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Ebonite Bowling Balls – Why Cheapest But Good Quality

If you want a solid coverstock asymmetric ball for a while then Ebonite bowling balls will definitely fit into your arsenal. Ebonite is cheapest bowling brand out there with great quality and appealing design. Ebonite technically makes the best bowling balls right now, not performance wise, but longevity wise, because it has been observed/proven that their covers hold up the best and you will get longer life and consistency out of them. They will roll and react well to start.

High-performance ebonite bowling balls Magnum

  • “High performance” tends to simply refer to the hook potential inherent to a particular ball. It’s usually a combination of the core design and coverstock that lead to just how much a ball can hook.
  • However, a “high performance” ball can be made to hook significantly less if it is drilled with a less aggressive finger hole placement. If you tell your pro shop guy, you want a conservative layout with a high impact ball, you should be good to go.

Upper mid Performance ebonite bowling balls:

Ebonite mission bowling ball

The Mission is a little bit older of a ball but luckily the style of the game still fits this ball quite nicely. When the ball was released it was used by some pros, so it is top quality. It would be ideal for medium oil lanes, it is reactive, but it won’t flip as hard as say a Brunswick Mastermind series ball. If you get really hooked on bowling and end up in a league, this will still be a solid ball to use as it should ride THS (typical oil pattern used) quite nicely. Your white dot will make for a good spare ball as well.

 Mid Performance ebonite bowling balls:

 Game breaker 2:

GB2 is a reasonable priced ball, especially these days. GB2 is a predictable arcing piece, easily a benchmark ball. The GB2 MVP is the Hybrid cover version and is a bit longer when comparing same surfaces between the GB2 and GB2 MVP. The GB2 Phenom is a stronger cover with the same core. It seems to be better for those with a little fewer revs or guys who spin it. The Ebonite Game breaker 2 is supposed to be a good ball with best features.

  • Original: early, smooth motion. Doesn’t do anything suddenly at all.
  • MVP: more length (probably 3 feet +/-), same overall hook.
  • Gold: similar length to the MVP, with a mellow backend and a bit less overall hook.
  • Phenom: looks like the original turned up to 11 from what I’ve seen – just a bit more overall traction from the coverstock.

Lower Mid Performance ebonite bowling balls:

 Ebonite Cyclone bowling ball

If you prefer a bowling ball with the darker color scheme with perfect design, then the Ebonite Cyclone Bowling is the best option for you. The Cyclone is decent. I just got back into bowling a few months ago so it’s hard to tell if it’s me or if it’s the ball but, the ball doesn’t seem to hook much. Generally, though it’s a rather linear ball. If you can throw it straight and hit your mark then you have a good start. Here are some keys that you can use to get hook: keep your pinky close to your ring finger but flare your index finger, keep your hand behind the ball, and when you go to roll the ball as soon as your thumb comes out of the ball go for more of a quick/controlled rotation of your hand. The biggest thing is just to practice and get comfortable with your equipment and try to avoid making a ton of changes at one time. Consistency is king.

Ebonite has the wide range of bowling balls with high differential core and high performance. It has competed for the entry level bowling balls and introduced cyclone with the low budget. Ebonite bowling balls are the first choice of every bowler due to proven coverstock, high differential, and mid-low RG.

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