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Why Bowling Towels is So Essential for The Bowler Personalized

Bowling Towels are amongst essential bowling accessories. They are used too much and may be before every throw of the ball by the bowlers or each frame of the game.

Bag of the bowling accessories of the bowler is incomplete without it. They keep the ball neat and clean. The ball picks up the oil from the lane while playing bowling.

They increase the life of the bowling ball. They also dry up the hands of the bowler as oil comes out of the ball, moisture or sweating. Professional bowlers must use their own bowling towels which reflect their personality.

Storm, Brunswick, Robbys, Elite, Columbia, Hammer, Track, Ebonite are the top brands of bowling towels.

Cloth Utilized for Manufacturing of Bowling Towels Bulk

The cloth used for making bowling towels decides the worth of them. It may be of cotton or microfiber. Cotton towels are not too much useful.

Microfiber absorbs more oil than cotton so towel made with it is more worthwhile. A good bowling towel is soft like silk, durable and attractive as well.

Benefits of Bowling Towels

They prevent the ball from grabbing the lane and skid inconsistently as the oil has a proclivity to absorb in your bowling ball. Regular cleaning and drying up will make the ball last longer.

So much oil that it alters the weight of the bowling ball. A few ounces of oil may make a large difference in case the bowler already suffering from the variation in the weight of the balls.

Bowling towel helps him to remove unnecessary oil from the oil. Towels also enhance the performance of the bowler.

They do not allow the ball to slip from the hands of the bowler and become awry by detracting from the lanes.


Prices of the towels vary from 3$ to 20$ according to the quality and material used in them. The cost of them is lower than their benefits.

Where to Buy?

The bowlers can buy bowling towels from e-bay, Amazon, Shopify or any other e-commerce store by visiting their sites and knowing their features.

He may also buy towels of top brands mentioned above from their website online. He may also purchase them simply by visiting their pro shops. Most of the shops offer free delivery.

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