooh pitch purple. Look at that! Oh crap 10! It’s, pretty typical.

It’s. Pretty typical yeah all right, we’re gonna. Take a look at this Redemption solid. I’m, try and start in the track area. It’s, pretty dull bowling ball. Who knows if it stay there. Excuse me.

I should correct that not the track area just left of the track area, I don’t – want to get beat up by a bunch of people, but you can see how much this frickin thing hooks man, it’s, pretty strong. It’s crazy.

I was excited about this one because it looked good out at the World Series and even you know some of the guys that throw him on the TV shows beforehand made this look good. Kyle Sherman made this thing really good Ebola.

Next to me at the World Series all week, so we’re gonna keep going left from there. I probably have to go at least six left to even have a chance to get to the pocket. So we’ll just jump right into it.

Someone flying off, I think it shipped already someone flying off the ball. I think it shipped must have landed it on something, maybe not. Maybe it wasn’t the ball. Oh, that was weird. Well, foul yeah might have been some junk in the thumb hole wow.

We’re gonna keep going left cuz that won’t. Look really good. Gon na keep going see what happens that’s left. Okay. Alright, you know this actually reminds me of this actually reminds me of my halo. My halo was new, as Mason makes, that axiom looks really good over there.

Well, my halo was new. It was like this. It was real, strong, real, continuous down line. Even you know both of them are asymmetrical, so you would think they’d, be somewhat stopping, but neither one of them do.

Oh, that’s way left again. They don’t matter. A strong cover ran, I think, really picks up and goes I mean I’ve been looking forward. I’ve, been looking for a ball to replace my halo now for a little while – and this is a similar layout.

This is still oh. This is a five and a half inch leo. Actually it’s real similar. If you can see it at that, pin just straight up out by that middle finger, so it’s, five and a half inches there, but I think it has got a little bit stronger angle numbers, so it might actually be better than the halo wow wow wow. This is a wild one. This one’s a while I like wow don’t pay attention to him. All he does is strike it’s ridiculous.

He don’t count going left, come on baby hook, so off doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter. Dead money dead, money yeah, so we got lucky during this whole coronavirus shut down, able to come up here a few times during the week, get some videos down and do some practicing not bragging.

But we’re kind of bragging, get get jealous, hashtag get jealous. I I just I love the way it swirls like. I just love the way it rotates down. Usually these swirl balls. I said it before the balls that swirl a bunch – usually they don’t catch.

My eye right this one’s catching my eye. Just right. This one looks really good alright. Now I know it’s, probably not gon. Na do the trick, but I have to at least throw one straight: Oh used up just enough energy, just enough energy, that’s, awesome that’s! Awesome! All that’s, it that’s.

What I got with that Redemption solid, I was pretty sweet and don’t mind mason over here. He strikes a bunch. We were trying to pay attention to this lane this Lane. Only that’s. What we got so either way you can go, get the axiom he was throw on the pitch purple.

You is throw on the. What is that an astrophysics he was throwing and you can go, get the redemption solid. Whenever you want head over to baller X or come up here at MRB, classic Pro Shop, we’ll. Get you hooked up, one of the other.

There’s. Gon na be a link in the description and a phone number you can get ahold of us here do what you got to do, but that’s. All I got for that. You can see. It was a super super strong ball here’s, my boy, if you guys want to say hi, he’s coming along with me to the pro shop every day.

Cuz. You know life’s working now, but we’re. Going to this is a super super strong ball that I was able to play any part of the lane with and like I said it looked really good out at the World Series watching a lot of those guys use it out there.

I’m. A little disappointed I didn’t draw one. While I was out there probably would’ve had a little better week, but you live in. You learn that’s. Okay, so go get yours! That’s. All I got make sure to LIKE subscribe and comment below with how you laid yours out or how you’re, going to lay your Zout and we’ll talk to you guys.

A little bit later, see you later.

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