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Brunswick Bowling Balls – The Reality About It

Brunswick Bowling is the renowned brand name in the bowling industry due to their superclass products like bowling balls, bowling accessories, and bowling shoes. The interesting thing in it is the DynamiCore that Brunswick is putting in all of their new stuff this time. It’s Seem like they’re trying to enhance coefficient of restitution without having to use a super expensive cover stock material to do so. So, it can be pushed out to all of the balls. Here we discussed quite a few most popular Brunswick Bowling balls.

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Entry Level Brunswick Bowling Balls

Rhino Black:

The Brunswick Rhino black is far and away the best bang for your buck in the entry-level market right now. It is pretty good entry level bowling ball among the big 3 entry level balls i.e. storm tropical, ebonite cyclone, Brunswick rhino black. Its entry level reactive is good on heavy oil with pretty much a guaranteed win. If you want to stay consistent with the weight and start to work more on targeting then rhino is the best option for you.

Vintage Brunswick Bowling Balls:

Brunswick Danger Zone Vintage

This ball is fun to throw with the vintage look in the league game. It has a lot more reaction and very controllable with long swoopy curves. More hooks can be very useful for your strike ball once you figure out how to use it and how to play your lanes, but it’s almost always detrimental on your spare shots.

Brunswick bowling ball rhino pro

If you are looking for first fingertip ball then Gold Rhino Pro may be a good option to start. It’s considered as a Mid Performance Ball. The Rhino Pro is a medium-low RG, medium-high differential pearl reactive (good length, strong backend motion). It gets down the lane really easily, but it’s slightly heavy on the back end. If you are more speed dominant, it should make a solid medium to a light ball. If you are more rev dominant, I would consider it to be solidly in the medium category.

Retired Bowling balls

Brunswick mastermind bowling ball

This ball is clean through the heads, starts up mid lane, and a high-end ball with a solid reactive cover at 1500 grit. You can put up decent scores with the mastermind in games. High rev players should not be using the top of the line solid balls: those are generally for players that struggle to put revs on the ball. The only time it would make sense is on heavy oil, and very few lanes use heavy oil. But shining and bringing up the surface should help some. The ball will get down the lane a little further, but it will be a bit jumpier on the back end.

Brunswick urethane bowling balls

True motion:

True Motion is exactly what you want from Brunswick bowling balls urethane new release. It is exact urethane combination from the Brunswick Rhino line circa 1988. The True Motion has Magnitude 035 inner core with the Brand new outer core formula enhancing energy transfer. This is true urethane ball which gives the smooth predictableness to the bowlers with DynamiCore.

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