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Bowling Tape and Bandage, its Usage and Benefits – For Wrist Roll

Bowling Tape and Bandage, its Usage and Benefits – For Wrist Roll. bowler uses it on two fingers, thumb inserted into holes of bowling ball. He uses it on two fingers and the thumb which is inserted into the bowling ball which has three holes.

Bowling tape enables the bowler to release bowling ball comfortably and properly without any kind of injury and pain. It is an important item to be kept by the bowler in the bowling bag to consistently play bowling. The tape is available in the pre-shaped form, packages or rolls.

Benefits of Using Bowling Tape Tool

Bowling tape increases the performance of the bowler manifold. It protects him/her from frictions of the holes of the bowling ball which may cause blister, calluses or cuts on the skin.

It also enhances the grip of the bowler on the bowling ball. The ball may otherwise slip from the hand of the bowler. Use of bowling tape also presents the bowler as a professional and good looking.


The bowler may use it in a variety of ways.  He should insert a piece of tape in the thumb hole by using scissors or knife blade. He may curve the tape slightly inside the hole.

It is advisable to insert the tape slightly below the top edge of the hole to preclude the tape from pulling up during the course of bowling. The user may either place the tape over the flat part of the thumb gripped the ball or located it in the hole directly behind the back of the thumb.

Both these situations will reduce as much as possible the loose feeling in the thumb hole while gripping the ball and prevent him/her from squeezing the ball with the thumb needlessly to have a good grip. The bowler has to clean the hole before placing the new tape or replacing the old one.

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