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Columbia 300 Bowling Ball Review – The Best Choice For Everyone

Columbia 300 bowling ball is one of the leading bowling ball choices in the bowling industry. Columbia 300 is the asymmetric ball for medium-to-heavy oil. It is designed to get a little further down the lane with higher RG before it breakdowns than some of the other hook monsters. The rev rate of Columbia 300 is super calculated. C300 line is like a Haywire would for Roto Grip bowling ball – a great ball having strong yet controllable move off the spot. Here we will discuss some top-rated entry level reactive, high performance, upper mid-performance, lower mid-performance, polyester and retired C300 bowling balls.

Entry Level Reactive Columbia 300 bowling ball Scout Reactive

Scout/R – Green / Blue

The Scout is the entry level Reactive ball which utilizes the original three-piece core technology. This pancake weight block is wrapped in a reactive veneer which is the great choice for the entry-level bowler and professional players. This ball is also the great tool for dry lane conditions for the high-performance bowler.

High-Performance Columbia 300 bowling ball


Tyrant is considered as bowling ball strongest coverstock in the history of  Columbia 300 Tyrant is the high-performance ball with Reflex coverstock and additive cuts which are surrounded by C300 patent pending Hypershock Technology. Its results are jaw-dropping when you play on heavy oil conditions.

Upper Mid Performance Columbia 300 bowling ball

Impulse Solid

If you want that type of ball that hooks more in oil than the original Impulse, then Impulse Solid is what you are exactly looking for your game.The Impulse Solid is upper mid performance ball which is good enough to get your heart thrashing. It has the continuous hook, Reflex Solid coverstock paired with the Impulse core will provide you plenty of traction on oil medium on backends without losing continuation and over hooking.

Mid-Level Performance:


Sideswipe is from Columbia 300 Yellow Line Collection with Pearl coverstock, great length, and predictable backend motion. It is designed to provide the bowler’s incredibly excellent performance without any break.

Lower-Mid Performance:

Nitrous Black/Blue/Bronze

The Columbia 300 Nitrous has two-piece core designs with strong coverstock which provide the gripping power and predictability. It is suitable for medium to light oil patterns. The nitrous line will boost the game for every bowling style or skill level bowlers.

Polyester Columbia 300 bowling ball

White Dot – Wolverine

The White Dot is the most famous polyester bowling ball due to its consistent durability and color. Columbia 300 white dot is equally suitable for youth bowler or a beginner, or an experienced bowler who needs to select some good spare to improve their game.

Retired Balls:


The urge is considered big Columbia 300 bowling ball with motion characteristic, strong hook and wicked strikes.The urge is retired performance ball from Orange Line collection. It is designed to create high motion at the breakpoint and backend on oil medium. The Urge is highly polished beauty which is stronger than the Delirium, but not as destructive as the sanded Melt Down ball.

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