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Bowling Spare Meaning – Its Importance and Affects Overall Score

In today’s world, Bowling Spare Meaning – Its Importance and Affects Overall Score. It enhances the average score of bowling.

In today’s world of the highly competitive world, the importance of bowling spare has increased tremendously. It not only builds the reputation of the bowler but also enhances the average score in bowling. No one can score 300, the perfect one, every time.

Bowling Spare Meaning and Importance:

It is an important adage that you take care of bowling spare, strikes will take care of it. This is an evident secret. It has been proved in many tournaments and leagues by many bowlers. A bowler has good chances of success if he is a spare shooter.

Effect of Score:

As no one can get a strike on every throw, bowling spare enables the bowler to increase his score drastically. 160 is a good average score for the bowler.

He should be competent enough to cross this limit. The more you have skill in spares, the better your average bowling score, thereby there is fair chances of your success in the tournament.

Bowling Spare for Troubled Pin

7th and 10th pins are often considered as the troubled pin to get spare bowling as these are adjacent to the gutter.

They are very hard to be knocked down. Normally, bowling spare needs straight throw but the bowler uses hook or spin for it. Other pins except the above mentioned considered to be easy comparatively.

When there is a gap between two or more pins in spares, it is also difficult to be spared. A successful technique for them is to throw the ball from opposite side across the lane.

Spare in The Olden Days

Above fifty years ago, there was a trend of pin boys to set each bowling rack. At that time, Most of the bowlers used Brunswick or Ebonite Black Bowling Ball which could be thrown straight easily because it was drilled conventional grip where fingers of the bowlers went in the second knuckle.

Normally, everyone threw the straight ball as all balls are alike and there was little chance to contend with a big hook.

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