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Custom Bowling Balls And Its Benefits

Here we are going to guide you about custom bowling balls which will help you a lot to improve your bowling skill.

Well, bowling is a great sport for anyone at any age and it’s. Also a cool thing to do with your kids this summer, it’s time for a Dave trip. We set our sights a bit farther out this time up to Central Louisiana Alexandria, to be exact, even though the miles were long.

The man we met hails from Lafayette these days, rusty, Beth Lee has spent much of his life staring down 39 boards and smashing 10 pins yeah. I’ve, been bowling. Since I was four years old, I asked if he ever made the Wide World of Sports never made a TV.

She’s, got a couple of checks, but never made it TV, but he’s been a pro traveled the country and is even in the Hall of Fame, Louisiana State Hall of Fame and also the Northland susiana Hall of Fame.

He’s a one time national champion and even has a few perfect 300 games. The first one is really exciting and I shot my first one at 16. Naturally, you’d. Think a live-time bowler would transition to owning his own shop, but an event by nature forced him to react.

I actually got in this business completely by default. Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, basically, 80 % of my territory was wiped out in two storms, Katrina and Rita. Just done he had an opportunity to move to another place.

I can put you in Dallas. I can put you in Phoenix. I’ve, got openings in either place, and I said George I can’t. Do that to my wife. She just got promoted, but a call from a buddy got him in the biz and he said well, have you ever thought about owning a pro shop and I said nope he said we might want to think about it and he made me an offer to buy The place lock stock and barrel – and I told my wife said you know the worst we can do is lose the money and the first week I was open.

I don’t think I did 50 bucks. He’s. Had some famous people pay, a visit, heal O Neal came in my store and all the balls in that top shelf were 15 pound balls. He reaches up and he just palms a 15 pound ball and picks it up off the shelf.

He makes custom bowling balls fit just for you and it’s, not just drilling some holes three and 3/8 on that finger. So, just for comfort, we’re gonna give you a little bit of pitch in the hole going that way.

Okay, so that you don’t drag that side of your thumb. When you come out of the ball, it’s all about comfort. It’s. It’s. That’s. Ninety percent of the game. If the ball is comfortable, you’re gonna be happy with it.

He can help overcome injuries and arthritis. I know five people that were ready to quit bowling and – and I’ve talked him into. Let me redo of all for them with this tri grip and all five of them are still bowling and he’s even helped a few friends fix their game and he said just you know.

My game drew me something that you think I can throw, and I said, okay. Needless to say, rusty got it right, his first game, he bowls a three hundred so rusty drills. This fancy, ke T C bowling ball with my measurements, and I’m.

Expecting my best game as we head to the lanes I put on shoes, he gears up like he’s, going to battle. There you go so close and the K ATC showoff Peter Baio, you suck.

Custom Bowling Ball – Is Custom Fitting Useful:

Hello and welcome to this episode of s, experts Dave with mean bowling expert Pat, and we’re inside M rayleen’s pro shop to find out what ball you should get and how you get fitted all that stuff, because there’s more to it than just picking up a ball right.

Yes, I came on the wall. We have a large selection of bowling balls. Okay, we actually have them arranged in a way to try to help the customers make a choice of what they want on the far right over. Here we have our polyester bowling balls.

These are the bubbles that we’ve, seen in the bowling market. Since 1962, oh wow, they are gorgeous balls, they last a long time, but they don’t have a porous shell. They’re, not a performance ball. They have very little hook potential.

The shells on these balls are made out of polyester. All right, so it’s, not a porous material. It won’t help grab the lanes. The pros will use these as a ball just to shoot spares or they’re good for people beginning they don’t want to invest a lot of money right off.

The bat want to see if they like the sport or not. All right, the next step up this next row is going to be our entry-level reactive balls. They’re, the first balls that have the reactive urethane shell, that is porous and that can help grab the lanes get through some of the oil grab.

The links a little bit like tread on a tire on a car. These are the first ones that have appreciable hook potential. Yes, balls have the potential to hook depending on how you throw it. You could make any ball in the wall go straight, but more.

Some balls have more potential to hook than others. As we come over to this side, we have our performance, balls and prices on these arranged from 120 to 230 dollars. These are the ones that are seriously bowlers or the professionals will use.

