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Best Bowling Towels Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2022

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Bowling ball is a sport that depends on many factors including maintenance. Your performance depends on the condition and maintenance of your bowling ball. Only a clean and well-maintained bowling ball can deliver the required performance on the lane.

Otherwise, you will not be able to play your favorite aggressive shots on heavy oiled lanes. Mostly high-end bowling balls that are meant to absorb excess lane oil and read the lane get rugged.

These bowling balls need to be cleaned regularly with some professional quality towels. The more importance you give to the maintenance of your bowling the more performance you will achieve.

Best bowling towels

If you want to keep your bowling ball new even after playing regular shots then you must keep your hands on top-quality bowling towels. There are multiple bowling towels available in the market but you must find out the best one. Therefore I have compiled a list of the 13 best bowling towels available in the market.

1.      Storm Microfiber Towel

One of the most strongest and straight microfiber towels available in the market holds up to seven times its weight in moisture. It ensures the high-end performance of your bowling ball by sopping up the grim and lane oil. It makes your old and grimed bowling ball a brand new one that is ready to perform on the lane with the same effectiveness.


  • It is the only straight microfiber towel that absorbs oil and moisture to leave your bowling ball as fresh as new.
  • It is one of the most comfortable towels to use on the balls and clean in the machine.
  • Even after often washes its fibers don’t get damaged or hardened.


  • It is a bit expensive than other bowling towels available in the market
  • It is smaller for some bowlers who want to clean the whole ball in just one wipe

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2.      Brunswick Reactive Shammy Pad, Assorted

Brunswick manufactures high-quality bowling balls therefore it understands the maintenance factor. You will get a superior quality leather shammy pad that is much better than a normal microfiber towel. This towel is the top choice of bowlers who like to play on heavily oiled lane patterns. If you are concerned with its price then keep in mind that one year warranty will keep your money safe.


  • One year of money-back guarantee ensures the quality of the towel and safeguards your investment.
  • It is long-lasting as compared to other ordinary microfiber towels due to its leather construction.
  • It excellently absorbs oil and leaves your ball stunning in just a single wipe.


  • Expensive than most of the bowling towels out there.
  • Most of the bowlers find issues with its smaller size.

3.      Pyramid Leather Shammy Bowling Pad

The pyramid leather shammy bowing pad is one of the most reliable and cost-effective bowling towels out there. Its simple and sharp design along with superior quality construction ensures that you don’t miss any grim or oil droplet left over the ball. It wipes the maximum quantity of grim and lane oil in the single wipe.


  • This bowling towel by Pyramid is designed and stitched to last through multiple years. Its edge stitches make it a reliable and long-lasting towel ever.
  • It is best for all coverstocks of bowling balls and thrown on heavy oiled lanes.
  • Its sharp and pleasing aesthetics make it a unique bowling towel on this entire list.


  • You can feel a little bit of stiffness at the start. But it will become soft and comfortable after a couple of weeks of using it.
  • It is construed in a little bit bigger size than normal bowling towels. It can acquire more place in your bag than a normal towel.

4.      Creating the Difference BFP (Big Fluffy Pad)

A lot of experienced thoughts were put together to manufacture this bowling towel. The makers put a ton of struggle because they wanted to make it the best towel that could fulfill the requirements of a bowler. Its double-sided cleaning design allows you to clean the ball effectively regardless of the side you use.


  • This bowling towel is made with a double-sided cleaning system one side for dry lanes and the other for oily lane patterns. This means that regardless of any lane condition you will find the best cleaning.
  • The synthetic Sherpa construction of the bowling towel makes it a fantastic option to clean any debris and oil leftovers.
  • Its proper and reliable size makes it an awesome choice for the bowlers on the go.


  • It is a little bit pricier than other towels in the market due to all top-notch quality factors.
  • It can be a little bit tricky to wash the towel.

5.      Ebonite Bowling Products Shammy- Royal

This shammy is among the most versatile and least abrasive bowling towels of shammies available in the market. The leather construction makes this shammy most durable and long-lasting. On the other hand, its uniquely designed soft material makes it kind to the surface of your bowling ball. It is not only durable but also extremely functioning.


  • The leather construction promises long life of the towel along with deep oil absorption.
  • This towel is extremely easy to use and reliable for machine wash.
  • You can choose from three different color options.


  • A little bit expensive than other towels available in the market.
  • After several washes and extensive use, the color options can lose their brilliance.

