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Bowling Wrist Pain – How To Stop Pain while and After Bowling

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about step-by-step Bowling Wrist Pain – How To Stop Pain while and After Bowling.

Wrist pain always discourages a bowler from achieving goals and making achievements. Such kinds of hurdles always discourage a bowler from moving forward.

Because when you don’t feel comfortable you cannot make progress as a professional bowler. Hence if you want to enjoy every moment of life and want to feel the true sensation of success then you need to get rid of this wrist pain.

Wrist pain is associated with bowling balls because of the nature and physical requirements of the game. This game demands your best potential especially since your joints need to work a lot.

If you don’t play this game without considering the essential cautions then you can suffer from severe joint pain such as wrist pain. Then you will not only lose your potential but also fail to rejoin the game with the same moral.

Hence we have researched multiple factors that can cause wrist pain and how to eliminate this. Then we have prepared this detailed guide on how you can eliminate bowling wrist pain. After reading this guide you can return to your field with the same passion and morals.

What is behind wrist pain?

Bowling ball is a sport all about repetition. You throw a bowling ball again and again to clear the deck. This repetition can cause serious pain in your wrist. Some bowlers don’t calculate, pressure, length, and other techniques and just start throwing a ball of heaviest weight with full spin. This is one of the most dangerous things you do to your joints.

Even if you aren’t holding 16 pounds ball but throwing with the wrong techniques, you can face severe wrist pain. Hence a wrong technique without practice can be a big cause of wrist pain and other joint injuries.

You can face severe wrist pain if you start bowling without taking into account the causes. Let’s suppose that you throw 20 balls in one game, you can put your wrist at a big risk of having pain and other problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

Here are some of the highlighted causes that lead you towards such disorders.

  1. You don’t pay attention once you feel the wrist pain.
  2. You don’t find the ways to adjust your bowling style and alleviate pain.
  3. You start using multiple wrist support tools to get the maximum out of your potential.

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How we can limit wrist pain?

You need to keep in mind the thumb rule of selecting the bowling ball. Never pick a bowling ball heavier than the 10th of your body weight. Never select the ball that exceeds your potential.

If you want to keep the muscles and joints of your wrist flexible then keep doing stretch exercises. Stretch exercises can help your arms get strong and able to pick heavy weights without feeling pain.

Next, you need to keep your wrist as low as you can while throwing the ball. This will reduce strain in the wrist joint and you successfully throw the ball without any injury.

This practice ensures that your whole arm is lifting the weight of the ball rather than the wrist. This action limits the strain in your joint and torque that maintains your arm’s health.

You shouldn’t be putting the whole weight of your body and bowling ball on the wrist only. Your wrist is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It is the only joint that is lifting most of the weight while throwing a ball.

You can also consult a trainer who can teach you how to reduce wrist pain while bowling a ball. If you feel severe pain and symptoms of wrist pain while bowling a ball then consult your doctor. Because sometimes, a natural disorder of bones or muscles can cause such issues. You should deal with such issues before continuing the sport.

What to do for alleviating wrist pain?

You cannot cure a disease when the time for a cure is gone. If you want to eliminate an issue you must grab it from the roots where it starts growing. The same rule applies to bowling wrist pain.

If you want to alleviate wrist pain you should pay attention when the symptoms appear. If you don’t pay attention at the start your disease starts progressing and you will face other issues. One pain will lead to further injuries and you will be kicked out of the bowling lanes indeed.

So whenever you face such a situation always consult your doctor. Let him examine that whether it’s just a sprain or a serious injury. Because whenever we feel pain in our joints, our mind lies to us that it’s just a sprain.

After acknowledgment of your problem, your next step should be to avoid such action causing further injuries. Like if you feel your pain increases when you reach a certain point of your shot, you should notice this time. Then make changes to your techniques so that you don’t face such issues again.

If you notice that pain increases with your movements in a bowling ball sport, they take a rest of about two weeks. During this time consider ice messages and some other home remedies to numb the pain and reduce inflammation. If the condition gets worse consult a doctor who will prescribe a wrist splint that will be a support for your arm.

A wrist splint is a good one-time investment that keeps you safe from getting severe injuries. You can play without having more symptoms while using a wrist supporting agent.

Can You Sprain Your Wrist While Bowling?

Yes, you can sprain your wrist while bowling and it’s really common in the sport of bowling ball. Our wrist joint isn’t made to lift, spin and throw heavy weights repeatedly. It’s not as powerful as you consider while throwing a bowling ball.

The beginner gets wrist sprain accidents more than often due to certain reasons. They don’t do proper exercise and body stretching. They just visit a bowling alley and start making bowls. That’s quite rude and aggressive behavior toward our bodies.