Why is this one? These? Not shiny, whereas those work well, you’ll, find that some of these are shiny and some of these aren’t and the shiny balls have a tendency to save energy, the first part of the lane, so when they make a hook, They’ll, make the start hooking later down the lane, but they will have the tenants to be able to hook sharper because they still have more energy at the point it changes direction. The dollar balls are only used for lane conditions where it’s more oil, because they can start hooking sooner.

However, the trade-off is because they use energy, quick their shots more of a continuous hook instead of a defined point. Almost like the dull balls. Will be like a banana shaped hook, the shiny balls will be more of a hockey stick shaped hook, oh and for the pros they’ll, actually try to match up what angles seems to knock down the pins better.

So is it different people do better with different balls or is it different? People can different people depending on their style and their speed, and their rotation will do better with different balls and at the top levels.

Certain lane conditions will call for different shape shots. Much like your pro golfers can fade a ball right to left or left to right to get on the right part of the course. The Pro Bowlers will actually be looking for a certain angle into the pins to help knock down the pins in that particular bowling center interesting, so that’s.

Basically the difference in the balls it’s. What we’re – really the science gets in here – is how we fit the ball so that you can hold the ball comfortably in bold lots of games and have a lot of fun.

Now I usually do the cosmic bowling. Why don’t you have a ball. Would you recommend for that, for the cosmic bowling we’re actually have on order right now, some of our entry-level reactive balls that will glow under the black lights.

So you’ll, be able to sit there and swatch and glow all the way down to the pins. So you can come get your ball and show up all your friends, because you have the cool, absolutely okay, shoving your over to fitting.

When we fit the ball, we custom fit the ball for each customer, because your hand, isn’t gonna, be the same shape as my hand, and we don’t use a generic template. Like is used for the house balls. We don’t know who’s gonna use that ball, so we can just yes yeah.

I can sit there and fit for your hand. First thing I do, is I start with your thumb, so stick out your thumb and say ah, and what I do is I’m gonna try to find the hole that that will fit through, but it’s very snug.

We always start a little snug, because we can always make a hole, bigger, making a hole smaller as a trick, so we will go and we’ll check and one thing you’ll notice. Is this one’s rubbing right here at the sides of your knuckle, but it’s very loose.

This way on your thumb, your thumbs, like most people, it’s not round it’s a little oval and what we can do is we’ll come down and we’ll. Try to find a one that will fit this direction and we can cut an oval hole with our drill press because it’s, a milling machine.

So I will start with that drill bit, which was a thirteen sixteenths, and then I will shift it over and down so that we can make it oval to match. It actually match your fingers to the part. Yes yeah, so we’ll, write it down thirteen sixteenths with an oval.

In your case, I’m gonna guess. It’s about forty. Thousands of an inch all right now show me your middle finger. I’ll, take no offence here with the fingers. We want to get as close to the crease as we can without going past it, so that one goes by a little bit that one stops right before the crease.

Okay, so that’s, the size we would use to start and that’s, a twenty three thirty seconds. All right for your ring finger just hold your hand this way and just pop up your ring finger and we’re doing the same thing as we did on the middle finger.

So you wanted to stop right, yep right there, a 4364, so that’s step one. We have the hole sizes step. Two is we need to find out how far apart to put the holes I’m gonna? Have you do? Is put your thumb in all the way and put your middle finger on the rim? We’re gonna measure twice.

If you took shop class, then one of the things that the shop teacher always says is you can measure twice? You only have to cut once on the bowling ball. We only get one chance yeah. So what I do is I’m, looking to where your finger, your crease comes, and I’m gonna pull it just a little bit, but I’m gonna take off a sixteenth of an inch afterwards.

Also, alright, take your hand out shake it out. Real good. A lot of people once their hand loosens up a little bit, will stretch a little bit better, so that’s. What we’re gonna, do we’re gonna see if you stretch a little bit better the second time and you actually came out about a sixteenth of an inch further that time.

Oh wow, okay go ahead and that’s. Gon na be three and one quarter inches now for the difference in the fingers, we’re gonna use this ball to help us put your hand on the ball with your fingers together.

