Bowling Ball Weight Guide

Bowling Ball Weight Guide – How Heavy The Ball Should Be?

Welcome to this article, I will guide you Bowling Ball Weight Guide which is very helpful for you.

Choosing the right bowling ball weight is not only important for the health of the bowler but also enhances his / her performance.

Too heavy a bowling ball may hurt the wrist, arm, shoulder, and back of the bowler while too light a ball makes it difficult for the bowler to score high. The ball should be neither too heavy nor too light.

The weight should match the capacity and skill level of the bowler. It will also be according to the age and gender of the bowler.

Bowling ball is all about understanding the physics of ball weight and movement. If you are throwing the right ball with the right weight and the exact amount of force then nothing can stop you from winning the tournament.

But if you can’t choose the weight of the bowling ball that is ideal for your body then you can face some difficulties. Knowing the statistics of the weight of the bowling ball is crucial because it affects your overall performance on the lane.

In this article, we are going to share with you expert recommendations about choosing the right bowling ball weight guide. So that you could enjoy the game without missing a single shot and without even getting tired.

You should spend some time and effort choosing the right weight of the bowling ball to make your success possible.

How To Choose The Right Weight For Yourself?

Most professionals recommend you apply the thumb rule of one/ten percent while choosing the right ball. This rule narrates that you should pick the ball that is closest to ten percent of your whole body weight.

Well, this is not a universal rule to always consider. Because certain factors make it hard to stick to this rule. It doesn’t perfectly work for everyone.

Our honest suggestion is that you should pay attention to the weight factor while buying a bowling ball. You shouldn’t fool yourself by copying others’ styles and measurements. Because your body weight and strength are different from others.

You can choose a bowling ball with 16 pounds weight because you think that you can play shots with it. It is great but can you throw a 16 pounds ball with the same strength multiple times?

If you think that you can play shots with a 16 pounds ball throughout the night without getting fatigued then it is just awesome. But if you find it hard to finish what you have started before with a 16 pounds bowling ball then it’s time to rethink.

Because if you will continue throwing the same ball then at the end you will not only get fatigued but you could lose your shot efficiency.

You should select the ball with the heaviest weight that you can throw comfortably for a long time without getting injured or fatigued.

Bowling Ball Weight Guide The Average

There is no exact figure for the average weight of bowling balls because the players belong to various categories. You will find bowlers with different age groups, body strengths, and of different genders. Therefore the calculations also depend on the above factors and measurements are shown in their accordance.

An adult male bowler can bowl with an average weight of 14 pounds comfortably. Adult bowlers are considered to choose weights between 13 to 16 pounds. But this average weight estimate again depends on the bowler’s health and their weight-lifting strength and ability.

The female bowlers are considered to choose the ball with a weight range from 10 to 14 pounds. The most suitable average weight for female bowlers who only comes to the bowling alley once a week is 12 pounds. But they can choose their weight according to their medical fitness and upper body strength.

Not only do adult men and women play bowling ball but youngsters and kids also love to bowl a ball. There is no average value when it comes to young players.

But you can choose the weight of the ball that relates to their age. For an eight-year-old kid, a bowling ball weighing 8 pounds is ideal. Similarly, for a six-year-old bower, a six-pound bowling ball is recommended, and so on.

The bowlers with some physical disability or injuries can choose the lightest ball. Because a heavier ball can make their medical conditions worse. They can choose the ball made for kids so that they could enjoy the full fun without getting tired.

Does The Weight Of The Bowling Ball Affect Your Performance?

Probably yes, the weight of your bowling ball affects your overall performance. Because it’s all about physics, heavier weight can generate more momentum when released on the lane resulting in more pin action and perfect shots.

Therefore bowlers dream to play with heavier bowling balls because they help to make them more scores. This is the science that combines the performance of the ball with your abilities.

Throwing a heavier bowling ball makes your shots more precise and allows you to achieve your goal with perfection. You can enhance your gaming experience with maximum pin action and shot accuracy with a heavy bowling ball.

But if you fail to match the bowling ball with your ability then it could affect your performance negatively. A heavy bowling ball that is beyond your lifting ability would be hard to control while releasing on the lane. As result, you would fail to hit pins and end up with injuries and fatigue.

Therefore you should find the ideal weight that is neither too heavy nor too light. Because both extreme points will end with decreased performance and inaccurate shots.

The Lightest And Heaviest Weight Ranges Calculator

The bowling balls are designed in different weight ranges for multiple categories of players. Kids and toddlers can enjoy the unlimited fun of bowling balls with a 6-pound ball.

This is the lightest ball option available in the pro shops and bowling alleys. Many bowling balls available in the market are available in different size options including 6 pounds.

The heaviest possible bowling ball weighs 16 pounds and is only allowed to use in leagues. The sixteen-pound bowling ball is also available in 10 different weight options. That makes the players choose the ideal weight that suits them.

Is It Possible To Add Weight To The Ball?

It is feasible to add static loads to adjust a bowling ball’s weight, yet typically these weight directions are disapproved of or are tremendously restricted in many alliances.

Truth be told, many expert shops will add static loads to a bowling ball for you if the modifications you’re hoping to make aren’t as per typical USBC guidelines.

One legitimate method of modifying a bowling ball’s general weight uprooting is to bore an equilibrium opening into the ball which changes the ball’s general power measurements to best expand a bowler’s shot example.

There are exceptionally rigid guidelines for balance openings allied and proficient play, with a limit of one ounce of “side weight” (dislodged weight from the equilibrium opening) permitted in games authorized by the United States Bowling Congress.

It’s smarter to be protected and toss a legitimate ball than hazard ejection for changing a ball outside of guidelines. You should keep yourself up to date about the rules and guidelines.

So that you don’t face any difficulty after making alterations to your bowling ball. Because being honest and clear is better than being ashamed.

What Is The Choice Of Pro Bowlers?

For quite a while, proficient bowlers primarily bought into the greater is a better standard. Only a few decades prior, most of the expert bowlers tossed 16-pound bowling balls – the greatest weight permitted.

This has changed significantly as of late. As indicated by most reports, about 70% of expert bowlers on men’s visits throughout the planet toss a 15-pound bowling ball.

A sprinkling of expert bowlers utilize 14-pound balls, however, most of the remainder of the field do in any case toss the greatest weight 16-pound bowling ball.

Concerning ladies’ genius bowlers, the normal bowling ball weight typically tossed is around 14 pounds. There are a couple of 13-pound bowling balls being utilized and a few 15-pound balls, yet it typically levels at 14 pounds for most of the female expert bowlers.

You must be looking for the one that is best for you. If you are not a professional bowler then start playing with beginner or intermediate balls. When you reach a professional level then you can follow their style and try to lift the same weight.


While making a judgment we will only suggest you choose the weight of the ball that suits you. because everyone is born different with different weight-carrying abilities. Therefore you should decide while considering your medical fitness and strength.

You just cannot follow the pros blindly because they use the heaviest balls. The bowling ball that suits your body would also be different. You can choose the best weight of the ball by trying different balls in the pro shop or bowling alley to find the ideal weight for you.

keep throwing bowling balls of different sizes and try to choose the one that is designed for you. just be yourself and don’t copy others.

We have already discussed each point that could arise in your mind. We hope that this bowling ball weight guide article would help you to choose the one that is best for you.

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