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Best Ten Pin Bowling Technique Tips And Tricks to throw The Ball properly

In this article, We are going to guide you about Best Ten Pin Bowling Technique Tips And Tricks to throw The Ball properly spin beginners.

The Bowling Game becomes more pleasurable as the bowler discover the bowling technique to aim the bowling ball. As you aim better, you knock down more pins thereby increasing the bowling score.

This bowling technique is not so easy as you think. Naïve bowler thinks that He can throw the bowling ball easily and accurately by simply looking at the pins. He must keep in mind that these pins are 64 feet away from him.

The bowler should properly understand the bowling technique and practice it. We will guide you the appropriate bowling technique so that you can get outstanding score in bowling.

Ten Pin Bowling Technique to Release Bowling Ball at the Approach

Every bowler must pay close attention to his approach. Normally approach comprises four steps. It begins with the right foot for right-hand bowlers and vice versa.

The bowler let the ball swing back as he takes second and third steps. At the end of the fourth step which is also known as a slide, he should swing the ball forward.

As the bowler comes to close to the foul line and approach the lane,  he ought to release the bowling ball at the lowest point of his slide step. The release of the bowling ball at right time will decide the direction of the ball.

The bowler should let his arm swing up to shoulder level or even higher.  This is very beneficial for good bowling score.

Use Dots and Arrows of The Lane

There are dots on the lane about 7 ½ feet and arrows about 15 feet down from the foul line. The bowler should use these dots and arrows to aim bowling ball and target the pins.

The specific dots and arrows the bowler use depends on his strength, speed, and spin of the ball, actual condition of the lane and several other factors.

During the practice, the bowler throws the ball with the aim at different points unless he knows the point where the ball will go.

The straight bowler should aim at the center dot and arrow while the bowler who spins the ball during his throws, ought to aim at the dot to the right or left, depending upon the direction of the spin.

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