Bowling Lane Dimensions: Why Bowler Must Have Knowledge Of It

Bowling is most liked and entertaining game all over the world. Bowling Lane is an Important part of It. In order to perform better in this sport, the bowler must judge bowling lane dimensions.

Every bowler wants to improve his bowling for which he should be well aware of bowling lane dimensions and structure. Every bowling lane has a specific length, width, and distance from other lanes.

Structure Of Bowling Lane Dimensions

Bowling Lane mainly comprises of following main parts: the approach, foul line, lane, gutter, pin deck, and the pit.

The approach is an area over which the bowler walks and throw the ball. It is fifteen (15) feet in length. It ends with the foul line which is 3/8 to 1 inch wide.

The bowler is not allowed to cross the foul line and go over a lane. The foul line is the starting point of the lane.

From the foul line to pin deck is the area known as a lane which is 62 feet long and 42 inches wide. There are gutters on both sides of the lane. The width of the gutter is about nine (09) inches.

The last part of the bowling lane dimensions is the pin deck. It is the area where the bowling pins are placed. Bowling pins are equidistance from each other.

They are about 12 inches away from each other. The pin deck is two (02) feet long. The area just behind the pin deck is known as the pit.

Benefits of Knowing Bowling Lane Dimensions

As you already know the performance of the bowler is greatly depends upon the lane of the bowling alley. Thus, it is very useful for the bowlers to know completely about the bowling lane dimensions.

It enhances the confidence of the bowler. When the bowler is well aware of his milieu, he can play the game with more confidence, resultantly, the score of the bowler increases.

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