Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball

Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball | Review of 2023 | Buying Guide

The black widow gold bowling ball from the hammer is one of best professional bowling balls. We decided to review this masterpiece for you.

Bowling ball is the second name of enjoyment which you can’t deny. Whenever we want to hang out with friends and siblings then there is nothing better than a bowling ball competition. Other than occasional joy many bowlers have to choose this game as a profession.

Therefore, we need high-quality bowling balls every day so that you can continue your passion and profession. But before buying an expensive bowling ball you need someone that provides you authentic and detailed info about the ball.


We are always here to help you in this situation by bringing high-end bowling ball reviews. Today we are come up with one of the most requested topics of the month. Let’s see what’s inside the box…

Hammer is has achieved a huge name by manufacturing high-quality bowling balls. Hammer is producing high-end bowling balls with cutting-edge technology for all categories of bowlers from beginners to professionals.

The black widow gold bowling ball from the hammer is one of the best professional bowling balls. We decided to review this masterpiece for you. We researched and tried to bring a useful and authentic piece of knowledge for you.

But before we start our review let’s check the performance and quality of this ball by comparing it to other items.

Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball Review

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  • Ideal bowling ball with pearl reactive coverstock
  • Professional grade bowling ball with an asymmetrical core
  • Impressive hook potential
  • Ideal backend reaction
  • Versatile drilling options
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • You need to get the holes drilled from a local drilling shop

Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball is one of the best balls introduced by hammer till now. From its coverstock to the core, from differential potential to backend reaction is offers great features and functions.

It is designed very innovatively to meet the requirements of modern players. Also, the bowlers with older bowling techniques would enjoy its perfect performance.

Key features of Hammer Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball

  • Perfect Scale Rating: 217.8
  • RG:                 50
  • Finish:                 Polished
  • Ball Color:                 Gold Pearl
  • Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
  • Coverstock:            Pearl Reactive
  • Ball Quality:            First Quality
  • Ball Warranty: 3 Year
  • Factory Finish: 500/1000 Abralon polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
  • Breakpoint Shape: Length with Strong Backend
  • Coverstock Name: Semtex Pearl
  • Core Name:            Gas Mask
  • Differential:    056
  • Flare Potential: High
  • Mass Bias Diff: 016
  • Core Type:                 Asymmetric


The Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball is engineered with pearl reactive coverstock to offer versatility and durability at the same time. The pearl reactive coverstock is best in providing overall high-quality performance on medium oil patterns. The pearl coverstock is in between urethane and cutting-edge reactive resin materials.

Therefore this coverstock suits bowlers of all skill levels from beginners to pros. This is because if you are a beginner and don’t like high hook potential then this will suit your bowling style. It has high hook potential but beginners can control it easily.

The black widow gold bowling ball is basically designed for professional bowlers who know how to hook well on medium oil patterns. Therefore it is mainly appreciated by pros and advanced level bowlers.

The core of the black widow

The black widow gold bowling ball is designed with an asymmetrical core to offer high differential potential. When you see the deck full of pins and you have only one shot left then take your black widow gold bowling ball out of the bag. Make an impressive and suitable angle to hit all the pins and clear the deck with a single shot.

The gas mask asymmetric core is especially invented to fulfill the requirements of advanced-level bowlers with rich techniques and skills. The beginners might face some difficulty to manage the ball due to asymmetric core but intermediate ones would love this ball.

Hook potential

As mentioned earlier that it is designed for professional players and bowlers with advanced level skills. Therefore the hook potential it offering is not suitable for beginners and intermediate bowlers.

The advanced-level bowlers have advanced-level techniques to make versatile angles. The hook potential actually defines the curve of the path of the ball when it rolls down the lane.

The high hook potential of the black widow gold bowling ball allows you to play versatile shots with great accuracy. You can clear the deck with a single shot if you are an expert in making accurate angles. And the black widow gold bowling ball will help you to achieve this level of success within minutes.

Versatile drilling options

When it comes to achieving cutting-edge bowling balls then one of the most important factors is the hole configurations. if pre-drilled balls don’t fit in your hands and you don’t feel comfortable. this happens because everyone’s body type, figure, and shape it different. Some players love to use three fingers while other use two fingers to bowl a ball.

Moreover, there is a wide range of bowlers who play bowling ball with 2 hands. Therefore they don’t need any kind of finger holes drilled. But to meet all the above requirements you must have a custom bowling ball.

And our black widow gold bowling ball is offering you versatile drilling options. it doesn’t cone pre-drilled therefore you can get the holes to get drilled from a local drilling shop.

It might add some extra cost of drilling that means you should save some extra pennies when buying this ball.

Buyer's Guide

Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter which brand you are considering while buying a bowling ball. But the common factors like coverstock, core, and weight of the ball matter a lot. These factors could affect your performance.

Therefore you must consider the following key points while making a purchase.

Coverstock type

The bowling balls are manufactured in different coverstock types. The different coverstocks have different impacts on your overall performance.

A Bowling ball with plastic or urethane coverstock is always durable. Moreover, its shiny finish makes you love it. But you can only play straight shots with a plastic or urethane bowling ball.

Pearl reactive bowling balls are above plastic coverstocks. The pearl reactive coverstock makes the ball offer a suitable hook potential. It allows you to play with a wide range of angles to clear the deck. The black widow gold bowling ball is also made up of a pearl reactive coverstock.

The resin reactive and solid coverstocks are on a higher level and used by advanced-level bowlers. This is because of their high hook potentials and heavily oiled lane patterns.

Core type

After the coverstock, we need to pay attention to the core type of the ball. This is because a core material and shape both affect your performance and ball motion on the lane,

The beginners should start with symmetrical cores as they are easy to manage. The symmetric core helps the ball to move with consistency and deliver accurate shots.

But the pros should choose the balls with asymmetric cores so that they can enjoy versatile angles. More the curvy motion more the chances to strike with the pins on the deck.

Weight of the bowling ball

After the coverstock and the core, you think the factor that could affect your performance is the weight of the ball. If you have a bowling ball with an ideal weight then you can easily play your favorite shots. But if the weight is not suitable with your body weight and you find it difficult to control it then you could face a lot of problems.

If you cannot control the ball because it is heavier than you can bear, then how could you perform well? Of course not, you cannot handle and perform with too many heavy balls.

But if you decide to avoid any shoulder and wrist pains by selecting a too much lighter ball, then again it is not a good idea. A too much light ball will not be able to achieve the required momentum on the lane and hence will not attack the pins with force.

Therefore you must choose a ball with an accurate weight according to your body type.

Final Words


After discussing the features and specs of the black widow gold bowling ball with details and comparing it with other balls we got it best. We found that the black widow gold bowling ball is one of the best bowling balls in the market today.

What’s our opinion about the Black Widow Gold. Stand left, toss right. It appears as though that is the thing that a ton of bowlers need to do nowadays. Sled conveyed that.

And keeping in mind that I’m not normally a fanatic of slide/flip response because of the irregularity, the Gold truly offers a shockingly steady movement. It’s solid off the spot and appears to have a steady dependable movement.

At the point when you can get this solid movement down the path with the dependability of a benchmark, you have a diamond. I’m open to saying Hammer gave us a diamond with the Black Widow Gold.

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