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Candlepin Bowling Lanes: Its Trends and Transformation in Modern World

There are several types of bowling game but candlepin bowling is one of the most popular forms of bowling.

The general purpose of all kinds of ten pin bowling games is to knock down a maximum number of bowling pins with the fewest amount of shots.

The goals are the same, but there are many variations to the game. Candlepin is one of those types of bowling.

It was started in Worcester, Massachusetts about more than 100 years ago. In About 1890, Justin P White, Jack Monsey, and Jack Sheafe created this bowling sports and named it as Candlepin.

Candlepin Bowling Pins: In the Past and Present

The pins of candlepin bowling were 10″ high and 1″ in diameter. They resemble candles on which the name of candlepin bowling is based.

The original designers of this kind of bowling arranged the pins 11 inches away from each other in a familiar triangular pattern.

The bowling ball is thrown from a distance of 50 feet way to knock down bowling pins.Its ball weighs 2 pounds and measures 3 inches in diameter which is very different from the balls we normally use.

Keeping in view the difficulties in the creation of candlepin, the designers decide to change the dimensions of the bowling pins.

The new size of the candlepin bowling pins is 5 ¾ inches in length, 1-¾ inches at both ends and 2 15/16 inches at the center.

Bowling alleys are using these pin dimensions today as the standard for all 10 pin bowling games.

You may think that knocking down bowling pins of these dimensions with such a small bowling ball is very difficult.

This kind of combination of the small bowling ball and the narrow bowling pins place far apart may create frustration for bowling lovers.

Candlepin Balls

In the past, the original design of this game was to leave the pins knocked over where the lie. There were arguments as to whether this facilitates the player or not.

Obviously, it does not create any consistency in candlepin bowling and adds a big element of random luck to the game. In the present world, this rule has been changed.

Today, most lanes have automatic pin setters and removers to make bowling convenient for the bowler.

The trend of using two (02) pound bowling ball in candlepin is also changed. The bowlers are no more using 2 pound balls today and rather the size of the ball has also been adjusted.

But, they were not adjusted to what they are accustomed. The size of the candlepin ball has increased from 3 inches in diameter to 4 ½ inches while the weight has increased from 2 pounds to a maximum of 2 pounds 7 ounces.

Founders candlepin bowling had hoped that the initial problems would be eliminated by these changes thereby increasing the number of players in this bowling game.

These changes have become handy in improving the game. Now there is an increase in scores. More bowlers are finding fun and enjoyment in the kind of bowling sport.

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