We do preparations before doing any task in our life. Whether it’s going to high school, training a team, or even before blow drying our hair. Why you don’t prepare before starting your career in a bowling ball sport.

You should do basic stretch exercises to ensure your arm can lift and throw weight. Lifting heavy weights suddenly and starting throwing them into the lanes can cause serious sprains.

Because only a wrong move and improper exercise can put you in serious trouble. The bowling ball sport is recommended for a healthy arm, not one that needs medical aid.

If this happens to you and you receive a wrist sprain then make sure to take care of your join as much as possible. First of all, consult your doctor and let him examine whether it’s just a sprain or something serious.

Once you are sure about your sprain now start using medicines and other aids to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation. Keep your wrist elevated and use ice to prevent swelling. You can also use some anti-inflammatory medicine. Tylenol or Ibuprofen can assist in reducing pain and preventing swelling.

What is the purpose of using a bowling wrist brace

A wrist brace keeps your wrist safe from flexing and bending in wrong positions that can cause wrist sprain and other serious injuries. Sometimes, beginners start bowling ball sport without doing necessary stretch exercises.

They don’t know even that a wrong stretch of bend can kick them out of the alley for weeks. Hence a wrist brace does this job for a bowler. It prevents your wrist from making unnecessary bends and flexes that can cause injuries. A bowling wrist brace makes your writs rigid enough to handle the spins and heavyweight shots.

A professional bowler never compromises on his wrist health. He always wears essential gloves or braces to secure his wrist. This little investment can save you from future injuries that can lead you towards the end of your career.

People with limited wrist strength can use a wrist brace. They face problems while releasing a shot because the bottom of the writs spins and needs torque for delivery.

A week wrist fails to release the ball with efficiency due to lack of wrist support. A wrist brace keeps your joint in place and allows the bottom to produce torque. Hence it helps you to release the shots with great accuracy and efficiency.

A bowling wrist brace also helps you create hooks and pin carry at the end of shot delivery. Moreover, to increase hook potential and rev rate you need to keep your wrist low. But when you have a weak wrist, you can face problems while putting it down. A high-quality wrist brace allows you to get the job done smoothly.

Even a professional bowler with strong wrists should use a wrist brace. If you invest in a superior quality wrist brace, it will turn out in the form your success.

You can check out the best wrist brace available in the market.

Robby’s Revs II Right Hand

  • Allows you to control your rev rate significantly
  • The product is adjustable by releasing the buckle and adjusting the tension knob on the back of the product.
  • The sleek blue color makes it a professional wrist brace

Why do bowlers use bowling wrist tape?

When you throw a bowling ball, again and again, your thumb gets affected and starts swelling or shrinking. This happens due to humidity or temperature variations.

When your thumb shrinks, you feel dangerous loose shots that can result in other serious injuries. A shrink thumb causes an early release that affects your overall lane performance.

Here it comes when you use a bowling tape to reshape your thumb so that it gets inserted in the ball whole efficiently. Bowling tape helps to tame your finger and makes it ideal for the ball hole position.

There are two types of bowling tape available in the market. One with a white texture and another smooth one. Both the tapes allow the bowlers to improve their bowling grip and efficiency.

What is the Purpose of a Bowling Glove?

A bowling glove is another element that helps bowlers to keep their wrist secured while bowling a ball. People who already have some wrist or other hand injuries use bowling gloves.

Bowling glove keeps your wrist rigid and allows you to move flexibly for releasing perfect shots. It prevents extra bends and stretches and helps you in achieving goals perfectly.

A hand with preexisting injuries can get affected by a tiring activity on the bowling alley. Hence the chances of getting worse hand injuries increases. If you want your hand secure from getting more injuries then use a bowling glove.

Multiple bowling gloves are easily available in the market at reasonable rates. You can grab easily one that fits your hand and offers you perfect stretch.

When you keep your wrist low and create the hook, your hand and wrist are at great risk of getting hurt. If you use a tool that helps you maintain your wrist position, you can show your best potential.

Final Word

A bowling wrist pain can turn into a severe painful injury if you don’t pay attention. Early diagnose can prevent the disease from progressing and you can eliminate it as soon as possible.

But if you don’t pay attention to this common problem then you may get affected significantly. Because wrist pain when progresses it starts affecting the whole arm muscles. Then you cannot reverse the pain and have to sacrifice your dream sport due to an unwanted wrist injury.

Moreover, you can use supporting elements such as a wrist brace, tape, and gloves to ensure a safe journey.

Using a bowling glove, tape or a bowling wrist brace isn’t a big deal when it’s about the health of your arm. You cannot compromise on your health as well as performance.

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