Hammer Bowling Ball Reviews & Features of 2023[Updated]

Hammer bowling ball reviews

We do comprehensive research on the Hammer Bowling Ball Reviews and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy a Ball.

Hammer Bowling Ball Reviews

According to the Hammer Bowling Ball Reviews articles that we have been through, this bowling ball is related to as a legend.

This ball proceeds from a lineage of excellent bowling balls that are quite alleged. The Black Widow Legend is extremely known among bowling fanatics.

This Hammer brings it up a notch. The Hammer is the first of its class to offer a hybrid cover stock.

It is competitive with its finely polished cover, a total wrecking ball. Join such brute force with its well-known Gas Mask core and you get wondrous agility and speed.

With magnificent turns from the backend, the ball is carried and bulldozes through the pins. Is that not what all bowlers see for?



If you are a pro bowler or want to be one, you ought to know how valuable your cover stock is.

The cover stock affects how your ball will drive and how much friction it will have, thus deciding how strong its hook is going to be or will it not have any hook at all.

This cover stock features an NBT Hybrid cover, the ones applied on the First Blood.

With 1000 courage Abalone finish from the Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, this cover stock provides the ball an excellent amount of length as well as manages the right power of hook for the big move at the down line at the breakpoint.


The core of your ball is important if you want to be a mentor to the game.

It determines how the weight is spread over the sphere. For the really first time in history, flex resin and carbon fiber are featured on the Gas Mask.

This presents an excellent backend turn and simply takes out the fronts and crushes the pins as it makes its way through.

As per the Hammer Bowling Ball reports that we came across, people like this Gas Mask over the rest because of the new features it exists.


During the formation of every bowling ball, one point must always be kept in mind, and that is, how the ball will proceed to keep its momentum as it glides through the lane.

Moreover, in producing the Black Widow Legend, the manufactures had the same in mind. Consequently, they came up with an excellent idea of the flex resin.

The new flex resin flowed into the core produces enough power flow throughout the ball. This provides the ball with superior movement and revving action.

Almost all the Hammer Bowling Ball reviews liked this unique idea that the manufactures came up with, as it provides them the potential for a fabulous hook.

Ball Specs

Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil
Coverstock: Urethane
Weight Block: LED Core
Ball Finish: 500 Abralon®
Ball Color: Black
R.G. / Diff.: #14 – 2.68 / .013
#15 – 2.65 / .015
#16 – 2.61 / .030
Ball Reaction: Smooth Arc
Finish: 10
Cover: 2
Core: 4
Hook Rating: 16
  • Accessible in black and red pearl reaction colors.
  • Powerful to mid-lane with massive backend
  • Has NBT Hybrid cover stock
  • The core is of Gas Mask
  • The gas mask features Flex Resin additive, Ceramics surface method, and Carbon-Fiber
  • Factory Finish: 500, 500, 500, 1000 Abralon with Power House Factory Finish at 300 RPM
  • Speed Radius of Gyration: 2.50
  • Differential: .058 RG based off of a 15 lb. ball
  • Hook Potential: High
  • Length: Medium
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
  • Excellent to learn with
  • Versatility in drilling
  • Shelf appeal
  • Does not bounce off pins
  • Adding more spin makes it lose its controller
  • Does not work great on wet or dry lanes
  • Not for slow bowlers

If you have not applied the original Black Widow, I would recommend you go bet the Legend now. This is one ball every bowler must have in their stockpile.

The hybrid cover stock and the carbon fiber is the accurate combination to perform this deadly ball. With the continuation, such features provide, it is an obvious clean sweep of the pins.

None of the Hammer Bowling Ball reviews we have read were frustrating with this product.

This is one versatile ball, an excellent descendant of the Black Widow family. Unreal!