Okay, then we’re gonna lift your hand off turn it over keeping your hand curved like it’s on the shell of the ball yep and lift it up turn it over keeping your hand curved okay, and I’m gonna measure the difference in those creases which I can already see in your case.

It’s, not very much, and what we look for is the difference here and for an average-sized hand. We’re gonna use 5/16 of an inch difference as our base. If your ring finger is 5/16 shorter than your middle finger, spans elapsed should be the same, because your ring finger is further away from your thumb, the more or less it is than that 5/16.

The more or less the difference in those two fingers will be okay, so that’s. The second part we’ve got our spans. The distance apart last thing we need to is find out the pitches, which are the angles we’re gonna drill the holes, and for this we look at your flexibility in your range of motion.

Okay, so, first of all hold your hand out like this. Okay – and I want you to relax your thumb, I’m gonna see how far under that thumb naturally goes before it starts to resist all right now, hold your hand up like this.

Okay, now a lot of our guys did this and that’s. Why they’re in the service today, but we’re gonna see how far your thumb goes, sideways and front to back full range of motion, so relax your thumb again and your thumb has got excellent flexibility better than average everyday Right all right now for your fingers, we’re gonna go back to having the hand up again and what I want you to do is bend down and touch this pad here with your fingertips.

No, I’m, not the palm! There you go, I’m gonna turn, this just a little bit, so I can see what I’m looking for is how straight your fingers come down, and yours are good and straight now go ahead, open them back up, and I want you to relax your fingers.

We’re gonna see how well each of them Bend all righty and again you haven’t messed up your fingers very much, so they’re in good shape. You know hand like mine, where I have arthritis and you can see where one finger bends out.

One finger, doesn’t don’t get arthritis if you can help it now. So I have got all the measurements there’s. A couple markings on the ball that we look at to see where to drill the hole the yellow pin on this fall and all the performance Falls will have a colored pin like this.

That’s, where they held the weight lock in place in the mold when they poured the shell material. When they make the balls that make the core first, then they make the inner shell. Then they make the outer shell that you see, and so when they put the suspend the wait block, they suspend it from the top of the block.

So this tells us where the top of the wait block is pointing okay. This mark here shows us where the center of gravity in the ball is, if we cut the ball in half in any direction through that mark, the two halves weigh the same, very important for any of our League bowlers, because the sanctioning body for the league’s only allows a one-ounce difference left to right, a one-ounce different finger to thumb and a 3-ounce difference top to bottom on the ball a little bit more on the top, because we don’t know how big people’s.

Hands are and how much weight those holes are gonna take out. So those will give us where we want to lay out the ball to create the type of roll. What we’re looking for just say no, and that is how we sit there and hit the ball setup correctly, for you not just for a generic template, but for how your hand goes and for how your game is hey, so that’s it that’s, it that was fast yep.

Then it takes us about 10 to 15 minutes on the drill press, depending on how much work, how much Overland we need to do what type of layout, in all honesty, how busy we are. Okay, well, thank you! So much Pat, you’re welcome and that’s.

It for this edition of si experts. So, coming over to Emory, Lea’s, Pro Shop get a brand new ball shove, your friends and cosmic bowling, or for more serious for the league’s. Then they’ll. Take care of you over here.

Free Bowling Ball Pickup With Custom Drilling

I’m here to talk to you a little bit about custom drilling and our custom drilling service bowling ball. Comm is proud to offer custom drilling service on all new bowling ball purchases.

We understand that you may not have access to the measurements of your bowling ball. Did you know that if you already have a bowling ball, that fits your hand? We can copy it. For you bowling ball, comm is offering a free UPS label to be sent for your best spinning ball to be copied a $ 15 service, now free of charge.

Once we have copied the specs from your bowling ball, you have sent in your measurements will remain in our system for any future custom drilling needs. We will ship the ball back to you with you. Custom drilled ball free of charge, since you are sending in your favorite bowling ball to be copied.

Why not get it back to its factory finish with our new discounted resurfacing service? Now only ten dollars when you send in your bowling ball to be copied a value of twenty eight. Ninety nine, we double and triple-check the fit of your bowling ball against your measurements.

Bowling ball comm will even guarantee the fit of your new custom drilled bowling ball.


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