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Bowling Ball Drilling Layouts: Factors to be Considered & Procedure

Nowadays, bowling ball drilling is also considered one of the important tasks to play bowling. It helps the bowler by properly fitting their thumb and fingers into the holes of the ball.

Before starting bowling ball drilling, several things to be considered. You must know the skill level along with the speed of the bowler.

The artisan has to be aware about the needs of the bowler. Whether he wants fingertip bowling drilling or conventional drilling.

You must keep in mind the person going to use the ball. It may be a kid, woman or man. The artisan should know the fingers to be inserted into the holes of the ball by the bowler.

Specifications of the Tenpin Bowling Association is also considered while drilling the bowling ball. All these things make the bowling drilling difficult but it is so necessary as blood to a human.

Things to be Considered for Bowling Ball Drilling Tools

There are several things the ball driller should keep in mind while bowling drilling. He must know whether the bowler is a novice or an expert. Level of skill is too much crucial while drilling.

The beginner is normally straightforward and does not use too many techniques during the game of bowling. Conversely, professionals use a lot of techniques to compete in leagues and tournaments.

They usually need a specific point in their balls, typically called Point Axis Point and use this point to enhance performance.

The artisan should know while bowling ball drilling that the ball is used for the hands of kids, women or men. He has to put more efforts if women have big hands like men or men with heavy hands.

He must know what type of bowling drilling the user wants. There are two types of ball drilling. These are fingertip drilling and conventional drilling.

In fingertip drilling, the ball is drilled up to the first joint of the fingers and thumbs while in conventional drilling, he drills the ball up to second joints.


Bowling Drilling is not so simple. It needs a lot of care and skill. Normally, the ball is drilled for the thumb, middle finger and ring finger.

First, draw all kinds of lines over the ball after working out where the thumb and fingers will be placed. Place the ball into the bowling drilling machine. Dial up all the settings like pitches and drill the holes.

After the completion of the drilling of the ball by putting it into dodo scales and check is it fulfills the regulations set by Tenpin Bowling Association.

If it is ok then use the ball, otherwise drill another hole to fulfill the requirements.

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