Bowling Ball Rack

Evolution Of Bowling Ball Rack Plans And Modern World Trend

Bowling Ball Rack is one of the important bowling accessories. It is a ball storage item that contains bowling ball for the bowler to use them for bowling.

Bowling Ball Rack is available in the market. Its price is not too much. Manufacturers may use wood or metal for its creation. It is the need of all kinds of bowling alleys.

Its price is about 150 USD to buy. The capacity of the rack depends upon the size and type of bowling ball and may vary from 10 to 25 balls at a time.

Users can also make it at home by using wood and furniture making accessories within few hours easily with low cost i.e. 10$. They can also unassembled and reassembled it easily to save boarding and shipping costs.

Types of Bowling Ball Rack Dimensions

According to the structure and functions of the bowling ball racks, it is divided into three kinds. It further categorized according to the evolutionary phases of bowling ball racks.

Initially, Its manufacturer used white woods. People make it at home in the beginning. Later on, these are manufactured commercially on a large scale.

Bowling ball racks trolley changed the minds of the peoples interested in this game from businessmen to entertainers. Presently, the ball racks hood system is famous and there is a trend of using it.


In this rapidly changing world, there is a trend of procuring and using racks and roll trolley to carry bowling ball easily. This trend has become bowling alley world phenomena.

Bowling Ball Rack

These are two kinds. These are Single Rack N Roll and Double Rack N Roll. Users buy them keeping in view the number of balls.

Hood System

Ball Rack has become obsolete with the emergence of modern technology famous on a large scale in all the bowling industry. The advent of Ball rack and the hood system has transformed the game of bowling.

Bowling Ball Rack

It is installed beside the bowling alley. It has a top main rack and a lower storage rack. Its storage capacity is 21 balls (11 balls in the main rack and 10 balls on the lower rack).

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