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Bowling Terminology: You Should Know To Become A Good Player

Simply having knowledge how to roll the bowling ball down the lane does not make you a good bowler. To become a professional bowler, it is necessary to know the basic bowling terminology.

A beginner bowler skipping this step may become confused about bowling. In case you do not know about a spare or a foul line, you do not perform better in bowling.

Bowling Terminology Pertaining To Performance Of The Bowler

The bowling terms you have to focus first are the ones related to the basic equipment and to basic scoring. Many people may know about bowling lane and strike.

Some of them may not aware that a strike can only be done on the bowler’s first ball. Knock down all the pins on the second ball, is not called a strike but a spare.

A string is a bowling terminology in which several strikes are thrown in a row. Three strikes in a row are known as Turkey.

After becoming warm up, hold the bowling ball with your fingers and approach the bowling lane. The line at which you have to stop is called the foul line otherwise you can become disqualified.

If you throw the ball and it goes off course, it will fall on the side “gutter” which is called a gutter ball.

Bowling Terminology Relating To Technique

To bowl efficiently, you have to understand the basic terminology of bowling techniques.

Straight bowling is the bowling technique in which the ball is thrown straight which is the top most choice of the novice bowlers.

Conversely, pro bowlers throw hook balls in which the bowling ball is thrown in a straight line and it curves as it becomes closer to the pins and hooks back to knock down all the ten pins.

Hook ball bowling is the most famous bowling techniques which require a lot of effort from the bowler because you should use the proper grip and make the proper swing as you release.

Top-spin bowling is another bowling terminology through which the bowler is supposed to place his right arm right above the head level and have his wrist bent.

It is one of the hard available bowling techniques.

Ball And Pins:

A frame is comprised of the ten pins. It is one-tenth part of a game. The box refers to a single frame on the scoring card.

The dead ball is a gutter ball or a foul ball which is not counted. Double is the name of two consecutive strikes. A strike or Spare is called mark.

In Conclusion, just like many other sports, bowling has a lot of slang bowling terms which must be known by the bowler.

How to bowl is not just about rolling the bowling ball, but also about being familiar with basic bowling terminology.

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