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Bowling Balls Used in Bowling Alley, Its Parts And Types

Bowling balls are the main part of the game of bowling whether tenpin or five-pin, thrown to hit bowling pins.  These are like cannons or watermelons having good weight. They are amongst the bowling accessories which interact with every other element like the bowler, the lane, the oil pattern, and the pins. These are very hard and round with three holes drilled in it. Bowler uses ring, middle finger and thumb to hold bowling balls while playing bowling.

Only Bowling Ball cannot contribute to the success of a bowling. He, in addition, needs bowling ball accessories to maintain the ball and keeps scoring. The below mentioned are the Ball Pieces of equipment necessary for the performance of the bowling.

Bowling Ball Accessories:

  • Bowling Ball Cleaner / Polish
  • Bowling Ball Drilling Machine
  • Bowling Ball Spinner
  • Bowling Ball Grip
  • Bowling Ball Rack

Parts of Bowling Balls

Bowling balls consist of two main parts. These are the coverstock and the weight block. The coverstock is the outer crust of the ball visible to the bowlers and onlookers. The weight block is the inner part of the ball under the cover stock.

There are two types of the weight block the ball which are high mass weight block and a low mass weight block. The shape of the former looks like a pancake having placement near to the coverstock. The lower mass weight block has a number of forms located at the center of the ball.

Types of Bowling Balls

There are four main types of bowling balls according to the material used in the coverstock of the ball. These are Coverstocks-plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, Particle Proactive.

Plastic coverstock having a plain surface, least friction and hook potential, is specially designed for beginners. Intermediate and advanced bowlers may also use it. This kind of bowling ball has more chances of deflection. Urethane bowling ball is more durable than plastic thereby increases friction and potential hook. It is very easy to control and has very little chances of deflection.

Reactive Resin ball is less enduring than plastic and urethane. But it has more friction and hooks potential. Because of too much friction, it may harm lane condition and beget operation error. It is a little bit hard to control. Intermediate and advanced level bowlers have the interest to use it. Particle proactive bowling ball has bumpy surface and is used on the oil lanes.

According to the different terminologies used in the game of tenpin bowling, the bowling ball is of the following type:

  • Custom Bowling Ball
  • Spare Bowling Ball
  • Hook Bowling Ball
  • Spare Bowling Ball

The Ball is also categorized according to the game in which it is used:

  • Tenpin bowling ball
  • Five-pin bowling ball
  • Candlepin bowling ball
  • Duckpin bowling ball

Bowling Ball is also available in different colors:

  • Pink Bowling Ball
  • Purple Bowling Ball
  • Green Bowling Ball
  • Black Bowling Ball
  • Red Bowling Ball
  • Blue Bowling Ball

Top Bowling Balls Brands

There are many bowling ball manufacturers producing from simple to the professional level bowling ball. Following are the best bowling ball companies:-

  • Storm Bowling
  • Hammer Bowling
  • Brunswick Bowling
  • Dv8 Bowling
  • Roto Grip Bowling
  • Ebonite Bowling
  • Motiv Bowling
  • Track Bowling
  • Columbia Bowling
  • Global 900
  • AMF Bowling

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