Top 12 Best Bowling Ball for Hook | Reviews of 2023 Updated

Providing enough hook potential into your bowling is a little tricky for many beginners but the point is what kind of ball would be suitable for hook potential. However, you’ll gain a competitive edge with the best bowling balls for hooks.

Bowling is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable indoor games that have been playing by thousands of people all over the world. But if your dream is to play at a higher level it can come true now, all you have to do just need to learn some technique or skill to reach that level.

After practicing valuable techniques such as perfect angle, speed, and rotation, your skill will get improved over time. With having the good hook potential, you would be able to bowl with a better angle that may hit the pins with more power.

Many bowling balls are out there that often provide the impressive hook potential but we have found some best ones for you. Let’s have a look at our best bowling balls for the hook.

12 Best Bowling Ball for Hook Reviews:

1- Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball for Hook

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball for Hook

  • Perfect choice for every bowler to use in different lane conditions.
  • Excellent control on the lane.
  • Sharp backend reaction.
  • Quite reasonable.
  • A little bit tricky for newbies.

The Pyramid Path Pearl Bowling ball is really suited to everyone whether you’re beginners, intermediate or advanced bowlers. For those people who are completely new to this game, they have a good opportunity to take a good start with it.

Due to its high performance and affordable price, it’s been very popular everywhere. Without compromising on the performance, it comes at a reasonable price. The versatility of the pyramid bowling ball is that it can be used on every lane condition.

However, it has the Reactive cover stock that provides the good hook potential to the ball to hit the pins more strongly. Along with that, it has the New Era 139 Symmetrical Core as well that provides enough balance to control the ball on the different lanes.

With having the 1500 grit polish, it gives a powerful backend reaction with the clean front lane moves. As it comes without any holes so you can drill it as per your preference.

2- Green Envy Bowling Ball by Brunswick

Green Envy Bowling Ball by Brunswick

Green Envy bowling ball is more suited for kids as well beginner’s players. It has been designed in few standard colors. As it comes with gloss polish which is very effective to become an advanced bowler.

For those, who have newly joined in this game, getting a ball that fits properly in their hand is really surprising. A controlling the hook thoroughly is not much easy for many beginner bowlers but this ball allows you to maintain the balance perfectly.

That is why low hook potential is more demanding among beginners. The cover stock of this ball has been manufactured with plastic and polyester that makes it more strong and durable than the others.

The hook potential has counted approximately 25 which is quite low as comparing the scale of 10-175 means this is the best choice for just beginners.

3- Motiv Forge – High-Quality Bowling Ball

Motiv Forge

Motiv Forge bowling ball comes with massive hook potential as well as the most robust symmetrical core. The specialty of this ball is that it allows you to drill it correctly. Both right-handed and left-handed bowlers can be used this ball.

This is the perfect choice for medium-heavy oil lane conditions and continues to shows a smooth motion. Along with the low RG and high differential, it allows you to generate revs instantly with plenty of flares. The weight of this ball is around 16.8 lbs which are smoothly fitted into your hand.

Even it has been manufactured with high-quality material. There is the outer core material that helps to grab the massive hitting power as it is known as reverb. The cover stock material is known as coercion HFS and it also has a low RG detonator core. Having the 3000 Grit LSS, it allows you to assist in the motion as well.

4- Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball

Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball

The Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball has become the most reliable and trustable brand in the bowling market that is why it is very familiar among all the bowling players.

The manufacturing and upgraded process of this ball is quite different than others that make them able to present the different look of the ball. With the white cover stock and magnificent color, it attracts everyone whether someone associates with the bowling game or not.

The cover stock of this ball is much thicker and durable than the others. By using this ball, you would be able to obtain massive hitting power as well. This is the very first asymmetric cored bowling ball of this brand.

As it has the ECA-XR shell with an extremely high RG core that usually provides the higher potential hook, and excellent pin brings. Although, it is more suited for heavy oil lane conditions.

Because of the drilling form, the shape of this ball can be affected. The weight of this branded bowling ball is around 15.8 lbs that help to improve your performance.

5- DV8 Pitbull Bite Bowling Ball

DV8 Pitbull Bite Bowling Ball

For those bowlers, who have been looking for such kind of bowling ball that has aggressive hook potential, they should choose this DV8 Pitbull Bit bowling ball as it is perfect for pro bowlers. However, it can be smoothly used in medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

Due to its fiction, it comes with more dynamic motion. The friction has been created through the composite fang solid cover. It also comes in the undrilled form. Moreover, it comes with a low RG core that is more suited for every bowler and the weight of the ball is around 15.9 lbs which is an ideal choice for everyone.

Moreover, the finish grit of the ball is nearly 1500 with a siaair micro pad. The outlook of this ball is more stylish and attractive. Even it’s very easy to control for everyone.

6- Brunswick Deep Space

Brunswick Deep Space

  • More focused on producing over than colors.
  • Quite lightweight to make it suitable for kids as well.
  • Efficiently engineered for precision.
  • Excellent making to last longer than anticipated.
  • The space theme is not like by everyone.
  • Not so good for pro or advance bowlers.

