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Bowling Lessons For Beginner to Play in The Bowling Alley

Whether you are a casual or recreational bowler, a competitor participating in the bowling league or have joined company bowling team of your employer. Whatever your case, this bowling lessons will help you out to play bowling comfortably and conveniently.

Following steps will guide you to start your first bowling game.

Bowling Lessons to Choose The Right Weight bowling Ball

The heavy bowling ball, having more weight than your capacity, prevents you to have full and relaxed arm swing. Your speed will not be good with it. You must take the bowling lessons about it.

It may cause you to lose balance or drop the ball too early. Generally, it is considered as established principle to have one (01) pound of bowling ball against ten (10) pounds of body weight.

For example, if you have 120 pounds weight, you should use twelve (12) pound bowling ball. Initially, you feel it heavy but with a little practice, you will become accustomed to it.

Use the Marks of the lane

When you look at the bowling lane, you will see different types of markings. Learn the bowling lessons about it. There will be many arrows about fifteen (15) feet down the bowling toward the direction of the bowling pins.

Several bowlers, professional or occasional, look at these arrows rather than the pins when aiming because it is rather easy to hit a target closer to you. Now, Start bowling by throwing the bowling ball and look at your ball roll over the arrows.

You should try to use the dots on the front of the lane by positioning your feet to ensure that you are standing in the same position each time to start.

Develop the cognitive map of where the bowling ball crossed the arrows when you hit the head pin. It is called mark.

Naïve bowlers ought to practice in this way with the first ball of each frame first. It is a little bit complicated to get spare.

Not to Run After Strikes

Even a professional and expert bowler cannot get a strike every time. So, why one can expect it from a beginner. Don’t put such kind of pressure on your mind otherwise, you will not be able to have fun. Just learn the bowling lessons to get rid of such kinds of pressures.

Just focus on bowling technique. It will help you to improve your game in bowling. As soon as, you know your mark from the ball cross when hit at the head pin after that just make sure that your bowling ball rolls over it every time.

If you hit the mark and get different results every time, try to develop another mark. Strikes will definitely come, just work on your bowling technique and get those spares. You will definitely get few strikes after a while.

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