6.      Genesis Pure Pad Buffalo Leather Ball Wipe Black

Genesis Pure Pad Buffalo Leather Ball Wipe is made with original buffalo leather. Its dual-layer construction ensures its durability and perfect oil absorption.

This wipe is perfect for all kinds of bowling balls and various lane conditions. It leaves your bowling ball the same as new and allows you to achieve the same high-end performance.


  • The most reliable and durable leather wipe in this list is due to original buffalo leather.
  • You can choose from multiple color options.
  • It works effectively regardless of the type of coverstock.


  • It is one of the most expensive bowling towels out there.
  • Wash it carefully as it is made with expensive buffalo leather.

7.      WINGKIND Bowling Shammy Bowling Ball Leather Towel (Black)

Just like the previous model this shammy is also made of buffalo leather. The last entry is very expensive being designed with original buffalo leather. But this one is cost-effective but it is durable and reliable same as the last model. There are some quality issues but you can try this cost-effective option.


  • A cost-effective option if you want to taste the quality of original buffalo leather.
  • Buffalo leather construction makes it extremely durable and reliable.
  • It cleans your bowling ball with effectiveness and leaves your ball smooth.


  • When you use it can leave a black residue on your hands.
  • It can also destroy other clothes if you wash them with them.

8.      Storm Bowling Shammy Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad

The storm is a well know manufacturer of bowling products. It makes extremely durable and reliable bowling products. We are including the four best storm bowling towels in this list. Where this storm bowling shammy takes every oil residue out of your bowling ball. It leaves your ball cleaned and smooth.


  • High-quality shammy that can pop up most sticky components that a cheap towel cannot.
  • Its compact size allows you to travel with this towel comfortably.
  • Its versatility makes it an ideal option for all types of bowling balls and coverstocks.


  • Easy to stain.
  • Its expensive price may be a con for some bowlers.

9.      Brunswick Microfiber EZ Grip Towel, Assorted colors

The second Brunswick towel in this list is because of the promising quality offered by Brunswick. Brunswick manufactures high-quality bowling products. There is a special feature of Brunswick Microfiber EZ Grip towel. Its EZ Grip namesake side helps to hold the bowling ball with ease. It is super easy to use and wipes your ball perfectly.


  • EZ Grip feature allows you to hold and clean your bowling ball with comfort and precision.
  • The microfiber construction ensures to absorb the maximum quantity of lane oil and other moisture elements.
  • You can choose from different color options.
  • A cost-effective option.


  • The EZ grip side can be worn quickly after multiple washes. Be careful with this.
  • After several cleaning sessions, it can lose its overall efficiency.

10. Hammer Shammy Black/Orange

After manufacturing superior quality bowling balls Hammer is here with a top-quality shammy for your bowling ball. The bowlers who use their bowling balls on heavy oiled lanes must choose this hammer shammy. It works perfectly to remove any kind of oil residues and moisture from your bowling ball. It effectively wipes off all residues and gives your ball a new life.


  • Suede construction makes it perfect in oil absorption and durable.
  • It can take away high volumes of oil and grime out of your bowling ball leaving it cleaned.
  • It is one of the best quality bowling towels available in the market for professional bowlers.


  • You cannot wash it in the machine with another laundry as the orange logo tends to fade.
  • The logo wears off so quickly

11. Storm Bowling Shammy Bowling Ball Cleaning Pad Blue

Again Storm is back with another high-end superior quality bowling shammy cleaning pad. Your one-time investment is enough for several years if you are a professional and regular bowler. It takes away all of the grime and oil from your ball.

It doesn’t only clean your bowling ball but also increases its overall traction. You feel your bowling ball new after wiping it even releasing multiple shots.


  • It is made with leather which means it will last longer than your expectations
  • Its powerful absorption ability takes away oil and grime.
  • It is extremely durable and can last longer even after machine wash.


  • It is a little bit expensive as compared to other microfiber towels in the market.
  • You can experience stickiness in your bowling after using the towel several times.

12. Storm Woven Bowling Towel

Last but not least product from Storm that will blow your mind. Its aesthetically pleasing appearance doesn’t only absorb the oil and dirt but looks also. Yes even after absorbing loads of oil and dirt it doesn’t show any kind of dirty looks. It looks pretty fine even after multiple uses. It doesn’t make you ashamed of pulling a dirty rug out of your bag in the bowling alley.