The Brunswick Deep Space ball gives the look like an earth hemisphere that makes it more versatile and unique to play with. As it comes over ten beautiful colors so you can have your best one. The special thing about this ball, it has been designed with moderate weight which is also suitable to play for the kids as well.

Along with the reasonable and high-quality ball, you can buy it as a spare ball. In any case, if your one ball gets damaged or lost so you could use your spare ball. Made with Gloss Polish Hook Potential for giving a sparklingly clean look of the ball.

Plus, it can be used for any lane surface, you would really happy with its excellent performance. However, the cover stock of this ball has been designed with polyester which is precise on any lane conditions.

7- Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue

Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue

  • It comes in different types of weight so you can choose according to your preference.
  • An extremely durable bowling ball.
  • It has a gas mask core for making stability in your movement.
  • Smooth and excellent grip.
  • It comes in multiple colors.
  • Somehow it looks highly colored.
  • Not suitable for kids because of the weight.

As a premium bowling ball, it has included the best Hammer-proven Gas Mask Core in the ball. The cover stock of the Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue ball has been designed with solid polyester material which provides the player more hook and motion while throwing the ball.

However, it comes in different kinds of weight such as between 12 lbs to 16 lbs that gives you more options to choose it according to your skill level. It is designed with solid material and tech features to provide you the more precision.

This is approved by the 2000 Abralon with powerhouse factory. Apart from that, they have been used a high-quality material to make this ball more strong and durable.  The specialty of this ball is that it moves directly where you want to throw it so you would be surprised by the magnificent result.

8- MOTIV Jackal Ghost Premium Bowling Ball

MOTIV Jackal Ghost Premium Bowling Ball

  • It has the ability to generate the maximum result.
  • Extensive hook potential.
  • Solid friction is perfectly working for the heavy oil lane surface.
  • Durable.
  • Attractive design and color.
  • Somehow may not be suited for beginners.

An excellent hook and great motion is the surprising feature of this Motiv Jackal Ghost Premium bowling ball. When it comes to performance, it’s very hard to compete with this ball as it offers multiple essential features that provide enough hooks to the ball to hit maximum pins.

Apart from that, it has the Predator V2 weight block core, providing it full strength to generate the exceptional result. However, beginners and the advanced bowler can be smoothly used this ball in heavy oil lane conditions.

The cover stock of this ball has been designed with the high friction solid, giving it a real boost to your performance. This is the best choice for those bowlers, who looking for a low rev rate and extremely high ball speed.

Being durable and modern for more preciseness, it has been more demanding in the bowling market. Due to the High Radius of Gyration, it gives good hook potential to the ball to hit maximum pin at once.

9- Pyramid Curse Designed Bowling Ball

Pyramid Curse Designed Bowling Ball

  • It has the ability to read the perfect lane and find a pocket.
  • Attractive design and smoothly playing.
  • It has the ATX cover stock for making a perfect movement.
  • Offers you multiple weight options.
  • Suitable for both beginners as well as pro bowlers.
  • Not everyone likes its different colors.
  • Most of the features meant for professionals.

Throwing the ball accurately is one of the most excellent features of this bowling ball that often move in the required pattern as it has the Equinox symmetrical core. Even it also has the power to directly move wherever you want to move it.

Being an ATX cover stock it often makes sure the ball moves in the right direction. In any situation, if you want to move it around or straight, it will go in the perfect direction where you want it. Without missing mid-lanes, it allows the ball to hit maximum pins that make you stay on the top.

Basically, bowling is art so without learning some valuable techniques, you cannot reach a higher level. Apart from that, it can be used in hook and loft games as well. The special thing about this ball it has the tech features that have the power to read the perfect lane which helps you to strike the whole frame of pins.

Overall, this pyramid bowling ball has all the necessary features that make it more familiar to the bowling community.

10. Storm Sure-Lock Reviews | Best Bowling Ball for Hook Beginners

The Storm Sure-Lock is another ball that hooks quite tight and will provide you with the entry angle you require. This ball gets excellent reviews from bowlers of all skill levels.

Whether it’s your first reactive ball or you’ve bowled for decades, the sure-lock is a magnificent ball. It will carry through the headboards great, but when it sees some friction, it’ll hook strong and has great pin carry.

Several people have had success with this ball with a variety of pin layouts. Make sure you communicate with your pro shop operator and see which layout will work suitable for you.

Storm lovers will love this one, and if you haven’t bowled Storm products before, this ball will leave a lasting impression.

  • Core: Rad-X™ Core
  • Coverstock: GI-17™ Solid Reactive
  • Finish: 2000 Abralon
  • Weight 12-16 lbs.
  • RG: 2.48
  • Differential: 0.054
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

11. Track Alias Reviews

The Track Alias is the strongest hooking ball that Track has to offer. However, it is significant that your drilling layout is done well to ensure you get the performance you want.

