Best Day and Time for a Bowling League?

A few weeks before, my spring bowling league was finished, now I’m located in Madison, WI for the summer. Usually, I would like to find the best bowling league as soon as possible.

While there is absolutely no deficiency of possible locations, I was thinking much more about what is the best day and/or time for league bowling in usual.

Best Day and Time for a Bowling League?

I used to bowl on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays covering from early evening to later at night, and I’m not sure if there’s a clear preference. I think I will carefully rule out Mondays, at least during the fall, because Monday Night Football on the alley TVs made a great amount of confusion among everyone there.

A league on Friday or even Thursday nights will usually lead to numerous more drinks being used. If the league is just for entertainment, this would be positive, but those finding for great competition might be better off selecting a different day. As usual, the later in the evening the league starts, the more this will become a part.

I always think Sunday can be an excellent time for the league, but it looks that I’m always very busy getting things available for the coming week to actually concentrate.

Ultimately, I didn’t see any early-morning league except for those aimed at Seniors, and I believe it’s secure to say that wouldn’t be really familiar (or even possible) for most bowlers.

All in all, I think there’s no easy answer to the best day and time for the bowling league. Either way, I suppose to pick one that really works out properly!

What’s your best time to bowl league?

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