  • The combination of black and gray color hides oil and dirt even after multiple wipes.
  • The durable cotton construction keeps it long-lasting even after machine washes.
  • The thickness of this bowling towel ensures to absorb the excess oil residues and grime from your ball.


  • It is one of the big bowling towels that can lead to the trouble of having space in your bowling bag.
  • You can experience a bit of linty residue at the end of the useful life of a towel due to cotton construction.

13. Bowling Ball Cleaning Kit

This kit is a perfect choice for those who love deep cleaning their bowling balls. Because this kit includes everything you need to rejuvenate your bowling ball. This kit includes a microfiber towel indeed but it also includes a 4-ounce bottle of Monster Tac. It also includes an applicator to clean your bowling ball deeply.


  • It comes with numerous cleaning accessories to ensure that you get a new ball after every cleaning session.
  • The microfiber towel works effectively to remove grime and oil from your bowling ball.
  • It includes an applicator rag that doesn’t harm your coverstock.


  • The kit includes a towel that is not of high quality itself.
  • The towel isn’t designed with stylistic flair.


What is a bowling towel? 

When it comes to the sport of bowling balls multiple factors combine for a professional bowler. Similarly, a bowling towel is also an important accessory need to be added to the bag of a bowler.

The basic job of a bowling towel is to remove the external layer of oil buildup and grim on the bowling ball. It wipes off the excess lane oil and grime build-up from your ball. A bowling towel is also necessary to wipe off the excess oil and sweat moisture out of the hands of the bowler.

Dry hands mean that you can hold your bowling ball with ideal grip and power.

A professional-grade bowling ball is made up to absorb oil and deliver high-end performance. It reads the lane and delivers the required hook potential. But if your bowling ball isn’t cleaned regularly, there will be a thick layer of oil and grim on your ball.

That will affect the overall performance of your ball. Therefore if you want to get the most out of your bowling ball then keep it cleaned and maintained.

Which type of towels are preferred by professional bowlers? 

First of all, if you are a normal bowler who keeps a bowling ball and visits a bowling alley once or twice a week then you need at least a lint-free towel. So that the towel wouldn’t leave its own lint on the bowling ball while wiping up it’s oil and grim.

Moreover, a microfiber towel would be the best choice for bowlers who prefer heavily oiled lane patterns. A microfiber towel can absorb much more oil and moisture than an ordinary one.

How can I clean my bowling towel? 

You should prefer using a microfiber detergent for cleaning. A microfiber detergent is specially formulated to deal with the soft and delicate texture of your bowling towel.

These kinds of detergents never harm your bowling towel and keep them effective as new. Also, a microfiber detergent can assist your bowling towel to last longer to absorb oil and grime.

If you cannot afford a microfiber detergent then you can wash your towels with warm water and detergent. But you must ensure to use a minimum quantity of detergent. Also, use very warm water to clean any oil buildup or dirt. It will lose its effectiveness but if you put your towel with another laundry.

What type of towel is specifically needed for a bowling ball? 

If you are a beginner you don’t need to invest in a high-end bowling towel. You just need to make sure that your towel shouldn’t scratch the ball. If a towel isn’t made with soft material it can scratch your bowling ball’s coverstock and affect its overall lane traction.

Professional bowlers who use high-end bowling balls to absorb lane oil must keep a microfiber towel. Because a small mistake can harm the porous reactive resin coverstock of your ball. Therefore to enjoy lifelong performance and efficiency keep an appropriate towel in your bag.

What is the difference between a bowling towel and a shammy? 

Both bowling towels and shammies are used to wipe off the excess oil and moisture out of your bowling ball. Shammies are considered gentle to bowling balls with extra absorption properties. The old and skilled bowlers prefer keeping a microfiber towel in their bags as they feel no difference.

Many bowling manufacturers label their towels as shammies but you need to understand the difference. A bowling shammy can last a bit longer than a normal microfiber towel without losing its effectiveness.

Final Word

Sometimes we invest a lot of money in buying high-end tools such as bowling balls. But we don’t pay any attention to their maintenance factor. We can buy a bowling ball worth more than $150 but we can’t buy a towel for $18.

It makes a huge difference in your overall lane performance. Therefore you must keep your bowling accessories maintained by cleaning them properly. You can choose any one of the bowling towels mentioned in the list above.

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