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Columbia Bowling Balls – Why They Are Favorite of The Pro

Columbia bowling balls are one of the smoothest, most predictable balls in the bowling industry. It has reactive balls with pancake core, little old fashion but it’s a firm ball that will go down the lane very smooth. It’s excellent for light oil or short patterns with very high rev rate. You will find this ball to be the nice with a sharp pin setting when drilled. It has a solid back end when drilling the ball with a high pin for a more extended track down the lane.

Especially being slow speed two-handers, it would be uncontrollable on the backend. It is reactive and seems to be pretty versatile for every bowler. When the lanes break down, you could bust out your ball to get down the lanes further if necessary. Here we discussed some top rated C300 bowling balls

C300 Meltdown Columbia bowling balls

C300 Meltdown is the big reactive ball. It hits very hard with a lot of strikes. The hook has been developing nicely. The rev rate is very much a super estimate. This ball is for medium-to-heavy oil that’s designed to get a little further down the lane before it breaks.  It looks like a slightly weaker Raw Urge if you’re looking at C300 balls. The Meltdown will commonly fill the same kind of role within the Columbia bowling balls as Haywire would for Roto Grip – an excellent symmetric ball that will have a stable yet controllable move off the spot. Its cover will need a bit more sensible TLC than others to keep it in the top operating condition like the Haywire.

Columbia 300 Nitrous:

Columbia 300 Nitrous is the entry level reactive ball. The nitrous with the solid cover put them at the top of this list; those will provide a bit more versatility and stop the edginess that you can sometimes see from entry level pearl balls. Regular resurfacing and cleaning plus getting it detoxed regularly should keep it in good shape. This ball should be on your short list though would be better for a beginner player.


Scout Reactive is a Pancake three-piece core ball similar to spare balls, except that the coverstock is composed of Reactive Resin versus Polyester. Scout is a very controlled and easy to use the ball with the conventional drill and symmetric core design. If you’re learning how to bowl and want more consistency in your bowling, and more ability to get better then scout reactive would be the better choice for you. But it has a very limited upside for learning to throw a hook.

White dot Columbia bowling balls:

You can build up some ultimate form with it, discover your style and then once you have a little bit more of a solid game and use the white dot as a killer spare ball. White dot works well with its straight ball style. It’s great for picking up the ten pin, and we highly suggest it for a beginner but doesn’t pack a core to push through the pins.

It’s a spare ball Columbia bowling ball; get an entry level reactive alongside it, and you should be fine. It’s a great way to start, but if you want something that will carry you through the ‘next step,’ then you should get an entry level reactive ball. When you’re ready to learn a hook, you’ll want something that will hook a little. Spare ball behaves well on super dry lanes, but if you have to use this as strike ball, it’s not a good sign.

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