Family Friendly Bowling Alley – Its Prices and Obstacles

In the time about one or two decades ago, about all the bowling alleys are Family Friendly Bowling Alley – Its Prices and Obstacles.

But, now a days, it has become a little bit difficult to play bowling with family and have fun. There are various reasons behind these circumstances.

Increase in Prices Made the Family Friendly Bowling Alley Difficult

Having fun during the game of family bowling at bowling alley was a common thing in all the countries supporting bowling game.

Tremendous increase in the prices of this sports has made it difficult for a person to play ten pin family bowling. There are two reasons of increase in the prices of bowling.

The first one is overall inflation in which prices of bowling increases like everything. The other reason is the widespread popularity of this game.

About twenty (20) years ago, a bowling could play bowling for less than a dollar per game. At that time, shoe prices are also reasonable.

Bowling game is a great family fun especially in United States of America. The price of snack bar is also cheap.

But, in the present world of latest technology and capitalism world, The price of per game has raised to minimum four (04) USD and shoe cost is also the same. The price of snack bar is also sky high.

Modern trends in bowling is exacerbating this already worse situation. Cleanness of many bowling alleys is also not good. It may also be very difficult to keep the bowling shoes totally germ free.

Situation of the bowling ball is also the same. Thus general cleanliness of the recreation facility is below par more times than not.

Alcoholism is A Bane:

Predilection of the people to take drink while playing bowling, is a negative thing. Most of the people prefers to drink wine on weekend during the game of bowling.

Do not bring your children to the bowling centers where such trend is pervasive. Friday and Saturday night is appropriate to play family bowling.

People love drinking alcohol and play bowling.  Sorry to say, most of the drinkers involve themselves in the activities no one wants to expose to his family during the game of family bowling.

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