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Bowling Ball Buyer Guide

Bowling Ball: How to Choose the Right One And Its Benefits

Many people love bowling, but they do not know how to be good at tenpin bowling? The secret behind this is that it all depends on the bowling ball.

Bowling ball is the bowler’s best friend. It should be selected carefully so as to make it possible that it serves its purpose.

The bowling ball is mainly used to knock down the bowling pins within the arena, making it an integral part of the game. One cannot enjoy the game bowling without a right ball.

There are different kinds of balls available in a bowling alley. All of them are not the same.

However, most of the people neither know this point nor really grasp just how important choosing the perfect ball. The wrong selection engenders poor game.

There are a number of factors that determine the result of a bowling game. They include skills, expertise, and practice of the bowler.

All this has the basic role in the game, but the bowler must have a ball that will elevate you to the level that follows.

The beginners can use the normal bowling ball as it may give them the much-needed practice. Many people still use the house ball in competitions like tournaments and leagues as they feel that it may actually help them with issues of grip.

If you want to enjoy bowling from time to time, you need a ball that matches the style that you love.

Factors To Consider to Choose the Bowling Ball

Three important factors everyone should have in mind while selecting perfect bowling ball. These are the price and weight of the ball, coverstock and hook potential.

The adults are comfortable with the 15lbs ball because they are more energetic as compared to women and kids.

The women, senior bowlers, and juniors try to choose the 14lbs. A bowling ball having right weight can offer surprising results.

Normally, the manufacturers offer bowling balls of different price ranges depending upon versatility and performance.

The bowler may get an entry level ball as a beginner or even the best performance ball.

The bowling ball should match with the conditions of the lane. You may find a coverstock for the dry lane, the medium dry, and even the oily lane.

Different coverstock has different features so it is the duty of the bowler to choose them carefully.

Choose Coverstock Of The Bowling Ball

Bowling balls are available in the market in a variety of coverstocks. They may be top weights, pin locations, weight blocks and other.

Selection of the proper bowling ball to best suit the game of the bowler can prove to be a challenge. There are quite a few resources available online to do research about bowling ball decision.

The outer layer of the bowling ball is known as coverstock determines the reaction of the ball on a specific lane condition. The bowling ball will have either a dull surface or a shiny surface.

The surface of the ball can be altered by adding a polish or simply dulling the surface by using a dulling compound.

A shiny ball is more inclined to have more length before it approaches the breakpoint and hooks. While dull ball has the predilection to give more hook. Coverstock should be chosen according to the lane condition.

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