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Bowling Wrist Brace Purpose And How It Supports in Bowling Alley

Bowling Wrist Brace is an important tool in the list of bowling accessories. It is an essential element of the bag of the bowler.

Using wrist joint support or bowling wrist brace for joints will assist you to keep your joint in the correct position during the game of bowling.

In this article, you will learn tips about the use of wrist brace in bowling. If you are a regular bowler, you know well about carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis (inflammation of joints), and repetitive motion injuries.

You must be well aware of these situations when you engage in any activity which requires similar body movement over and over again like bowling.

In most of the bowling games, you need to throw a considerably heavy bowling ball about twenty times. The bowler must do myriad things to avoid pain and injury during the game of bowling.

A naïve bowler may think wrist brace is only for benefits. It has draw backs as well. A good bowling Wrist brace can reduce stress on your joint.  It helps the bowler to hold the bowling ball in a rigid position to throw the ball properly.

During a league of bowling, purchasing a wrist brace is not a futile investment. Tendinitis (an inflammation of the joint) is considered a common injury during the game of bowling. Its recovery may take weeks of rest.

As a precaution, the bowler chooses the ball having weight 10% of the weight of the bowler but not greater than 16 pounds. It also helps to save the joint from the injuries.


Benefits of using Bowling Wrist Brace For Pain

If you want to know why the bowler uses a bowling support, there are many factors to think about. The main purpose of all bowlers is to release the ball systematically and correctly.

A wrist brace may facilitate to regulate the moment of the wrist while the bowler throws bowling ball.

It may prevent the opposite side of bowling hand from distracting before the delivery of the ball.

Restricted movement of the wrist of the bowler while the delivery of the bowling ball controls the connection of your thumb with regard to your bowling fingers.

This is vital to discern that your thumb ought to exit the ball slightly prior to your bowling fingers.

Some models of wrist brace have longer support structure behind the bowling hand. It precludes unnecessary movement of bowling fingers during swinging and delivering the ball.

Obtaining the thumb out of the ball cleanly and quickly at an equivalent place relative to your slippy shoe (by the shoelaces of your slippy shoe) can cause consistent deliveries.

Bowling Wrist Brace may be in adjustable and non-adjustable forms. These pinpoint tilt of the wrist required before the delivery of your ball.

Drawbacks of Bowling Wrist Brace

It may increase the rate of perspiration under the brace which reduces the performance of the bowler.

The brace may cause irritation on the skin under it.

How to overcome the demerits of Bowling Wrist Brace For Hook

The bowler has to use wrist liner under the brace to prevent the skin from irritation or perspiration. Liners are very comfortable to wear.

Some wrist supports have removable liners protecting your skin and replaced or washed easily.


Prices of the wrist brace are not sky high. These depend on the quality of the braces. A single piece of the wrist may cost 10 to 50 USD to buy it.

It is very economical. Benefits of it are more than its prices and drawbacks.

Where to buy?

You may buy it from e-bay, Amazon, Shopify or any other E-Commerce store by visiting the site and knowing the features of it. The bowler may also buy it from websites of top brands of wrist brace. You may also buy it by going to the pro shop near to you.

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