This ball will hit the dry boards and instantly start to snap towards the pocket. For someone with a high rev-rate. This ball may be too much for your typical house shot, but for sports patterns, this is correctly what you require.

The ball requires oil to read perfectly, but when it’s there, it will punch hard and damage the pins.

  • Core: Alias Asymmetrical
  • Coverstock: Prime Hybrid
  • Finish: 500/2000 Abralon
  • Weight 12-16 lbs.
  • RG: 2.49
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy oil

12. Hammer Rip’d Solid

The Hammer Rip’s Solid is a highly reactive heavy-oil ball. When Hammer formed the Rip’d core, and the Aggression CFI cover stock they published two versions of the Rip’d balls.

The Rip’d, and the Rip’d hard. The Rip’d has a reactive hybrid cover stock while the Rip’d Solid has a reactive solid coverstock. It is the powerful ball currently in the Hammer line-up.

If you are a follower of Hammer’s balls, and you need a powerful hook, you should definitely check out the Rip’d Solid.

  • Core: Rip’d
  • Coverstock: Aggression Solid CFI
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Abralon
  • Weight 12-16 lbs.
  • RG Min: 2.486
  • Differential: 0.054
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy oil
Buyer's Guide

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying the Best Bowling Ball for Hook?

While using the best bowling ball for hook will help you to become a pro bowler within a short period. Every ball is not suited to every bowler so you need to choose such kind of ball which is suited to you according to your experience.

That’s how you would be able to generate excellent performance on any lane conditions. Wisely choosing the best bowling ball is the major aspect of the game that often can affect your performance. Before choosing your best bowling balls, there are some important factors that you need to consider:

The Perfect Weight of the Ball:

Whether you’re a kid or a youngster, the weight of the ball is decided by how efficiently you play the game. So do not choose the wrong weight of the ball as it may put you in a dangerous situation.

We suggest you choose the perfect weight of the ball which is more suited to you. Most of the balls come with a weight of between 13 lbs to 16 lbs. Now it depends on you what kind of weight range you’re going to choose.

Cover Stock of the Ball:

The coverstock is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before buying your best bowling ball. As the good cover stock decides how efficiently your ball moves on the lane.

Three different types of cover stock are available such as polyesters, urethane, and reactive resin. However, if you choose the best material bowling ball, it will provide you a smooth grip that will make you able to throw the ball at the perfect lanes without facing any problem. So do not compromise on the low-quality coverstock.

Get It Drilled

Most high hook potential bowling balls come without drilling it means you have to drill it by yourself that may provide you comfortable grip. After drilling the ball you can have a great hook and full-motion that gives the enough power to hit the maximum pins.

Mostly it depends on which level you’re playing for. As a professional, you would not face any problem with drilling it but as a beginner bowler, you will have to adjust it and dilled it properly. The only best bowling ball allows you to generate high performance at any lane conditions.


Every ball has different friction with the finish of the cover stock that moves the ball at the perfect lane. A glossy finish ball gives less friction and hook than a dull finish ball. The dull finish gives the smoother and arc-shaped hook even the shiny finish offers the flip type of hook.

Final Words


The hook of a bowling ball is based on some major factors which have included the lane condition, the way of releasing the ball, and the most important is the type of bowling ball. Therefore, choosing the best bowling ball for the hook is one of the most important things that often decide the right type of hook on the lane.

Many best bowling balls for hook are out there but some of the best balls we have described in our list to improve your performance level. We damn sure, this whole review would be very helpful for you but it depends on how much you have passion for buy this ball.

After reading this whole review, you would be able to choose your best one which would be suitable to your style and different lane condition. Now you don’t need to go somewhere else for buying your best ball, as there is enough information for you that will make you fully satisfied with buying it.


What is the best bowling ball for throwing a hook?

Answer: In our list, Pyramid Curse Designed is the most suited bowling ball which is the best choice for throwing the hook. The specialty of this ball, it has an amazing structure and the perfect tech features as well. Even it is more suited for both beginners and the pro bowlers for any lane condition. All you have to do just need to take some practice with this ball.

What bowling ball is best for a low hook?

Answer: For those bowlers, who like to have low hook potential, they should choose the Brunswick Deep Space bowling ball. However, it has an amazing graphic that makes sure to moves the ball when rolling it. Along with that it also gives a high performance on heavy oil lane conditions without worrying about the motion of the ball.

Is a heavier bowling ball better?

Answer: The heavier bowling ball is most probably suited to the experienced bowler as they are well aware of it to swing and release the ball. Therefore, if you have never experienced the heavier ball, we advise you do not use it in your match until you don’t have experience with the heavier ball. The heavier ball generates lots of good results as compared to the lightweight ball. But without having experiences do not go with it.

What weight of the bowling ball should I use?

Answer: All the best bowling ball for hook comes in various sizes and weight so it depends on you what kind of weight is perfect for you have to choose according to your skill and experience level.

However, if you have been playing as beginners then the lightweight ball is more suited for them but if you have been playing like a pro bowler so you should choose the heavier ball as it has more ability to hit the maximum pins.