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Bowling Lane Has Oil Over It: Its Reasons, Effects and Precautions

Bowling lane essential part of tenpin bowling game. It is the place over which bowling ball is rolled by the bowler. It has a specific structure and anatomy.

Without judging it, the bowling cannot become successful. Availability of the Oil on a bowling lane decides which kind of surface it has.

Reason for Existence Of Oil On A Bowling Lane

There are many scientific reasons behind the presence of oil on a bowling lane. The first and foremost is that it helps the bowler to hook the bowling ball efficiently and effectively.

Hook or spin of the ball is imperative to bowl a strike and get maximum score. When a player hooks the ball at the pocket, the area slightly left or right side of the headpin, there is a maximum chance of being a strike.

The gravity of spin or hook greatly depends upon the amount of oil present on the lane. The more the oil, the less the friction. Resultantly, there is less hook or spin.

Effect Of Uneven Distribution Of Oil On A Bowling Lane

There is a little chance to oil the bowling lane evenly. It is often oiled unevenly which affects the performance of the bowler.

Normally, there is more oil in the center of the lane and little oil on the sides nearby gutter. Such situation is very beneficial for the bowler.

There is little chances of error in it and more chances to throw a bowling strike. The bowler needs to be less accurate to throw a strike.

There is less oil on the sides toward the gutter. It means there is more friction at these points and, resultantly, the ball does not move into the gutter.

Outcome of Even Presence Of Oil:

The Even presence of oil on a bowling lane creates a tough situation for the bowling. The bowler should be more accurate to throw the ball on the lane.

There are fewer chances of a strike. The throw of the ball may become awry and ball curves towards the gutter. It is not a good situation for the bowler.

Do Not Cross The Foul Line:

Before the start of the bowling lane, there is an area named as the approach. Bowler walks on the approach area with four or five steps to throw the ball efficiently.

The bowling lane starts with the foul line. There is oil on a lane to lessen friction and preserve the lane from wear and tear.

The player has not to cross the foul line and walk over the lane. This situation is very detrimental for the bowler. He may fall over a lane which is not good for him.

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