Bowling Ramp For Wheelchair Used in Bowling Alley and How It Works

Bowling accessories include bowling ramp in its list. It supports or facilitates physically handicapped persons especially wheel chair users or people of low strength or mobility.

Kids and toddlers use Bowling Ramp to play bowling and have fun. The user has to Keep it neat and clean by using detergent and avoid using the abrasive material to clean it.

Bowling Ramp for Wheelchair

Bowling game in which disabled persons participate is called adaptive bowling. Wheelchair Bowling is another name of it. Its popularity is increasing day by day. The number of member of American Wheelchair Bowling Association has crossed 500 members.

There are different types of supporting items to the bowlers in this game. Bowling ramp is one of them. It comprises three parts. The supported unit, upper rolling unit, and lower rolling unit are amongst them. These parts are easy to assemble.

Bowling Ramp for Kids

Its height is about 25 inches from the floor. The width of the ramp is 27” and the length is 56 inches. It is easy to unassemble and reassemble to save boarding and delivery cost.

How to Buy Bowling Ramp For Special Needs

The user may purchase bowling ball from Amazon, Shopify or any other E-Commerce site he/she liked.

The other way to buy bowling ramp is visiting bowling supplies centers. The user may visit their websites to order online. Many accessories company offers free home delivery.

How to Use:

The bowler can use bowling ramp easily. The placement of the ramp is in front of the lane. Right placement of it increases the chances of a better score of bowling. Whether the bowler is

Whether the bowler is using the wheelchair or in standing position, he can throw the bowling ball with great ease.

The assistant/aide of the bowler places the ball on the ramp. Bowler just needs to push bowling ball slightly to roll the bowling ball over the ramp on the lane towards the pins.

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