Don’t Ever Skip Bowling League, Even If You’re Busy!

Actually last week I could not able to attend my local bowling league at my college’s rec center. I was preparing my mid-semester exam for my master’s program and I had numerous papers, projects, and presentations that just required my complete attention. I look forward to bowling every week, on that time, I understood that I shouldn’t attempt to squeeze it in when I had so enough going on.

Boy, what a poor decision!

Why do you ask? Because it would have been great for me to bowl, and I didn’t finish up obtaining anything better done throughout that time. On Monday evening, I was stayed home and attempted cranking out my work, but I saw myself rather distracted as I was guessing how my teammates were performing and lamented the truth that I wasn’t out there with them.

When the 11 pm crossed, I would have been back from the league, I quickly understood I’d been procrastinating on my studies, and would have to stay up much late to make up for it. While struggling early in the evening, enjoying a break to go bowl, and then continuing studying afterward would have put me in the accurate same position work-wise, but there would have been some major differences.

The physical effort of bowling makes it a magnificent stress reliever and can truly stimulate you if you have been looking at a book or computer screen for many hours beforehand. I’m damn sure I would have been much more fruitful next on that night if I had gone to the league. Instead, I got even less done because I was feeling very bad about my decision.

The same thing happened to me when I was playing soccer throughout my undergrad; I always worried that I could not be able to make my homework done while going to training every afternoon. But finally, I have got much more work done than in the Spring when I had no such commitment. Having a concrete event on your calendar will surprise you to get you more focus, and if it is a physical movement, like bowling, it can make you better.

Moral of the story: I would never leave any league again! I don’t even have to tell myself that I previously spent for each session I have missed.

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