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Clear Bowling Balls: Its Inner Core and Comparison with House Balls

Bowling ball is used in 10 pins bowling game. But there are other kinds of balls available, which are transparent. These are painted in such a way that it seems there is an object inside. These bowling balls are called clear bowling balls.

Comparison of House balls with Clear Bowling Balls

Normal bowling ball normally has three holes in it. One hole is for the middle finger and the other two are for the ring finger and the thumb.

The material used in the bowling balls are hard wood, plastic or resin. Generally, these balls are colored. They may have only a single color or sometimes have multiple colors.

clear bowling ball

Inner Cores of The Clear Bowling Balls

Clear bowling balls are magnificent and unique. Their coverstock is made up of transparent plastic and is fabricated using different types of ways. S

Sometimes, the inner side of these balls is painted like a specific object i.e. skulls, professional logos, the basketball, the tennis ball, funny designs or superheroes.

These inner painted clear balls have no cores, so they are not appropriate to hook. Cores have the main role in any ten pins game.

Usually, the bowling balls are made so that they have cores either at the center or in a side. They create imbalance making the ball roll and move and they have a tendency to turn in the directions trying to stabilize its cores and make the spin.

The normal clear bowling balls have no core but their different version actually has the objects inside which behaves like the core.

Clear Bowling Balls for Professional Bowlers

The professional bowlers prefer to choose the clear bowling balls with cores rather than the ones which are inner painted.

These clear balls use different shapes on cores, either cylindrical or cubical, and need to be personalized with a particular design.

All of the designs do not look equally good on a specific core shape. So, in clear balls, choosing the core and designs are very important.

Clear bowling balls are not only preferred due to their attractiveness but also enables the users to use different cores.

It let the users perform different experiments how different core actually works. Furthermore, clear bowling balls can be cleaned easily because of its plastic covering. It makes them be used widely.

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