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Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball Review Fireball [Detailed Specs]

If you are looking for an ideal bowling ball that could deliver high-end performance on medium-dry lanes the ebonite cyclone should be your choice. Ebonite cyclone bowling ball is designed with amazing features that never disappoint its user during the league.

In this thorough review, we will disclose all the key features, benefits, and cons of the Ebonite cyclone bowling ball. After reading this detailed review, you will be able to decide wisely. Keep reading to know the hidden secrets of the Ebonite cyclone bowling ball.

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball Review

Ebonite cyclone bowling ball is a gem manufactured by the company that upgrades enhance the popularity of Ebonite bowling products. It combines the penalized coverstock and symmetrical core to offer unparalleled performance on medium-dry lanes. It delivers an impressive back-end reaction by storing the energy.

The continuous motion of the Ebonite cyclone bowling ball makes it a unique choice that carries through the heads effortlessly. From breakpoint to the pin action the Ebonite cyclone doesn’t extend much energy and makes sure to hit the pins with great force.ebonite cyclone bowling ball

  • The selling point of Ebonite is its top-notch features that promise high-end performance on recommended lane patterns. At this price, Ebonite Cyclone offers a complete package with all bells and whistles.

  • It offers impressive lane length and required hook potential that is a huge benefit you can achieve only after spending a lot of money. But Ebonite promises all of these benefits without demanding high investment.

  • Ebonite Cyclone is finished more smoothly than Ebonite Hard Ball and Curve Ball. Its smooth and sleek finishing makes the Cyclone store more power before hitting the pins. The malleable finish of Cyclone makes it a versatile bowling ball in the market.

  • Though it is made for medium lane patterns it delivers outstanding performance on dry lanes. Moreover, it can be sanded to use on the lanes with heavy oil.

  • You get extremely powerful breakpoint and backend reaction but not in angular motion. Symmetrical core and reactive coverstock make it somewhat a straight shot bowling ball. If you can release the ball with a sweeping powerful punch then Ebonite Cyclone is no doubt a ball for you.

  • You will not be able to hit the pins with versatile angles but still, it allows you to win the game due to its versatility. Its unmatched hitting power and breakpoint is the real ability you can expect.

  • You cannot achieve the same performance on heavily oiled patterns from a ball made for dry to medium oil patterns. You might be thinking that sanding is the solution to this problem. But I am not sure that it can deliver the expected performance on heavy oil patterns.

  • The ball loses its ability of swimming once the lane condition turns from medium to heavy. This procedure will let you end up wiping the ball again and again for a little advantage on the heavy lane.

  • The professional bowlers who want high-end hook potential to release the ball at multiple angles can end up being disappointed. It is made with a symmetrical core so you cannot expect angular motion from this bowling ball.

  • You cannot use Cyclone on heavy lanes because it will require a lot of maintenance and preps. You will need proper sanding before throwing it on heavy lanes. After every shot, you will end up wiping excess oil from the surface of Cyclone again and again.

If we talk about the lane conditions Ebonite cyclone is the best recommendation for medium to dry lane conditions. It delivers high-end performance on dry lanes but if you add oil it can still deliver expected shots.

But if you want to keep enjoying its unmatched performance then use it on medium oiled lane patterns. The more oil on the lane the less performance will be delivered by the ball.

No one can match the aggressive and effective performance of the Ebonite cyclone bowling ball when it comes to medium oil lane patterns. Therefore for medium oil lane patterns, you don’t have options better than the Ebonite cyclone bowling ball. You can also rough the smooth surface of the bowling ball when it comes to medium-heavy oil patterns.


Ebonite has been using GB 10.7 reactive pearl coverstocks in their bowling balls. This coverstock has gained huge popularity among bowling balls. Its smooth finish facilitates the bowlers on dry to medium oiled lane patterns. But when it comes to heavy oiled lanes you need a porous coverstock which isn’t available with Ebonite Cyclone.

Ebonite Cyclone combines the GB 10.7 reactive pearl coverstock with a symmetrical core to deliver exceptional strength. With this exceptional combination, it delivers the expected reaction, on both fresh and depleted oil lanes. You may struggle with angles but it doesn’t lack the strength to hit the pins.

When it comes to the polish ebonite Cyclone features 4000 Abralon, Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. With this finish, it goes down the lane with ease in medium to dry lane conditions. If you want to hit the pins in heavy oiled lane conditions, you need to remove this shiny finish.


  • Color: Purple/Orange/Yellow, Black/Gold/Silver, Navy/Pink/Gold
  • Core: Symmetrical
  • Coverstock: GB 10.7 Reactive Pearl
  • Finish: 4000 Abralon, Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • RG: 2.53
  • Differential: 0.053
  • Flare potential: High
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium, Dry

Construction Materials 

Ebonite Cyclone is manufactured top-quality materials to deliver high-end performance on relevant lane patterns. Its GB 10.7 reactive pearl coverstock is built to deliver extreme strength to hit the pins on dry to medium lane patterns.

The coverstock is pearlized to a specific angle but it doesn’t retain the same power when it strikes with heavy oiled lanes. However, if you want to start your play life with Ebonite then Cyclone can be your best partner.

As discussed earlier that Ebonite is constructed with a symmetrical core to maximize the performance on dry to medium lane patterns. Overall it is constructed to deliver maximum performance on dry to medium lane patterns.

Final Words


If we choose the bowling balls according to their recommended lane conditions there will be no issue. Similarly, I suggest you choose and use the ball accordingly.

If a ball is made for dry lanes, never release them on oiled lanes. Similarly, bowling balls that are designed for heavily oiled lane patterns cannot be landed on dry to medium lanes. You can only get the maximum out of your bowling ball if you release them on their recommended lanes.

If we talk about Ebonite Cyclone it is a bowling ball made for medium to dry lanes. No doubt it’s a versatile ball with an extremely smooth finishing. But still, you cannot spoil its finish by sanding to utilize on heavy oiled lanes.

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