Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review & Guide in 2023

The Brunswick Rhino is one of the best high-performing and quickly recognizable balls in all over the world bowling community. Not only are experts aware of this ball but even newbies are also known very well about the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball.

However, it is one of the most reliable and trustable brands in the bowling world. What most people like about this ball is the excellent features and fascinating price that usually surprise everyone who is in the bowling market.

Whether you’re an experienced bowler or newly have joined this market, this bowling ball is suited to every level bowler. Although, if you want some perfection in your performance or looking for some more improvement to maintain your level; then go with it. In this review, we will look at all aspects of the Brunswick Rhino Bowling ball which will make you fully satisfied to buy it.

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball Review

Brunswick Rhino presents bowling balls in five different color combination which looks more attractive and versatile design than the other. Apart from that, it is quite a budget-friendly ball that has an excellent aesthetic to its credit.

The best thing about this bowling ball is it can be used by any level bowler whether he/she is at beginners or pro-level or looking to begin the fine-tune in their hook shots or want to improve their straight shot. So this bowling ball allows you to create lots of better changes in your shot doesn’t matter you’re bowling at the oily lane or dry lane.

This is one of the strongest balls to use in the tough condition as well. Being a powerful tool, it moves excellently when you want to clear the front without putting pressure on the backend.

Therefore, it moves down smoothly on the bowling alley and gets hit the maximum pins to make a high score. This is also the best option for the light and medium house shot that moves quite straight at the right bowling lane.

Features, Specs & Materials 

As we have described before, Brunswick Rhino Bowling ball comes in different color combinations which is the following:

  • Golden/Red/Black Pearl
  • Silver/Blue/Black Pearl
  • White/Pink/Purple Pearl
  • Silver/Green Pearl
  • Black Pearl

Cover stock:

Every ball has the R-16 Reactive Pearl cover stock box finished with the 500 SiaAir/ Royal Shine treatment and Royal Compound as well. The Rhino bowling ball has wrapped with a durable coverstock that can bear lots of punishment on the lane surface which usually absorbs the oil and power by friction.

Therefore, the R-16 Reactive coverstock tells us the perfect balance between the power and control, even it has a smooth reaction on the dry or medium oil lanes.


The Brunswick Rhino has wrapped with the light symmetrical bulb core that normally provides more pin action and more hooking potential as well. Although, the power of this symmetrical bulb core is that it allows the ball to create plenty of momentum that gives the magnificent lane length and quickly reduces the flare potential.  


15lbs is the perfect weight ball that is very easy to control and moves smoothly on any lane that is why it is more demanding in the bowling market. It also provides multiple kinds of weight balls that you can choose according to your skill level and strength.  


Excellent moves on medium to light oil lane:

The Brunswick Rhino bowling ball has magnificent moves in medium to light oil lane conditions. The coverstock of its ball provides enough amount of oil absorption to push the ball to glide over in the driest conditions. Therefore, it can be the best option for trips to the local alley where you can’t essentially predict or plan for the oil levels.

Consistent trajectory

Many bowlers really happy to see the speed of the ball, because it performs on the lane with more consistency even it hooks at the right time and keeps a straight path when required.

Good hook potential

The hooking potential of the Rhino bowling ball is quite amazing. By using the right technique, it creates a dense amount of lateral spin which is excellent for a smooth, continuous arc.

Reactive coverstock

The R-16 Reactive Coverstock has enough ability to give great backend motion on the condition of the dry lanes even it can pick up serious speeds as well. Therefore, it will help to improve your hooking power and precision shots.

Symmetrical light bulb core

There is a symmetrical light bulb core that provides more potential to obtain the solid hook shot and hit the maximum pins at once.

Valuable investment

The price of the Rhino bowling ball is quite reasonable and everyone can access it easily. It’s the most valuable investment for the straight-line bowlers who usually have a passion to bowl at multiple games or play in dry lane conditions.


It’s not too good in heavy oil conditions but it can be worked on normal oily conditions so you can bowl there.

With the cover stock/core combination, you’re not going to get much variance on any lane oil condition because the cover stock was not designed for nuanced pin attacks and hook sharpness.

Bowlers accustomed to the late, back-end burst may have less pin carry and pin violence from this change.

Final Words


In this Brunswick Rhino Bowling ball review, we have described everything about this ball that you’re looking for. However, if you’re a beginner or advanced bowler but still want to improve your hook potential, then this can be your ideal choice. Being a solid coverstock, it can be used on any kind of lanes conditions but cannot be used on the heavy oil lane.

Apart from giving an excellent performance, it also looks very attractive than the other bowling ball. As a beginner bowler, you have a good opportunity to take a good start with this ball after that you can become a pro-level bowler in a shorter time.